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  1. So this didn't go to plan. Happy to agree you deserve the win this week.
  2. Yeah, but not against me. Come on, be a mate... *just noting that I have the most points against this season, based on the live view at time of writing!
  3. Partly my point. I am ok to complain now that the shoe is on the other foot right...? Rodgers, Gaskin, relying on them for big games tonight. Could then be a shootout on Tuesday between Hopkins and Cooper... Good match up
  4. @rjw63 so Robbo, to whom do I complain about Tannehill and Henry having their best games of the season?
  5. Everybody gave a shit about you sitting out. The league needs active players that know what they are doing, it's a shame you're not in it. Not sure anyone else cares too much about Ravens Flock though. The season is all a bit tainted in fantasy as much as the real thing. Bring on 2021...
  6. Care to restart our eternal duel?
  7. Yet you play Words with Friends every day...
  8. Stick with it Rob. Frustrating, but you are competitive despite the results.
  9. The Browns were shredded last night, it's becoming a bit of a theme. Truth be told though, if a team can stop the run and get ahead on points then you would expect it to happen.
  10. Only three players picked the Browns to beat Dallas. I'm amazed! Go Browns!
  11. I was wondering if you might complain about your own player...
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