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  1. Completely agree with this. Nobody wants to see the Liverpool one called offside, and if it had been called offside in the pre-VAR era and the goal chalked off, all the discussion during the week would have been how badly the lino got it wrong. I absolutely hate this type of VAR offside and I completely agree that when it's that close, different people drawing the lines could get different results. I don't want goals scored against us chalked off in this manner because I don't want us to lose a goal in the same manner next week, and there seems to be one of these every week or two. O
  2. We've been excellent in defence and he's been a huge part of it, and he's handy going forward as well. An absolutely superb signing, great to see him rewarded for his effort with a new contract
  3. This one makes me so angry. He's not even in a position to play the ball because he's run so far off his line to tangle his legs with Cash's and generate the contact. Spurs fans in that Twitter thread are arguing he was trying to drag the ball back, but when you're trying to drag the ball back you don't take 5 steps past it. He senses that Cash is going for the block and goes as hard as he can for contact and a penalty. If you want diving out of the game, you don't reward players for this sort of thing. It's so far past making the most of contact or going down a bit easily.
  4. I think Lingard is a clearing in the woods as much as the next person, but you can't ignore that sort of form. He's been absolutely amazing for West Ham. 6 goals and 3 assists in 8 games. If he continues that sort of form for the rest of the season he can't really be left out. Jack will be in the squad unless he misses the rest of the season, he also can't be ignored.
  5. Absolutely horrendous, hard to believe it's not intentional cheating by the ref given it was reviewed by VAR. Vid from twitter
  6. Chuffed for him. He's been everything we were promised so far and this was only a matter of time.
  7. The lines can never be done consistently well. Too many variables. We're now getting an offside every week that wouldn't have been called before VAR was brought in. It sucks. Just get rid of them and do it by the eyesight of the referee in charge of the game by watching the play back through at a couple of angles. If he or she can't see a clear offside, it's not offside.
  8. Another insanely stupid VAR sequence in the Dortmund Sevilla game. Haaland scored from a tight angle only for the goal to be chalked off so that Dortmund could be awarded a penalty from 2 passages of play earlier. Imagine having a goal YOU scored chalked off so YOU can be given a penalty! Haaland hit the post with the penalty, only for the keeper to be judged to be off his line, and Haaland scored on the second attempt. Bizarre.
  9. The problem isn't video replays to help the referee, it's the way it's used and all the rules surrounding it. VAR was pitched as a way to stamp out howlers, and I guess it does that, but it spends the rest of the time sucking the fun out of top level football. Just simplify it as much as possible. If VAR thinks there's a potential error, the on field ref who originally made the decision gets to see the same thing again, at normal speed, from a few different angles, once from each angle. He or she can then make a call one way or the other. No forensic slow motion replays. No over
  10. Good. I can't believe the rule was written that way in the first place. How could they not have foreseen the exact scenario from the Fulham disallowed goal? They've had a goal chalked off because a player had the audacity to have an arm and was holding it in exactly the position he's told to to avoid a handball. As usual it's a smaller club in a relegation battle getting stooged. Can you imagine if this had happened to Manchester United or Liverpool?
  11. His arm was as against his body as it possibly could have been and it was smashed into him at close range. That's the worst chalked off goal i've ever seen. This is the first i've ever heard of a "mandatory handball" call and it's a very dumb blanket rule for situations exactly like this. If that got called against Manchester United they'd declare a national emergency. I feel absolutely sick for them in a relegation battle to have been cost a point in that manner.
  12. The biggest problem I have with football is how players treat referees. I'd be handing out yellows left right and centre for even the smallest levels of dissent. The group of wildly gesticulating professional footballers surrounding the ref demanding a decision 8 times a match is a shocking look and absolutely contributes to how the average fan sees referees. Mic refs up and hand out yellows for even the most gentle dissent from anyone other than the captain. The entire culture of how players treat referees has to change at every level of the game. No other sport allows that absolute garb
  13. That Llorente rolling around is ridiculous, reminiscent of Neymar at the World Cup. Have some dignity ffs
  14. I think he's absolutely vital with Grealish out, but as others have said we need to have the support behind him. Having him and Elmo down one side with a midfield including Barkley probably isn't the way to go.
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