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Confidence gauge : Result v Chel$ki


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It's not OTT to suggest this is potentially a season-defining game for both teams.

Lose this and we will be 4th, possibly only 4pts ahead of Arsenal and right back in a scrap for CL qualification.

Win this game and we will be a minimum of 7pts ahead of 5th and 5pts ahead of 4th. We could even be 10pts clear of 5th if results went our way.

On Chel$ki's side, if they lose this they can put any title chase firmly to bed, not to mention being in an even messier dogfight with Arsenal for 4th. Chel$ki being the one team in the league more reliant upon Champions League revenue than Arsenal are.

So, what do you THINK will happen on Saturday given that both teams really really need to do well on the day?

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I notice only those who think we'll win or draw have posted in the thread. Others fearing retribution regardless of the result i.e. if we win - "Ha, see you've no faith" or if we lose - "well I guess some are happy".

For the record I think we will lose this game and I'm worried we'll lose it by a distance. I obviously really really hope I'm wrong though; and tbf the boys have proven me wrong on countless occasions this season so long may it continue.

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if we are going to win or even draw against Chelsea, we have to be more clinical in front of goal. We will not get more than 2 or 3 chances and we cannot afford glaring misses - against Wigan, Blackburn, Everton and CSKA - we have created hatfuls of chances and scored only 4 goals against, I would guess 20 good chances. An early goal would be nice too, to get them coming forward.

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can go any way, so i've copped out and gone for the ddraw - scoring draw at that.

Both sides have looked shaky at the back, and do concede goals, and both sides have great potential to score.

score draw for me, although if we are tired and affected by our endeavours yesterday, then i can easily see a loss ....

I hopen the UEFA Cup doesn't cost us the league run ....

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Anelka and Drogba are certainly a handfull for our rear end, but with Ballack out of form, as with Deko not performing, Mikkels passing right off, and Lampard spluttering, we could win the midfield battle. Could be some cards in this game too, and I`m certain we will not be physically bullied out of it. I`m going for a Villa win, as we have given up giving up. No more roll overs. Biggest test will be at UTD. comming up. But Saturday we have a good chance of winning. Could well be that if e get one good chance taken, the rest will follow after,as football is like that.

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