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  1. This is looking like the best case scenario at the moment ! There is quite a strong chance now that we will go with what we have - this would be the weakest squad I can recall since the mid eighties. On the balance of the rumours and market we are in - I think we will get Olson\cresswell and Jones Its already stronger than last season....
  2. I heard this exact same rumour yesterday so I wouldn't write it off just yet....
  3. What? That they wouldn't do it just for an interview? Or that he must at least be the favoured candidate? Maybe so, we're all just taking guesses here anyway. Do we know for certain that it is Kristiansund the plane's gone to, and that that is where OGS is based? My main doubt is over the cost of sending the plane anywhere to pick up anyone that isn't at least favoured for the role.I would have thought a short hop like that is small change for Randy. A nice courtesy, entirely in keeping with his style.Still don't see it. In theory that's a 'short hop' for each foreign based interviewee who decides to give it a try. Anyhoo, we'll hopefully know soon enough. Considering the talk of Mick McCarthy was LOL'd out of the office, I dont hink Randy would send a jet to pick a non starter..... I think this is nailed on now tbh.
  4. Bent dosnt fit in. We look better without him.
  5. what??? No Bah Humbug? No christmas is shit??? Boy, you've changed.
  6. I am totally baffled by the love some still have for our previous manager. He spent in excess of 100m and achieved our average premier league finish. Well done, well done indeed.
  7. Do we really think McLeish had anything to do with he majority of transfers? Really?
  8. Are you for real? The point stands. To say in DEC you wont renew due to 'the football' is idiotic.
  9. Money will be spent in Jan/Summer. It has to be, look at all the players whose contracts are up, Randy knows this he knows he can only spend so much per season also. My guess is he was hoping to scrap through this season and start again next season when he can put big money intot he squad again.
  10. Hughes was available when we got AMC, if we were gonna get him we wouldve then. He'll be at Wales soon enough anyway,.
  11. :winner: Hooray. Some sense..... Explain the sense please. Where is he taking us? What's he doing with the squad? What are the positive you've seen? What direction are we heading? What team are we now? Are you happy with the football? Are you happy with the results? I'd really like to know what exactly you see what some of us are clearly missing. 12 votes out of 329 says it all. No, clearly I can't be happy with the football, or the results. BUT he's had 1 transfer window and half a season on drastically reduced budget. The bahaviour of some fans has been appalling The whining "we were promised top 4" "he's an ex-Blouse manager" attitude helps no one. BUT sacking him and starting again for the 5th time in 2 seasons isn't going to help us either. I'm not seeing something different, I just don't believe sacking him and sulking like toddlers will help either. There is noone available who is any better - so why change. Minor details..... Shoot first, ask second.
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