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Working from home - can it work?



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    • Yes
    • No - we need to work as a team
    • No - I distrust employees from being out of sight
    • No - a working environment creates better results

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Having read the discussion regarding MPs expenses and the need for them to attend Westminster, I mused on the subject of working from home, especially for office workers.

I know damn well that I could for most of the week, if it wasn't for me having access to personal data and all the security issues that entails.

I think there must be a huge number of employees across the country, and in city centres particularly, that could work at least three days of the week from home. The benefits on travel/environment would be huge. But would it be negative for "city centre" shops, food outlets etc.?

Could it work? And if not, what are the objections? I've outlined some in the poll.[/table]

BOF : Edited, ya big numpty :P :P

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I'd say the working environment creates better results in the long run and the need for staff to be under supervision at times, it could become very inefficient. On the other hand, some people could do it very well and it would benefit things like the environment.

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But to answer the questions, if I had the resources at home (access to files etc) I could do most of my work from home. I have plenty of meetings that I need to go to but I could easily do 3 days a week at hhome and then fit meetings around the 2 remaining days.

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well it depends if you can motivate yourself. If not then no.. if you can then ofcourse.
That too. I know some right lazy bastards who in no way could motivate themselves to work at home :D

then make sure they don't get a job working from home. Might I suggest Maccy D's :D

you get stars and everything.

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I work from home...and until the end of this week...I'm self employed.....but by the end of the week I should be employed...

But I should still be working from home a good deal anyhow...which is good....

So I guess it works for me.... the only problem is I tend to work most of the time when I'm at home!!

When I should limit it to a working day.

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