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  1. I think how we used to score was to having the starting points higher and then they got whittled down through negative plays like being scored on. Not suggesting we change it for this pr any season, but perhaps it would be a way to give +10 points as an example. I could be completely wrong mind you.
  2. Nice idea, but not for me cheers. Not that I'd win it any way.
  3. Anyone swapping out of Baltimore? RB room depleted and now Peters out.
  4. Shame that mate, explains the confusion though.
  5. Whilst I'd like this to be true, I think you'll find I fell at the last hurdle, so consider my enthusiasm based on that pain that's haunted me ever since...
  6. That's how @Beastmix has set it. And I have already done it so can attest to it being true. Go check it out yourself.
  7. @rjw63 As the waiver window doesn't start until Thursday, you can also claim back the player you drop without penalty. Not many IR players of value though, but there may be later in the season as iirc, IR is reduced to a minimum 3 week absences now so may become a useful short term option for teams.
  8. I like the depth in the FAs / on the waiver wire we will have this year. Will provide opportunities to flex your team and find rising players, just like it should. With 14 teams, it had become harder to change your teams direction.
  9. Lance and Fields both QBs to watch for as the season builds
  10. Yep, QB spot for me. Wanted Baker but him and Rodgers on the same bye week. Can't quite believe Baker is still there though! Bargain for whomever picks him up, he's going to have a good year.
  11. Good move. How do you activate it with a full bench?
  12. Agreed, one more spot and an IR would be good
  13. How do? Is there a pick'em league this year? If so, what is the league code please. Cheers
  14. @Xela Watership Brown take a bow
  15. @Beastmix Any chance of randomising it now so we know where we pick or does it only happen at the time of the draft?
  16. I'd be happy with reverse order but don't do it if it's a massive faff. Seconding knowledge of position, will help with those mock drafts I haven't done yet.
  17. @Beastmix League votes to veto trades is currently set at 9/12. I reckon 50% would be better, 6 votes. I'd be happy to go through the other league rules if useful to have a second pair of eyes on them.
  18. The time allowance per pick is currently set at 1 minute and I'd suggest reducing that. I think it was 30 seconds last season but can't be too sure...
  19. Not too keen on his SoTC % Something he'll need to work imo. #UTV VTID SOTC
  20. What gives him the right to say that, especially after captaining his boyhood club? Modern football is the shit dogs roll in. What a clearing in the woods.
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