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  1. xliosive

    Ice rink

    I can see a few faces there. The screaming ghoul face in the bottom right of bottom photo is freaky!! Every time you descend the stairs it's like you are plunging into hell.
  2. Well isn't life strange. If snowychap hadn't have posted anything about golf the other day I would have £50 less in my bank! Haven't bet on the golf in a while, nor been on here in a while, but came on the other day and had a little nose in this thread and I saw snowy's bets and purely based on him knowing his golf, chucked some cash on kuchar. Just wish I would have done your other tip also but...thank you and a virtual pint sliding your way.
  3. xliosive

    Ice rink

    My despondent unironed laundry
  4. I thought it was quite funny. I'll tell you what I also find funny: anally retentive folk who try to 'police' forums...and also nicotene starved folk who has time on a saturday night to post a message about an anally retentive message...and the phrase anally retentive...
  5. If downing goes, we should re-invest that money into a player of slightly less calibre than him, then when (and if) he becomes as good as downing was, sell him onto a bigger club so he can live out his champions league dream and we (randy) will make a tidy little profit of a few million! Repeat this cycle every season then in about 10 years time we (randy) will have a nice bit of cash in our (his) bank and can perhaps buy an older Bojan or someone like that, then have a crack at the league! Good times ahead folks!
  6. Yes, I remember reading this board in the past when everyone always agreed and there were never heated arguments... Heh! But not to the extent of a pre-season protest.
  7. Well, the first tangible negative to next season has occured: Randy has created disharmony amoungst us fans Nice one Randy! Good fan management! Let's **** pray that he is genius and will prove the majority of us wrong...
  8. Football is football. We don't do things that much different than say Italy, Germany or Spain. Ok, the Spanish like to pass it round a bit more, or Barcelona specifically, but they spanked Man U in the final so, yeh, bring on someone like Rijkaard, Van Gaal or whoever is proven at managing a football team well.
  9. I'm pre-empting a bit here but - remember when MON got the Villa job and he turned up at either VP or BH to the reception of a thousand joyfull fans!! Now, if Mcleish gets the job, well.... :shock:
  10. Yeh, I know. That is just rubbing f'king salt in the wound!
  11. Well said macca. Not my idea of a good appointment but if be gets it we still need to support the team. I think most fans utlimately will to an extent but right now I think it also important to express these opinions, no matter how over the top they are.
  12. What if he brought in 4 or 5 cracking signings and we smashed our first game 4-0. Would people be happy or moaning because it wasn't Mark Hughes standing in the dugout? Surely it's not too much to ask to give the man a chance if he does get appointed..... Oh, I will give him a bit of a chance but I know that there are a lot more fans with much less patience than me. From the outset he will be a ticking time-bomb with a shorter fuse than usual. That's no way to begin a season! His wins will be praised less than they should, and his losses will be scrutinized more and the effect multiplied by 10! You can't seriously begin a season with a guy that a load of fans, in a weird way, want to fail just so they can say 'Look! I told you so! get him out!'
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