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  1. The VT Baby club

    We have our 20 week scan on Saturday morning. It's a mixture of nerves and excitement, you just want everything to be normal and okay. I can feel the baby moving around quite obviously from the outside at this point, it's wonderful. The missus is really starting to show, and aside from being pretty tired she's doing really well.
  2. World Cup 2022: Qatar

    Not if qualifying is complete and you haven't qualified. Plus all the sponsorship dollars and money that is made in the qualifying without actually having to go to Qatar, which is the real problem here.
  3. John Terry

    You can either complain about outrageous wages and be shit or pay them and have a chance i'm afraid.
  4. World Cup 2022: Qatar

    Teams would be better of boycotting as late as possible, because there's still a significant chance that it's moved. You'd feel silly if you boycotted early and then the tournament was moved.
  5. WWE: General Chat

  6. The Thread of Dreams

    I don't recall any recent dreams, although my missus did tell me that I was talking quite extensively about Darth Vader and Chewbacca in my sleep the other night. I stopped before she could get her phone out to record.
  7. The ISIS threat to Europe

    It's just further evidence that ISIS are targetting for recruitment the most vulnerable, pathetic people in society who have nothing else going for them, because if they had anything else going for them they'd be capable of killing at least 1 person in an attack. What a shit effort. Imagine all that time building yourself up to commit a terrorist attack and being the only person that is injured or dies. Great work to the Police and soldiers for putting down the threat and the civilians who brought this to their attention and helped avoid any casualties.
  8. Life After Death?

    I sort of apply Pascal's Wager but in the opposite direction. We have no idea what happens after we die. I personally believe that there is nothing at all after death. But even if there is some form of afterlife, we don't know whether how we behave in this life has anything to do with it, so why spend your life worrying about it? Live life to the fullest now because it's the only life you can be sure that you'll have.
  9. World Cup 2022: Qatar

    What might finally bring FIFA down properly is all the major countries boycotting this tournament on ethical and safety concerns. I'd hope as we get closer to 2022, a few big name teams do the right thing and boycott, and then the rest follow.
  10. Transfer Speculation Summer 2017

    Absolutely for signing Terry. He's played most of his career as a leader in an exceptionally successful Chelsea outfit. That sort of leadership and experience could be absolutely massive in our chances of going up this season.
  11. All New Funny Pics Thread - Clean Edition

    I am a left winger who would consider Men's Rights Activists to be the absolute worst pocket of humanity but jesus christ what a pack of raving lunatics those women are.
  12. General Election 2017

    Go and get your name ticked off but fail to fill out the paperwork correctly. That could be anything from not filling it out at all to drawing an enormous penis to my personal favourite, drawing your own box, writing Steve Waugh next to it and putting a 1 in the box.
  13. General Election 2017

    It's also why the campaigns urging people to vote are so important. People that don't vote or vote informally are much more likely to be young people, and young people are much more likely to vote progressively. Something like 3,000,000 eligible people don't vote properly every Australian federal election. That's 3,000,000 out of 17,000,000 eligible people who either aren't enrolled, don't turn up or vote informally. The vast majority of those people are young or low on the socioeconomic scale, both groups who are more likely to vote left of centre. The youth don't have to be particularly passionate, they just have to vote. Last Australian election I spent weeks on facebook sharing things like VoteCompass and telling people if they don't care enough to pay attention, take a 5 minute quiz then vote for whoever the test tells you to vote for. Next election, don't tell people who to vote for, just tell them to vote properly for whoever they like. If everybody votes, the entire Political landscape moves significantly left.
  14. General Election 2017

    Yep. I reckon you'd find if you held the election again a week later Labour would do even better. This is absolutely a real thing that happens. Lots of the "i'll vote informal/won't vote because my vote wont count" types would actually vote properly if they realised how much their vote might actually matter.
  15. General Election 2017

    Minority governments are always a disaster for whoever ends up in charge because it's incredibly difficult to get anything done or keep any of your election promises. We had the same issue recently in Australia under the Gillard Labor government. Corbyn might actually be well served to not fight May particularly hard on this one, watch the Conservatives totally implode as May desparately clings to power, then set up a vote of no confidence (or whatever other mechanisms there are to force an election in the UK) and win the subsequent election in a landslide, where real change will be able to be made.