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  1. I imagine he wasn't in the best of moods. It happens to a lot of people unfortunately
  2. Just watching that video... how useless is this man in front of the camera! It's their own tv channel and he is saying no comment. He can't keep still so the camera has to follow him, when it should be a static shot. He can't keep his head still from wandering around the empty ground. Err err err you know errr
  3. I loved the concept! I have it. But I'm rubbish at it
  4. In the sunderland match I thought the same thing by the end of the first half. Second half he scored 3 goals. Can't argue with that.
  5. Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother are two very popular shows that I enjoyed moments of. But they drag. Especially HIMYM... Plus to be so mainstream yet remain top quality is hard. The Simpsons is one that achieved that, combining adult and kids stuff. Netflix UK has The League for example. One of the best episodes didn't mention fantasy football at all and the jokes that were for fantasy (american) football were lost on me but it wasn't a problem. Apparently for FF fans those jokes are good. I'm just trying a show new to me but maybe not to y'all is 10 Items Or Less.. abo
  6. I'm a very casual gamer, and want to shift some of the collection that I barely touch. And most movies I only watch once. All PS3, mint with all the retail trimmings, inlay, manual, box: Child of Eden - £6 F1 2010 - £6 Grid - £7 Little Big Planet - £5 Shift 2 Limited Edition - £9 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Masters Edition - £7 Mirrors Edge (Ok this one is effectively disc only as the case and inlay is not retail) - £4 All 7 PS3 Games for £40 delivered. All Blu Ray Movies: Alll £5 each delivered Alice In Wonderland Bunny And The Bull Get Smart Michael Jackson This Is It Speed Racer The P
  7. Very nice! You're having fun! Keep them coming
  8. I will wish him well when he goes. As above, never came across as a bad chap at all, in the right team he could be useful!
  9. Ye, all the best for him. Hope he proves us wrong and comes back for a second spell as good as that little argentinian fella that plays for Barcelona
  10. b23avfc

    Top Gear

    I think he was joking, he's not that stupid Not as stupid as he acts anyway
  11. He had 3 or 4 years left on his previous contract but that didn't stop him putting in a request... however I think you're right to the most part. I think it'd be suicide to leave now in this transfer window and it would have to be accompanied by at least 40 million. I have 99.999999% faith that he's ours for this season.
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