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  1. Damn it! I'm open recommendations. Tell me everyone, who would you pick number 1?
  2. 2nd September will be good for me. At the Bears game on 6th September
  3. @Brumerican I'm in. Please don't tell me I'm picking first again!
  4. Will be at the Bears game
  5. Well I'm glad that's over. Can't help but think the luck wasn't with me or that my team was any good! Roll on next year
  6. So.... Would anyone like to trade for LeVeon Bell? This season stinks
  7. Exactly this, too rare a commodity in our deep leagues
  8. And so it proved out thanks to my useless skill players. Hate this game! Well done on the win @Brumerican
  9. You're welcome! In need of a good week, left 80 odd points on the bench last week and been generally rubbish to date thanks to Lev Bell'end. This week could still go against me.
  10. Josh Gordon currently waiting it out on my bench - might soon be catching passes from Tom Brady... having kittens!
  11. LeVeon Bell then... ? My team is playing pants too and seems subject to all the bad luck so far. I'll battle you for last place!
  12. Talk to me Rob. Drake or Collins? Both starters

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