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  1. I imagine he wasn't in the best of moods. It happens to a lot of people unfortunately
  2. AVFC Match Day Experience | Holte End Celebrations AVFC Match Day Experience | Holte End Flag
  3. Thought it would be cool to share any videos we have made that are related to the Villa. I know some fans abroad like to watch them, regardless the quality Aston Villa vs Swansea Matchday Experience A little video to mark my new villa convert's first match. Might be cool for people who have never been to VP Aston Villa, Villa Park. A Fast Tour of Villa Park from the Car:
  4. Also, meant to say. I popped into some friend's home to say goodbye when I was about to leave Colombia, or at least the town I was living in. They were all around the tv watching the u21's game and going nuts. Grown women supporting the under 21s like it was the WC Final. They told me to get involved, to sing and shout with them but I declined saying I don't support just any team. They said it doesn't matter, it's the game. I said it's not even the main team, again.. didn't matter. "It's Colombia!" She shouted (no, she didn't spell out the name haha) Now that's devotion to the national team.
  5. Funny story but I went on the Villa tour 10 years ago or so when Angel played here and it was spelt Colombia on the international board! I think yillan is just having a wind up I hope! I was there two months and will be there three more months soon and it's definitely with an O.
  6. http://edition.cnn.com/2013/02/20/world/americas/colombia-not-columbia
  7. Just watching that video... how useless is this man in front of the camera! It's their own tv channel and he is saying no comment. He can't keep still so the camera has to follow him, when it should be a static shot. He can't keep his head still from wandering around the empty ground. Err err err you know errr
  8. I'm glad it was of use! I sometimes think, why on earth am i doing an unboxing video then realise sometimes i find them useful, sometimes!
  9. Nirvana's Bleach was pretty handy and
  10. ¿Que mas parcero? (No soy colombiano pues) Ha I knew you'd comment this
  11. I loved the concept! I have it. But I'm rubbish at it
  12. Man I left out Nas, Prodigy, Goldie.. loads!
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