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  1. Bouma was always going to be difficult to replace....
  2. Without wishing to defend the case of the guy, and going from Bicks quote there, makes you wonder just how difficult it is to learn `basic english`within a year whilst playing in Turkey....... Wonder how many of us could learn `basic turkish` enogh for passing imigration/foreign work permisssion laws in Turkey whilst living in England? All a bit hypothetical and silly really, but unfortunately the difference between a good player playing or not.
  3. Bad chioce for him to end up going to Schalke as it turned out, but a real terrier in midfield when he gets going. Got a lot of bite in him, but, alas, can easily be sent off through getting into gripes with opposition players. Have some Ghanean friends out here who are real fans, but wouldn`t put too much weight on it. One for the `rainy night in Stoke`test...
  4. Second that, especially for THAT goal..... Legend.
  5. Sorry, but they hit that final by playing hard, iconically reflected by the Boateng sending off in the final for his Bruce Lee like kick. This Euro was once again haggered by infighting, and they were certainly a disapointment, even lost to the germans (something the Dutch hate). No disrespect to anyone intended, and appreciate that we are all entitled to our varying viewpoints, but the general viewpoit from my dutch colleagues and friends is that Bert is not the man for the job considering the players he has at his disposal. Failed at Dortmund, and just look what they achieved since Klopp took over. Fact is that Vlaar has been captaining a Feyernoord side who have had a couple of good seasons since Koeman came in.
  6. Lambert in the states will obviously have slowed things down, officially at least.
  7. Gabby for me, despite his dreadful second half of the season, where he actually gained the captaincy. Hope he plays better under Lambo, as he seems to be the last of the locals, so to speak...
  8. Not sure where the connection comes from, but would like to see such a transfer go through. Certainly the entertainment value, which seems to count in the modern game. One of the people for a classic moment or two, ala Gabby when we won 2-1 away at the sty. Friend of mine is a PSG fan, says himself that the guy should move into a "bigger league"
  9. Shirts are faked anywhere in the world, anytime. TV shows are streamed. Begs the quesgtion why Man U want rid of. Is he not good enough?
  10. Would be foolish to try and offload him now, as there is a rather excelent player in there, and the new coaching and management can try to harness some of that before deciding which steps to make concerning his future.
  11. Looks a good tackler, something we have missed since Petrov has been out, will be interesting to see how he combines with Ireland. Not expecting too much though, as we have all seen many a false dawn at this club.
  12. Certainly looks to be the kind of player we need. Agree with the opinion about youtube vids too. Good at winning balls and feeding others. Would be interested to see how shirt sales develop in Morocco.
  13. Any indication we are keeping him?
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