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  1. @rjw63 this one is coming down to the wire. Hoping the ever reliable Pat's D will maintain their form.
  2. It's always the biggest game of the season. Looking forward to it
  3. Waiting for the game recap which states: "The Brown Stuff would have beaten no other teams this week"
  4. Basically, what I meant to say is. He's not for trading
  5. Maybe it was the desperation you showed in your negotiating position?
  6. Two trade offers rejected for Saquon. Only willing to consider tier 1 RBs in exchange. Add in a decent tight end if you want to improve your odds of a deal.
  7. That is quite a stock of RBs on your roster! Looking forward to the bye weeks much?
  8. @maqroll Was that you that tried to trade for Saquon..?
  9. I was surprised not to get any of my waivers. By surprised I mean mystifed
  10. When does the waiver window make changes? Is it today?
  11. 119 defensive points Thank you New England D... or is it thank you Miami O?
  12. Loving the changes we've made, a few tweaks to the D scoring for next year but not many. Very positive. Nothing to do with me already having the same amount of wins as last season already I assure you!
  13. Good to see Amazon fire has a fault for live feeds and Redzone. Do you think the NFL will refund me a week?
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