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  1. How we can be fighting a relegation battle and still put up a first half performance like that is mind boggling. I've been a big supporter of Smith, but that's just inexcusable again. Hopeless.
  2. We're 1 f***en point above the relegation zone late in the season and we f***en don't show up for the first 10 minutes. Diabolical.
  3. Then they have to comply with a modified FFP, I guess. It wouldn't necessarily need to be an entire years, because a club will continue to receive revenue from operating despite an owner disappearing, but there'd need to be a formula. I'm certainly not suggesting we throw out any sort of protections to stop dangerous owners bankrupting clubs, I just don't like the current system which protects exactly nobody and doesn't allow clubs to spend money they can very easily afford to spend. We're a perfect example. We were almost insolvent under Xia to the point where the club's entire existence was under threat, and that was despite apparently complying with FFP. Now we're at risk of getting relegated because our spending is limited, which could cost us hundreds of millions of pounds if we go down and can't get back up. How is that protecting us?
  4. I'd even go as far as requiring owners to set up a trust account with a certain percentage of wage and transfer fees owing over the next 12 months, so that if the owner disappears and stops investing, the club can still get through to the next summer transfer window without being unable to pay players and staff. There has to be some way of investing your own money in a business you own though. It's ludicrious that we can have the 3rd richest owners in the Premier League and be at risk of being relegated because we weren't allowed to spend. If we get relegated, it will cost us tens of millions of pounds, doing far more damage to our finances than any sort of spending would do. It's a broken system.
  5. Their stance on the matter suggests they've been arguing against FFP for a number of years. UEFA being legislator, investigator, judge jury and executioner on this has been unfair and it'll be interesting to see how the CAS see it. I personally think it's manifestly unfair to have a competition with such a great correlation between spending and success, and then artificially stopping clubs spending when those clubs can easily afford to do so. If it were really protecting clubs from themselves that'd be one thing, but it's not, and it's not designed to. Look at Bury.
  6. Nobody likes the rules though. They're objectively bad rules that need to be changed for the good of football. Someone is bound to challenge them and win eventually. Remember, if we fall foul of FFP we'll have fans of other teams gleefully wishing us to be relegated and calling us cheats because we tried to overhaul our squad so we could stay up. Better that a club with Man City's financial backing goes after the system first.
  7. I think there was plenty to like about today against quality opposition, but we defend like it's a meaningless dead rubber and not a key game in a relegation battle. That will catch up with us if we don't sort it out.
  8. What was the alternative to "signing up", just curiously? Not playing in Europe? Not playing in the Premier League? Is that really a reasonable thing for them to be expected to forego? The laws are unjust. They "signed up" because their was no reasonable alternative but to do so.
  9. They lied and creatively accounted to get around an unjust set of rules that shouldn't exist in the form that they do. A set of rules specifically designed to stop a club like Man City being successful at the expense of the long term established European giants. They cheated the system, but it's the system in this case which is dirty, not the club trying to navigate around it. IMO.
  10. I am content with the Premier League TV money being a thing as long as it's still negotiated as a league and distributed fairly. I'd prefer an equal distribution to all 20 clubs, but I can handle a finishing position based distribution provided we don't enter a situation like in other European leagues where individual clubs negotiate their own TV rights. As soon as the bigger clubs try to take more than their share, they can sod off to their European Superleague.
  11. I posted this in the Man City thread, but I absolutely hate the narrative going around today that Man City are dirty cheats and immoral and deserve a big punishment etc etc etc. I'll hate it even more if we fall foul of FFP and end up in the same boat. Football is spend to win, at every professional level. We have a system in place that tells us that we can't spend more than a certain amount, ostensibly to protect us from ourselves, so we don't overspend and end up going bust. That's how the system was sold to us, but it's not how it works. Bury were able to accrue debt they couldn't pay and get expelled from the Football League because of it, despite FFP being in place. Meanwhile Aston Villa and Man City can't spend money that they can easily afford to and that isn't putting their club into debt? Why? Man City have certainly exploited some loopholes, but if they hadn't, they'd have hit the FFP glass ceiling and found the likes of Madrid, Barca and Man Utd buying up all their best players and keeping them below the elite tier of football clubs. How is that fair? What's unfair is this bullshit, unjust system that maintains the status quo and helps nobody.
  12. And this is the thing, we've apparently been very close to falling foul of this ourselves, and for what? We're one of the biggest clubs in England and we can't buy our way out of the Championship because of arbitrary limits on what we can spend despite being easily able to afford it. A lot of the commentary around Man City today has been as if they are immoral, "cheats" etc, for spending their own money in what is a generally a pay to win industry. But that's totally unfair. What's unfair is that if they didn't find these loopholes, clubs like Real Madrid or their crosstown rivals could just swoop in and tap up and buy their best players because they are more established in the footballing elite and as such have higher revenues. And you know what, if we fall foul of FFP over the next year or two, people will be clambering all over the place to call us cheats and call for us to have points deducted and transfer bans and huge fines and automatic relegations etc etc, and for what? Because the owners of our football club wanted to invest and improve us? Now we're "cheats"? It's absolute bollocks. It's criminal. We're in a competition that favours the teams that spend the most and we're actively stopped from spending money we could easily afford to for no good reason. At the other end of the scale you've got a club like Bury getting wound up and expelled from the Football League because of debts they were able to accrue under FFP but not pay. That's the system that we're in right now. There's very little protection for clubs that get themselves into trouble. All the protection is for the top end of town.
  13. Ultimately whatever Man City have done or what they deserve, we need to move past the schadenfreude of seeing them go down and rally behind getting the FFP rules changed. If we ever want to see the Villa lift a Premier League trophy again, we have to destroy the glass ceiling that is FFP in it's current state.
  14. They've lied about their sponsorship deals because of bullshit rules designed to prevent an upstart club like Man City from muscling in on the long established European Giants. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of Manchester City or state owned football, but these rules aren't designed to stop the mega rich, they're designed to protect the existing mega rich at the expense of everyone else. It's worth seeing Man City fight this and win to get these unjust rules changed.
  15. I hope they fight it and tear the whole bullshit system down. They're the most financially sound club in Europe. The fact that they are falling foul of these rules while other clubs are allowed to rack up astronomical debts is insane.
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