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  1. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I won't spoil anything until most of you have seen it but it was amazing. Really different from anything that has come before it. If TFA was too reminiscent of ANH, this isn't like anything else. Go see it.
  2. Villa and FFP

    I'm actually fine with teams getting around the FFP rules because I think they're total bullshit. I just hope we do the same, and when this is eventually challenged properly it collapses.
  3. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I'm all for it given that i've booked in to get a Star Wars tattoo next month! I have my first ever midnight screening ticket for Thursday at 12.01 and I can't wait. There are no reviews out yet but the initial reactions are building it up enormously.
  4. Cricket: General Chat

    A bit ugly for your blokes at Adelaide Oval at the moment, so have a read of this: Jonny Bairstow blown away by gift of dead father's old gloves
  5. FA Cup 3rd round draw

    If you could bet on this, Man U at Old Trafford would be unbackably short
  6. World Cup 2018: Russia

    Yeah there really isn't a super tough group. I guess that's what happens when so many big teams miss out.
  7. The Game's Gone

    The National Rugby League over here has had a huge hit over several years with one-off superhero based jerseys (apparently from both DC and Marvel) which have sold to kids like hotcakes. I assume this is the A-League trying to capture the same sort of market, but i've heard nothing on Star Wars themed shirts.
  8. The Game's Gone

    I follow Australian Rules footy over here and you always get the same "Oh it's a non-contact sport and they spend half their time rolling around on the ground" that i'm sure you get from rugby supporters. Every time I hear it, I can't help but fantasize about playing football against that person and kicking the stuffing out of them all game. I played years of both sports and getting body-tackled never hurt as much as getting kicked or slide-tackled hard in the shins/ankles/feet.
  9. Say something that smells bad, like a turd

    I'm a police officer and i've been to a few fairly decomposed dead bodies, but the one thing that stands out to me is rotting onions from my days working at a fruit and veg wholesaler. I have a strong stomach but I just couldn't get near it without dry retching.
  10. The Game's Gone

    Two things that I absolutely hate about modern football 1. Financial Fair Play. The big clubs lock in the glass ceiling and the never ending gravy train of CL football, and everyone else golf claps it in as being good for the game. The fact that Dr Tony can't invest in our club without having to be creative with his accounting is ridiculous. I absolutely agree that clubs shouldn't be able to be saddled with debt, but the current system is awful. 2. The loan system. It's absolute bullshit that a club like Chelsea can get around FFP by having 80 players on the books with 50 of them out on loan. There needs to be a cap on the amount of players you can have out on loan. I'm fine with football being all about wallet size for the most part. There is really no way around that given the amount of money in the game. What I don't like is the massive advantages given to rich clubs to entrench themselves ahead of the chasing pack.
  11. Villa and FFP

    Couldn't agree more. FFP doesn't even stop clubs from going under, it's just a big glass ceiling for just about every club of every size. It's a horrendous thing that i'd love to see a group of clubs band together and challenge.
  12. Ross McCormack

    The A League is unwatchable Sunday League standard trash.
  13. Spurs

    I just miss it being an actual discussion about who was the better club. We were neck and neck with them for a few seasons there and even looked like we might leave them in our wake.
  14. Catalonia Independence

    The violence shown by Police was absolutely disgusting. It was also so stupid politically that I could almost believe the riot police were actors hired by the seperatist movement to curry favour. They've drawn the sympathy of the entire world to Catalonia and it's plight, as well as making the Spanish government look like an oppresive monster. If you're ignoring the vote, why not just ignore the vote?
  15. The retro gaming thread!

    My missus got me a SNES classic, absolutely love it! It's amazing how 20 years later, I still remember all the tricks and secret little hidey holes from Donkey Kong Country. Really hope they do a N64 Classic, Mariokart 64 remains the greatest pickup and play multiplayer game of all time.