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  1. Thanks as always for being the commish and taking on the admin @kkr
  2. In the final for the first time in 10 odd seasons! Mostly luck, but it proves worst to first is possible. @zak the matchup was on a knife edge with Rodgers left so was a good one @Beastmix good luck for the final
  3. In all the seasons I have played this game, I have never finished higher than 7th and that was what I expected playing you this week. Was a good matchup
  4. Does it act like conferences where the top four from each league make the playoffs or is it a promotion / relegation system? The former would be cool
  5. We have history... Call the most recent loss a 8 fold improvement on the disappointment you're feeling!
  6. I'm up for that and hopefully this season will earn me a place in the top league...
  7. Shame, I just missed out on James Conner through waivers as well...!
  8. @rjw63 If the trade window is still open, I'll listen to offers for Landry if you're interested?
  9. @rjw63 good work trading for Drake... and then leaving him and his 40 points on your bench Doh!
  10. Didn't want to state the obvious although, you never know...
  11. @rjw63 this one is coming down to the wire. Hoping the ever reliable Pat's D will maintain their form.
  12. It's always the biggest game of the season. Looking forward to it
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