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  1. IF we stay up, (and lose no one this summer) this team is easy contenders for top 8 finish under Tim. Such spirit shown by our players, Tim gets the best out of all of them and its a damn pleasure to watch.
  2. Love watching him play. Whether its him running at the defense or slotting in the pass he looks so comfortable doing it. We've not seen anyone like that down the Villa in a long time.
  3. Some local news for all Western New Yorkers. Sabres have bought out the Rochester Amerks. As an Amerks fan I can say this is very good news for both the sabes and amerks. Finally we get to see some decent hockey in Rochester after 3 dismal years.
  4. Isn't that just 90's deep house though? I just checked a Ben UFO video on youtube and it's got a Smokin' Beats track in the mix I've got in my collection from some time pre-2000. I seem to remember Smokescreen playing stuff like that in 1994... yeah, they are really mixing it up. Hard to really give it a definitive genre, i think it is bass driven, with some samples taken from some 90's tracks, but into like "future garage"/ dubstep vibes.
  5. Sabres are choking as well. Did all the hard work in Philly to only **** it up back in Buffalo. On a side note, Tyler Ennis can **** my girlfriend.
  6. I am liking some of the new(ish) bass driven artists who are kinda doing there own thing like Ben UFO, Oneman, Jamie XX (to a certain extent, although he cannot beat match for shit), and all the other Young Turks, Standard Place, R&S artists. If you liked dubstep when it was fresh and exciting, this kinda stuff might be for you as well.
  7. Nah it's in the new HMV institute club on Digbeth high street - which I've got to say, is probably my favourite venue in Brum. It's an old theatre which has three different levels looking down on the main room which is compact and oozes the underground feeling. It's brilliant - get yourself along mate, it won't be too hardcore for you. You really know about electronic music once you've been to a Cocoon event hosted by the master himself. Who did you see at Creamfields? I didn't go the last time but was there the year before and got completely **** caked in mud. It was worth it though for th
  8. RJA1703


    I live in the UK, and my girlfriend is in the US. If there was a box for, 2 months off, 2 weeks on, then that would be for me.
  9. I just started a blog Bad Time Management Skills It will mostly involve a 22 year olds adventures into the brewing world, my move to America in June, and Skiing videos (sorry baselayers)
  10. The absolute lad whilst on holiday in Zante told his mum he was going to the library at 1am when really he smashed €250 at a strip club. Priorities Lad!
  11. Best Shirt Ever. Need to start handing those out at the bar i work in. 'Blokes' complaining about Stella being too strong to session. Try a sesh on this. It is disgustingly delicious and gives you the worst hangover you can imagine (hop hangover FTW) plus i brewed it so some harmless promotion on here can't do any harm!
  12. Johnnie and Chivas Regal are blended whisky, nothing wrong with them! Johnnie Blue or lager top, you decide!? haha
  13. Girlfriend has gone back to NY, not going to see her until April. fml
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