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  1. Is that meant as a denigration of his goal against lower opposition or a celebration with a caveat? I’ve given you a way out there...use it.
  2. Kosovans have a national sport based on their love of Last of The Summer Wine. The three oldest people in competing villages sit in a bath-tub on wheels and get pushed down precarious hills. It's a time challenge. The village that hit the time nearest in minutes and seconds to the combined total of E numbers in a packet of nik naks win the coveted Pristine Kupa Trofe.
  3. There are Nazis that aren’t evil?
  4. I liked the bit when he said “Traoré swung the decision for me”
  5. Exactly...pay the man and damn his impudence!
  6. The absolute sausage wrangler.
  7. Yeah, but fans of music won’t know that.
  8. Anyone born after the Vietnam War is a fop and a pissant.
  9. And wasn't it rumoured at the time that some of the squad didn't really give them much of a welcome?
  10. The government have not overreacted on anything. If anything it is the total opposite. Lockdown could have been earlier and mask wearing mandatory from that time. It does look like they just want to be seen to be doing something.
  11. In his book Black Jacobins, C L R James notes that this is the way it is reported by white historians. Yes, Britain had a lot of truly moral people active in trying to abolish slavery and we should be rightly be very proud of them. It was passed in law mainly because it would cause massive economic damage to the French war effort. Without that, it is doubtful we would have abolished it so early. Maybe in time. Great book by the way. The big philosophical dilemma of a newly revolutionised France claiming all men are equal...except for slaves in Haiti and other colonies.
  12. I know what you mean, it does distract, it was the use of the word "mob" that raised my eyebrows. I'm being too sensitive. As you've already said some of the Little Britain sketches were blatantly anti-bigot. The blackface thing I would say is a no-no whatever the message they are trying to put across. I hope the rumour about Django Unchained is just that, a rumour. One of the reasons Tarantino made it was because of the bullshit Civil War movies and movies set in that period. Kind slave owners and the tragedy of brother fighting brother...
  13. The mob? The grievances are very real.
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