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  1. November 1965 at VP beat Forest 3-1 Tony hateley and Phil Woosnam scored I think......must remember to change my inconti pad now
  2. its worrying isn't it. Yes especially when we lost to WBA and QPR and couldn't beat Burnley and Blunderland
  3. If you can explain to me how 3 years on , the last 2 performances were better than what we saw under McLeish, then I might change my critisicm. This summer was his only real chance to bring in the level of player he wanted. But unfortunately Lambert hasn't had the chance to get his team on the pitch. I think our best 11 are a top 10 side. Period. What I want from Villa fans (which I know is impossible) is to accept that A. We will not be relegated this season and B. Judge Lambert on the whole season When we've Benteke, Delph, Vlaar, Senderos playing week in week out with
  4. Why? They have Doctors in Spain and I eve nbelieve they have computers and fax machines
  5. Green has only 3 caps so forget it....he won't get visa
  6. Bent looked good when we had Downing and Young t omake chances for him. We don't have that type of player or formation now so he won't fit into the team. Sell him if possible and replace him if need be however with Weiman, Gabby as back up there is Tekkers and Kozak to come back so questionable we need a replacement.
  7. Look how long it took JPA to settle into the English game
  8. And if he does whatever he comes up with will cause the same splits. There is only one badge for AVFC and thats the original one displayed on the old Trinity Road - but there are those that think the round one is the only one - divide?
  9. No to Richards as a replacement as his injury record is not good. Would accept 15m for Vlaar though. Could bring in 2 decent players with that. Not necessarily if it's deadline day
  10. Disapointed in some respects s it still leaves a gap for a football man on the board. We have had top commercial men in before who left (due to MON) so not that surprising a call. But when will he actually start? Have Arse let him gon immediately, does he work for them for a while, does he have to have a period of 'gardening leave' is there any restriction in what he can do and with whom due to his Arsenal work? Lots of unanswered ? for me and I don't expect many answers given AVFC track record
  11. Will he bring Usmanov with him?
  12. You've forgotten he might be able to reinvest the Vlaar and Delph money once they are sold
  13. No issues with Visa for this guy. Aston Villa are an A rating sponsor under Home Office rules for Tier 5 Sports visa and he has played the required games including recent World Cup
  14. If you ever get the point why people are getting upset you may learn as well as enjoy the thread
  15. He's hardly likely to have said there is no interest and I'm really pissing in the wind trying to sell this thing I have made a total mess of
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