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  1. At the the peak week for deaths in England and Wales on the week ending April 17th, more than double the amount of people died than the 5 year average. More than double. You can be a COVID-19 conspiracy theorist all you want, but you can't ignore all the extra people who are dying on top of the average, and it's an absolutely staggering amount. I still think playing football in the next couple of months is ludicrous given how deadly and widespread this virus has been, and could continue to be. I don't even think it's a good idea for Australia to recommence sport, and we've had a better time with the virus than most. It's hit the UK like a sledgehammer.
  2. I don't even think it's cowardice, I think clubs and the leage have lots of contracts with sponsors and broadcasters etc that rely on them playing football to hold up their end of the bargain, and they don't want to be seen to be publicly not pushing for that to be honoured because of the legal implications. I'm absolutely certain that once the government calls off organised sport and makes it impossible for the season to finish, you'll start to see club and league officials come out and make more sensible statements, like that it was the right decision to cancel the season, that it could never have reasonably continued safely and so on.
  3. I can't see the EFL trying to hold the PL to ransom over relegation and promotional places given the current circumstances. They aren't finishing their season either, and it sounds like a lot of lower league clubs could go under if forced to play to empty stadiums. The loss of revenue due to relegation from the Premier League is an astronomical amount of money. It's too big a penalty to relegate a club that hasn't finished in the bottom 3 after 38 matches. I can't see them relegating teams without a season being completed unless there are provisions in the rules for that, and there were, we'd certainly already know about them. The posturing from these sporting bodies is purely about the £ and it's frankly sickening in the face of the loss of life all over the world, but especially in Europe. I wish the Governments, both the British and European, would just bar major sporting events from taking place until July so we can stop pretending we're finishing a season and start sorting out how to move forward.
  4. I am absolutely certain all this intention to recommence fixtures is a bluff and they're simply waiting for the Government to make it impossible for them to continue so they don't get sued. Hundreds of people are still dying every day. Even once that starts to get better, the threat of a second wave will be there for a long time.
  5. Only if they have access to it, though. If they don't, they'd usually go to the pub, or a friend's place, or their's parent's house etc etc. It will absolutely encourage undesirable movement, even if not a mass gathering. Then there's all the extra travel and potential exposure for football clubs and their players and employees. If they try to start the season in June, countless people will still be infected across the country and we're 1 player or official being infected from shutting the whole thing down again anyway.
  6. I don't think they can enforce extending contracts beyond June 30 and I don't think they can reasonably finish the season by then. Even with empty stadiums you're talking about gathering at least 100 people together to stage a game. Does anyone think that's going to be possible in April or May? It's an absolute legal minefield if you plan to relegate clubs after completely changing the terms of your season half way through. I'm sure there are allowances for it in the rules of the competition, but finishing after everyone's contracts expire? Then there's jamming 2 full seasons and 2 major international competitions into whatever time is left before the 2022/23 season begins. I just don't get it. Even for the soulless, money grabbing TV rights holders, surely it's better to aim for a full season 20/21 than risk a further infection between players which would delay everything even further.
  7. It's insane to think the season can finish. Almost 800 people in the UK died yesterday and that number is climbing. The depth and breadth of this surely makes completing the season before August impossible. Every club would be affected, we have players who have been infected, countless people involved who have lost family. Just call the season you corrupt, money hungry leeches. I'm quite happy to give Liverpool the title. I'd even take our relegation over having the season restarted when it's dangerous to do so.
  8. I don't think they necessarily 'have' to do anything. It's unprecedented for a global incident to stop a season in it's tracks like this. The season obviously can't be completed, and it's ridiculous to think it might be IMO, so try to do the most reasonable thing possible with every decision. Liverpool are the champions. You haven't been able to make that bet for a couple of months because of how far ahead they are, so it's reasonable, despite the season not being completed, to hand them the trophy. They'll always have an asterisk and they've missed out on lifting the cup in front of their fans, but it should go to them. If the season is voided, Liverpool are by far the most harshly done by. I don't think it's fair to relegate anyone as it's too big a penalty for something that is still so tightly fought. I'd personally bring up Leeds and West Brom and play with 22 teams next season. Put the League Cup on hiatus for a season to get the extra fixtures in. A lot of the language around these decisions is that they MUST do this or that, I just don't think you can talk in musts. It's sport, be sporting and be as fair as they can be across the board.
  9. I don't see this being an issue, given the broadcasting partners will want to maintain what i'm sure is a very lucrative relationship with the Premier League. There's also no way they can just demand a refund for the entire season when they've made billions in advertising off of what has already been broadcast.
  10. I think the unprecedented nature of this pandemic means you can make it up as you go along a bit. Clearly the PL don't have a set in stone codified plan for an abandoned season or it would already be reported. Given that, let's try to minimise unfairness as best we can. At this stage, if the season is cancelled entirely and stricken from the records, Liverpool and their idiot supporters are unbelievably, crushingly hard done by. Bookies haven't even been taking bets on them to win the title for weeks. Relegation is still very much a 6-way dogfight. It's sport. We need to be sporting about it.
  11. Agree with this in general, except I think Liverpool will be awarded the title regardless. Liverpool fans will burn the league down at this stage given their lead, and nobody else will really complain vigorously if they're named as champions. Only Man City can catch them, and I feel like even Man City would do the sporting thing and concede it if asked. The PR move with the least risk is to award Liverpool the title. It's an unprecedented situation so the PL can basically make it up as they go, and they'll be aiming to keep it as fair and reasonable as possible to avoid a massive controversy.
  12. The 1939-40 season was abandoned after 3 games. If we were 3 games into this season a total abandonment would be an obvious choice, fair to everyone, and no club is meaningfully more disadvantaged than any other. It's not nearly as fair when one club has a 25 point gap on top with 9 games to play, mere days away from the title being mathematically confirmed. Imagine if that were us. It's manifestly unfair to Liverpool, way over and above how unfair it is to anyone else in the league and completely not in the spirit of organised sport. It's the league administration equivalent of one of those goals chalked off by VAR because a player who didn't touch the ball had a fraction of a centimetre of a heel offside in the build up play.
  13. That's just one set of terms the season could be cancelled on though. The season did happen. Players scored and assisted goals. Teams won, drew and lost. These things don't just get wiped from the record books. It'll be recorded as a pandemic affected season, not a season that didn't happen at all. They could theoretically decide to freeze the league where it is and rank the clubs from 1-20 on points accrued per game, and then relegate us. I think we'd sue, but they could try that on. They could do any number of things. I don't think they'll void the entire season, I think they'll likely cancel the rest of the fixtures and then made decisions about things like the Champion, European places and relegation (or no relegation) the fairest way they possibly can to avoid angst.
  14. In most seasons i'd agree, but they're 25 points ahead and their nearest rival (the only club who can mathematically catch them) has 30 points to play for. I hate Liverpool as much as anyone but the greatest injustice that could come out of this is that a club in such a dominant position has a rightful title taken away. It'd be awful for the sport. As soon as the rest of the season is officially cancelled (and it will be), Man City should come out and congratulate Liverpool on their title. It's the fair and sporting thing to do. "Voiding" the season is the wrong way of putting it. Are we pretending the games never happened? So games, goals, assists, milestones all stricken from the record? Ridiculous. It's unfair to relegate clubs in the thick of a relegation battle with 10 games left, but the idea that Liverpool shouldn't be given a trophy even if they'd had the league mathematically sewn up? Irrational and silly. They'll already miss out on being able to lift the trophy in front of their fans, but they're the rightful champions and if the rest of the season is cancelled they should be given the title. It'd be totally different if they were 5 points up, but they're 25 points up.
  15. While I think that Liverpool's title is a little tainted, it's only in the sense that they won't get to lift the cup in front of a packed stadium full of their idiot fans. 25 point lead with 9 games to go. Only City can catch them, and the fair and sporting thing to do would be for City to concede if asked.
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