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  1. Running up the score can't be disrespectful when goal difference can be so important. You absolutely shouldn't be celebrating hard once you're a few goals up but it's not disrespectful to try and score a lot.
  2. Yep, this is how I would start us with everyone available. Ramsey hasn't done anything wrong and he's probably the first replacement if any of Buendia/McGinn/Ings/Watkins are out. Dougie being a bit withdrawn allows him to help the defence get in position as the wingbacks go forward. Bailey's speed will make him deadly on crossfield diagonal passes like Ings' beauty to put him in for his goal, and the threat of that should open up defences for Buendia and McGinn to get into. I love this team at the moment. I had my doubts with the 3-5-2 but the performances have been undeniable.
  3. For me it's a red but i'd have accepted a yellow because it was on the halfway line, but for it to not even be a foul is just blatant, undeniable cheating. A handful of players from a couple of teams in the league get away with that.
  4. Yep, this is it for me. Hause headed it into a position where De Gea couldn't save it. De Gea had a clear opportunity to dive at it and was not impeded by Watkins in his dive. What part of it are they arguing that Watkins was interfering with?
  5. Great post. I'm still sad he doesn't play for us because he was my favourite player for years, but at this stage I don't think i'd reverse the sale if given the option. We just seem so much more balanced and exciting as a team and we've still barely seen Bailey or Buendia. He can come back and play for us again once his City contract is up, provided he's prepared to play as a wing back
  6. His pressing is still first rate and it's a huge part of why we're getting on top through the middle of the ground. The goals will come. It's a new system.
  7. We're the best team in the league to watch and we're getting results as well. Couldn't be happier with Smith at the moment. The players are so confident! Wait until we get Bailey back and fit and we get a bit more cohesion over time!
  8. Imagine if someone told us a year ago that we'd be starting a midfield 3 of McGinn, Luiz and Ramsey and they'd be the best midfield we'd had in a decade, bossing Manchester United at their place. Huge credit to all the midfielders and coaches. The effort, bravery and cohesion has been a sight to behold.
  9. Almost a different player this year, so much more confident on the ball and we're really starting to see that passing shine through. Imagine thinking this time last season that we'd be playing a midfield 3 of him, McGinn and Ramsey and it'd be the best performing midfield we've had in a decade.
  10. Because of the way he looks and moves you consider him an effort player, but he's been surprising me all season with his vision and the accuracy and weight of his passing. He's taken an enormous step up this season. Our midfield is the best it's looked in a decade.
  11. I love each and every one of you. What a brilliant, brave performance and after nothing went our way for 80 minutes, the football gods finally smiled down on us. We're such a great team to watch now. We drive forward and take the game on. Threats all over the pitch even with Bailey out. So, so proud of them!
  12. You **** beauty!!!! As soon as slabhead went off we were going to be so much more dangerous. Yes Hause!!!!
  13. They can just manhandle us all they like. Two different sets of rules here.
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