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  1. Pokémon GO

    Just evolved my magicarp thanks to the water pokemon special and i'm not at the same point! Pretty satisfying. My only regret is spending a week in Hawaii several months back and not getting a Tauros. I have a little one on the way so probably no other overseas travel for me anytime soon. I do have an excess of Kangaskhans. Hopefully they introduce trading for the locality based pokemon
  2. Pokémon GO

    According to an update today you will now get an upgrade item on a 7th day pokestop.
  3. Steve Bruce

    Game by game, nobody is arguing that we should be satisfied with performances. Shit, toothless losses against bad sides where we play shit football is really frustrating and it should be frustrating to everyone who has a vested interest in the club. HOWEVER, I'm able to separate that post loss frustration from my feelings about where the club is going long term. Losing is NEVER okay, but i'm realistic enough to know that we'll lose some games and that will frustrate me, but under Xia we'll continue to improve as time goes on. Someone else posted last page that Man City finished 10th the first season after their takeover and going hard at the transfer market. They probably lost a lot of frustrating games that year as well. It takes time and effort to go from a place where winning every week isn't expect to one of the top clubs in Europe. Similarly with us, we went into half the games last season expecting to lose by multiple goals, and that negativity and lack of belief filtered right throughout the club. It doesn't disappear in one offseason. I'll be as pissed off about a shit performance as anybody, but I don't think the answer to shit performances at this stage is to throw the baby out with the bathwater and sack the coach and start again.
  4. Pokémon GO

    I got a Sunstone today and upgraded a Sunkern. Are you guys still getting nothing in terms of special items? I also finally got a Weezing, so I've moved Magicarp to buddy and I need to walk about 60km until I have all the Australian available Pokemon from gen 1
  5. Worthy GIFs 2017

    That's a doll right?
  6. Steve Bruce

    If we sacked Bruce now we'd be looking for our 6th permanent manager in just over 2 years. At what point do we stop and realise that the performances and inconsistency aren't all down to the manager? We'll avoid relegation at this point barring disaster, so let's just let the dust settle on what has been an incredibly tumultuous couple of years for our football club and see if we start heading in the right direction.
  7. Steve Bruce

    I know it's not a perfect example, but Ranieri didn't get Leicester into the PL. They toiled away for a bit under Pearson and built themselves up before getting the right manager in place. Unless Dr Tony is going to spend Chelsea or Man City money (and he can't with FFP), we're going to need to build slowly and sustainably. We've turned over the staff and we've made good signings, and we've grabbed a decent manager who has gotten teams out of the Championship before. It's all about a culture change now. Our culture took half a decade to break down under Lerner and it might take half a decade to be repaired. A bit of stability will help that enormously.
  8. Steve Bruce

    As opposed to Newcastle who are going to win the Championship and go straight back up. We've got the potential to absolutely dwarf Newcastle, but we're certainly not there yet, and talking about how big a club we are all the time is probably part of the reason the likes of Stoke, Swansea and West Brom have been better clubs than us for half a decade. We need to get our collective heads out of the clouds because there's work that needs to be done on the ground and we have to put in the groundwork if we want to build back to our rightful place at the top of football. In the context of what I was speaking about, demanding a world class manager because "We're a big club" is pointless and embarrassing.
  9. Steve Bruce

    Here's the thing. In 2017, we're not a bigger club than Newcastle. I know it will hurt to hear it but the only people who think we're a bigger club than Newcastle right now are our own supporters. We haven't won a trophy in more than 20 years and we're playing in the Championship. Bruce was the best available manager who was willing to manage a Championship side. We aren't going to be able to attract a Champions League quality manager in our current state and it's alarmingly unrealistic to think we can until we're at least in the Premier League. The amount of managers we've gone through in the past couple of seasons make us an even less attractive prospect. Bruce is capable of getting us to the Premier League. He's done it before with a lot less backing than he has now. Let's give him a couple of seasons to build. Just assuming it will happen because we've historically been a big club is why Leeds haven't been in the Premier League for 13 years. They've averaged a new manager every year in that time. Unless a superstar manager is available and is willing to manage us, we need to trust that we've got a guy who can get us to the Premier League and back him in.
  10. Steve Bruce

    Continuing the revolving door of managers isn't going to see us improve. You need time to build something, and Bruce knows how to get to the Premier League from this division. It certainly wont just happen because "we're Aston Villa, we're a big club". Nobody else gives a shit about how big a club we are. It will happen because we choose the right manager and back him in over the long terms More importantly, Bruce doesn't have to be the manager that we win the Champions League with. We're not going to attract a truly world class manager while we're in the Championship and turning over managers like nobody's business. Our club is recovering from being utterly broken from top to bottom. Bruce is capable of getting us out of this division, and when he does we'll give him a run at the Premier League and then move him on if he's not suitable
  11. Pokémon GO

    I got another Metal Coil today and I already have a Scizor and a Steelix. Sounds like you guys just might have to move to Adelaide.
  12. UFC/Pride/MMA

    I don't know a whole heap about combat sports but weight cutting is so stupid and dangerous. Just make them stand on the scales in the ring 5 seconds before they fight.
  13. Pokémon GO

    Sounds like I have been lucky. My missus has only had 1 but plays a lot less than me, and my workmate who is a level 30 has had 3.
  14. Pokémon GO

    I've had 4 of the special items since Gen 2 was released, so that's about 2 per week. In fairness if they weren't rare, there'd be no point having them at all. I've managed to get a Slowking, a Steelix and a Scizor, with a dragon scale in my inventory waiting for enough Horsea candy. I have a couple of pokemon that are waiting for a special item.
  15. Pokémon GO

    I reckon they waited a bit too long to release the 2nd generation. Releasing the legendaries is something that might lure back people who had given up, then ideally they'll keep playing to catch the gen 2 pokemon