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  1. Pokémon GO

    I only need a few more pokemon before i've caught everything available in Australia from Gen 1, so having Gen 2 Pokemon to catch in the mean time makes it a lot more enjoyable. It was a sorely needed update.
  2. Tony Xia

    If you'd said at the start of the season we'd have a tough start but then we'd get Steve Bruce in and spend heavily on well regarded players, and that Kodjia would become a fairly prolific scorer, i'd assume we were right in the thick of the promotion race. Dr Tony has done everything we could have possibly asked for when we were in the depths of despair under Lerner. He's absolutely faultless in this IMO.
  3. Steve Bruce

    I felt like a right f***wit for defending him this week as I sat through that horrendous performance. God we are a f***ing joke of a club at the moment, even with a good owner who is willing to invest and has done so we're getting played off the park by Barnsley at home.
  4. Biggest lesson you've learned?

    Life is incredibly short. Don't settle for being 6/10 happy. Take chances and if you're not happy, change things. Change everything if you have to. When you're old and you've been unhappy for 5 decades, you're regret the shit out of worrying to much to make a big life decision. Your life can change very quickly if you know what you want and you're prepared to put all of yourself into it
  5. What's wrong at Villa?

    I think overall we've made some really good moves since Dr Tony took over. I think Bruce was the right move. I think most of our signings have been good moves. But you can't basically turnover and entire football department from the manager to most of the squad to the boot studder and expect it to click straight away. It's tough to be patient now as a Villa fan because we were patient with Lerner and he led us further and further into the mire. We were patient with Lambert and he left us with both sides broken. But we've made positive moves. We've brought in talented players and we have a manager who knows what it takes to advance from this very difficult league. We were absolutely destroyed as a football club. It took years and years of mismanagement to get us where we were. It's not going to be repaired in a few months, even with that sort of investment. We need to consolidate this year and launch next year.
  6. Steve Bruce

    We've had an enormous turnover in personnel throughout the club. It'll always take time for the club to settle. I'm definitely inclined to give Bruce some time.
  7. WWE: General Chat

    I really enjoyed the Rumble overall. I hadn't seen much WWE in the past few months, but they clearly are still sticking their fingers in their ears and ignoring that Reigns is the least over wrestler in the history of wrestling. He's a terrible character and a terrible wrestler, and they know that because they put him in at 30 where his terrible wrestling would have the least impact. He's at the point now where he'd have to either go away for a bit and come back with a totally different character, or do an enormous screwjob heel turn. The fans just boo the shit out of everything he does. Disappointed to see Cena win but that's WWE for you.
  8. Jacob Bedeau

    Loved his work as the Canadian PM, seems like a great fit for us.
  9. Tennis: General Chat

    What a moment in sport really. That was up there with anything.
  10. The push for the Play offs ?

    And i've been telling all my mates that i'm finally enjoying being a Villa fan again because a 0-4 drubbing would be an unthinkable disaster instead of par for the course against midtable opposition. I'd like to go straight up, but this has been my favourite season as a Villa fan since MON left.
  11. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I actually want another large spherical planet destroying battlestation and I want a dark side force user to rub his hands together with glee about how those pesky resistance fighters wont stop them this time.
  12. Pokémon GO

    I still just play when i'm walking the dogs. I'm close to an Alakazam which will be my 140th unique pokemon. I've only hatched a Smoochem out of the new baby Pokemon so far. They had a special over the new year where starter pokemon were spawning everywhere, and I got a blastoise, so i'm getting closer to having everything they've released from Gen 1. They really need to do something about the legendary birds and mewtwo
  13. West Ham

    I rate that goal higher than either of the scorpions. What an absolutely gorgeous move, perfect connection into the top corner.
  14. Chinese football

    This happens in every sport. I had my growth spurt early and was probably a foot taller than everyone else when I was 12 or 13, so I was absolutely dominant at everything. Then everyone caught up to me in height and they'd all developed a lot more skill than I had by having to counter the fact that I was so much bigger stronger and faster than them. Ideally, if you have kids who you want to be great sportsmen, you want them to be midgets until late in their teens and then shoot up 2 feet IMO.