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  1. so,lets say from what MM was saying that there is about 10 bad eggs at the club,how is the transfer window going to help us. do you think that we'll sell 10 and buy there replacments??.because if they are still here they will still cause unrest because they just dont like the manager for whatever reason... I can see 2 or 3 going out this window, rest maybe in the summer. But I also hope we get 3 to 4 in in this window, I know it's much to hope for, but we need new blood.
  2. I think it's good the transfer window soon opens. a lot needs to be done
  3. I don't think he come back here ever again.. I really don't blame him Amusing, you know he left because of the press and not the fans, he actually wants to come back but feels he can't right now because the press twist his every word. He didn't have a problem with the fans having a pop, he gave as good as he got. No. i'm sure Randy told him to stay away.. and I don't think the General is sad about it :-)
  4. Sounds like a good idea.. but then you can't kill him when we have lost to Chelsea on sunday.
  5. We NEED to get behind our manager!! So I ask. what are you doing in this thread? if all you can come with is shit against the manager? No need to answer BTW.. I know what you are going to say anyway.
  6. It's understandable Randy wouldn't waste more money on MON's signings. the real test comes now. and 37% can't be wrong :-)
  7. If Randy sack GH now. then it means no shopping in the transfer window again.. and that would be a bigger worry than anything
  8. The 35% that blame Houllier, natch. :winkold: No No you are wrong again 8)
  9. Randy also have some blame. he should have sacked MON long before.
  10. Don't forget this team today was almost the same that lost 7-1 last season..
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