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  1. That won't keep me warm in the middle of a cold, rainy night in Stoke.
  2. I quite like the away but I'd have to see one in person to buy it and that's unlikely over here. The cut and finish looks horrendous.
  3. Thanks for this! I love this kind of stuff. Further to the below, before Aussie Rules started using synthetic guernseys, they were quite a heavy wool (or acryllic imitating wool) fabric, more like a knitted jumper. That lines up with your history of the term guernsey and is probably part of why the term stuck over here. (When I played Aussie Rules as a kid, the first guernseys I wore were acryllic and they were a bloody oven in the early parts of the season that were still quite warm) Also another tidbit, Aussie Rules guernseys are now predominantly sleeveless because players who played in the Ruck position started removing the sleeves from their guernseys a century or more ago. The Rucks will usually be the tallest players from each team and will contest ball ups, where they're required to jump against the opposing ruckman and tap the ball down to the midfielders. Apparently the long sleeves hampered their range of motion, and then that caught on and spread to all positions.
  4. Guernsey seems to be fairly Australian Rules exclusive. Jersey is used in the context of American sports like basketball or gridiron. As I understand it, Australian Rules tops are called guernseys because thats where they originally got the wool to make them 130 odd years ago, and it's stuck.
  5. The bodyfit sounds like the "authentic" jerseys they sell for lots of US sports. It's what the players wear on the pitch. As others have said, it'll be lighter, higher tech fabric, probably rip easier etc. More expensive but there's a market there for it. A retail version needs to be more durable and doesn't need all the extra vents and other tech. I follow the AFL quite closely over in her in Aus and I have a few "player issue" guernseys, which are tighter but stretcher and better cut than the retail versions. Not sure why people are complaining about an option that wasn't previously available to them. No doubt the retails have been slightly different to what the players wear for 15-20 years.
  6. God I hope the kit they put Konsa in for his reveal is the same shite prototype kit they put Mings in for his, because the cut and finish of the shoulders looks like it was done by an 8 year old. I'll hold off getting one of these until I get a few good reviews about the quality.
  7. Are they though? Because it's the same template Kappa are using for several other teams. Look how many times the same collar and shoulder setup pops up in recent kappa Instagram posts. https://www.instagram.com/kappa_sport/?hl=en Are Fanatics really making a Kappa template kit? What a weird situation we find ourselves in if so.
  8. I generally preference the more classic Villa claret body blue sleeves look, but there was something special about last year's kit. This kit is a bit average in comparison. It's fine, but it's just fine.
  9. Despite all the talk that this was a Fanatics kit with Kappa logos on it, this is definitely on a 2019 Kappa template.
  10. It's a perfectly cromulent Villa kit, nothing too exciting but very nice. Ticks all the boxes.
  11. This is interesting because it's clearly the same template as the leaked training kits, but I've been led to believe our stuff is designed and produced by Fanatics with Kappa signing off and having a logo slapped on. Or is that just the kits? And Kappa does the training range? Or is Kappa doing everything and Fanatics just handle the distribution?
  12. Someone is going to die very quickly in that bare knuckle garbage. What a stupid, dangerous idea.
  13. I'm sure Luke had a say in the design of the kit last season, he just would have been working with Fanatics in house designers to ensure they could achieve his vision. I'm sure it will be the same with Kappa. Am I wrong?
  14. I really hope they do X-Men in a different timeline or different universe or whatever. I'd hate for them to compromise the backstories of the X-Men characters for the sake of shoehorning them into the current MCU setup. It's bad for both groups and I don't see how even the brilliant team who brought 22 movies together can get another couple of dozen characters in naturally. Also as others have stated, Wolverine needs to be short. He doesn't need to be 5'3 but cast someone like Dave Franco or Scott Caan or Emile Hirsch, who are well under 6'0. It's probably a few years away anyway, as they'll need to give the current X-Men movies some time to breathe and be forgotten before they start their own.
  15. I'm guessing this was about how he ended up back in Bournemouth still wearing his Villa kit

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