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  1. I don't even think we got out of 2nd gear but we totally controlled that game, should have probably had 1 or 2 more. 10 wins on the bounce, just an amazing effort for all concerned really. Phenomenal in such a competitive league.
  2. I think we're playing fairly conservatively, we're well in control. As others have said, we seem to go out wide when we've got some room in the middle. Kodjia probably should have done better with that ball where he was past the defenders, but overall we've been really solid.
  3. All the talk about the crypts makes me think the Night King is going to raise all the dead Starks in the crypts during the battle. They spent that whole episode setting that up. Also the Brienne moment was fantastic but she's surely gonna die now
  4. While there is still so much to happen, the action is really concentrated in a couple of places now instead of spread out over lots of different storylines. As such I imagine 6 eps will be enough. Interesting start, and as others have said, really fast paced for GoT. Well set up for the rest of the series.
  5. Phew! We were really good given the players that were out. Had it not been for a fairly astonishing keeping performance from O'Leary we'd have scored 4 or 5.
  6. Thank f*** for that! El Ghazi has been great down that left wing this half
  7. The Liberal-National Coalition in Australia has spent every election campaign for the past 2 decades scaremongering about race and "national security" concerns re immigration and refugees, and they've just called an election for May 18, so it's again going to get ugly. A few elections ago, the Liberals had campaigned so hard on xenophobic border security that Labor, instead of taking the lead and doing something humane, decided to just match and even strengthen the Coalition border security policy, which puts refugees arriving by boat in indefinite offshore detenion camps. It's f***ed. I guess Trump, Bolsonaro, Brexit et al shows that it's happening everywhere but it's incredibly grim.
  8. If you can't jump to where you want to get without risking a handball, then you probably shouldn't be jumping that far. These handball incidents are always players throwing themselves into a block and then blocking the ball with their arms and then claiming they couldn't have possibly known. It's your responsibility to block a shot without using your arms. It's not complicated. I actually think it'll go the other way. Refs tend to be intimidated by big clubs and might give them the benefit of the doubt in live action, but if the VAR officials who don't have as much pressure on them see something, they can give the ref a look from a bunch of different angles so he can be sure of his decision.
  9. Might end up being the other way around though long term for whoever gets it, I doubt it will be us because of our current owners. On the face of it, there's a lot more potential value in an English club where you play lots of interesting high quality fixtures at domestic level than in France where they're currently 26-3-1 with a +71 GD over 30 games.
  10. Such a beautiful goal. So well rounded. It's just wonderful to watch him play football in a Villa shirt week in week out.
  11. I think it was a penalty, but some common sense could have prevailed in terms of the second yellow. The penalty was surely enough of a punishment there for that sort of handball. Hopefully he's refreshed after the game off and comes back firing.

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