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Best actor of the newer generation? (what a choice!)


Who is the best newer generation actor?  

67 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the best newer generation actor?

    • Johnny Depp
    • Joaquin Phoenix
    • Daniel Day-Lewis
    • Phillip Seymour-Hoffman
    • Edward Norton
    • Jake Gyllenhaal
    • Ryan Gosling
    • Leonardo Di Caprio
    • Russell Crowe
    • Christian Bale

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Who out of this amazing list do you regard as the greatest of the newer actors? Or have I forgotten someone even better than this lot? If so, do tell...

(Honourable mention to - Colin Farrell, Matt Damon, Shia Labeouf, Benicio del Toro, Djimon Hounsou, Javier Bardem).

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I'm afraid that I can't pick one above another.

The only thing that I would really say is that I thought Daniel Day-Lewis's performance in 'My left foot' was something extraordinary. Really: truly remarkable...

It was, in my view, a beautiful film and the 'performance' by Day-Lewis was something which I don't think many other actors could have attempted, let alone managed.

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Norton for me.

Films that star Daniel Day Lewis tend to be films about Daniel Day Lewis rather than films in which he acts. That doesn't make him a great actor, it makes him a charismatic man who spoils films.

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To be honest, reading back along the list it is extremely hard to put some above others. For me it came down to Bale against Day Lewis. Have to disagree with Scott's assertion that DDL films are about DDL. Even though I tend to enjoy Bale's films more than DDL's, I feel that DDL's are somehow more challenging and require slightly more difficult acting to pull it off. As snowy says, not many would've managed Christy Brown in My Left Foot (tho I suspect Bale would have).

After that the likes of Seymour Hoffman and Depp are right up there. Depp is another who can do things (and diversity) that few others (if any) could do, and Hoffman is just superb.

The likes of Gyllenhaal, Gosling & Di Caprio have plenty of time to catch up though I was amazed at how young Bale still is !!

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Guy Pearce deserves a mention was brilliant in two of my favourite 'modern' films, LA Confidential and Memento.

I've gone for Crowe because he is consistently brillaint in a wide range of roles.

(but he is a bit of a tw*t)

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(but he is a bit of a tw*t)

No way ! Foitin' Roun' The Wurld ! A man's man* :thumb:

* Here's hoping you're familiar with the term :lol:

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BOF did you just put Daniel Day-Lewis one of the greatest actors of all time, never mind modern times in a poll with the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Gosling and Leonardo Di Craprio? You might as well have stuck Pee Wee Herman in there.

and just where exactly are:

Denzel Washington

Liam Neeson

Sean Penn

Tom Hanks

Kevin Spacey

Tom Wilkinson

Don Cheadle

Philip Seymour Hoffman EDIT missed him in the poll

Forest Whitaker

Brendan Gleeson

Paul Giamatti

Benicio del Toro

Ray Liotta

Ed Harris

Willem Dafoe

James Woods

William H. Macy

John Malkovich

Ralph Fiennes

Joe Pesci

Not too nitpick or anything ;)

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I don't think I could decide between DDL, Bale and Crowe.

DDL does the more challenging roles. Bale is always brilliant in films I enjoy. Crowe is similar to Bale but is maybe a bit more high profile.

Argh! I can't split them.

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If you are putting 51 year old Daniel Day Lewis on the shortlist, im asking for 48 year old Kevin Spacey.

Then im voting for him.

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