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  1. If this happens, our front line will be like a visit to a Woolworths pick & mix in the good old days!
  2. Rename it the 'everyone gets a RB trophy' Why not ring around to encourage more participants? Must be some hiding in the shadows... I have no friends so won't be much help!
  3. @Brumerican - We definitely need your contributions to the fairness of the scoring system and for calling out any cheating scumbags
  4. "It's so good to play on the same side as you Jack" Opens eyes "Oh, sorry Lionel, you remind me of someone else"
  5. Have we been linked to some Italians or Danes?
  6. That is me. Have sent you a DM with my email.
  7. Cheers @Beastmix Yes, treat my points as suggestions and only implement them if others agree. Correct on the 2 points. Rewarding a 100 yard game is valid imo. Maybe it could be 2 points at 100, 150, 200... etc. to ensure points don't become too much.
  8. Seems simple enough. A few minor suggestions: Kickers seem to be getting a lot of love maybe 1 point less per milestone? 2 points for offensive 100 yard games? Passing TDs 6 points the same as rushing? - Lamar Jackson would potentially outscore traditional passers at 4 points per TD. Decimals definitely! Obviously only make changes that others are happy with and cheers dude, glad you are up for the challenge of taking it on. Hopefully @kkr can transfer the league so we can keep the history.
  9. Given you run other leagues in Yahoo, do you have a points system that works well in those other leagues? If there is one that results in good scoring then perhaps use that.
  10. In before @Beastmix changes his mind.
  11. If the Chiefs secondary hadn't have stepped up this past few weeks, I would expect Tampa to win. As it is, I see Brady getting picked multiple times. Chiefs will go back to back. Plus, I'm bored of Tom Brady.
  12. Somewhat poetic that I should go out on the same weekend as the Browns. I look forward to next season when both the Browns and myself lose every week. Just as it should be.
  13. That was a tough loss for the Browns but what a great season. We can only hope for more next season and with an improved defence, who knows what is possible. Finally relevant again!
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