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  1. Pokémon GO

    I still just play when i'm walking the dogs. I'm close to an Alakazam which will be my 140th unique pokemon. I've only hatched a Smoochem out of the new baby Pokemon so far. They had a special over the new year where starter pokemon were spawning everywhere, and I got a blastoise, so i'm getting closer to having everything they've released from Gen 1. They really need to do something about the legendary birds and mewtwo
  2. West Ham

    I rate that goal higher than either of the scorpions. What an absolutely gorgeous move, perfect connection into the top corner.
  3. Chinese football

    This happens in every sport. I had my growth spurt early and was probably a foot taller than everyone else when I was 12 or 13, so I was absolutely dominant at everything. Then everyone caught up to me in height and they'd all developed a lot more skill than I had by having to counter the fact that I was so much bigger stronger and faster than them. Ideally, if you have kids who you want to be great sportsmen, you want them to be midgets until late in their teens and then shoot up 2 feet IMO.
  4. FIFA

    The issue we had was that we'd absolutely walk the Oceania qualifiers to the point where you could pick 11 Australian men at random and we'd still get through to that playoff, and then all of a sudden we're in a cut throat playoff against a battle hardened side who has been playing against world class opposition in the lead up. Moving to Asia balances that out a bit. With 48 teams getting picked, we're getting a spot every world cup regardless.
  5. FIFA

    It's actually easier with 8.5 sides getting in from Asia, because in Oceania we could drop a cutthroat game to NZ and be done. We'll get in every single time with 8.5 places. Our qualifying standards will be a lot lower now, which will defeat our original purpose of moving to Asia, which was to have to play more important games against quality opposition.
  6. The refereeing crisis

    An incorrect challenge costing a substitution is a great idea! I'd still only limit challenges to 1 incorrect one a game though. I think cricket overdoes it a bit at the moment, and the challenge should be saved for howlers. As for when the appeal is made, i'd suggest play can be stopped instantly after a penalty is initially waved away, but it's a free kick to the opposition if the challenge is turned down. If you combine that with losing a substitution and losing your only challenge, it's not going to be used to slow the game down very often.
  7. WWE: General Chat

    Cesaro could not be more overdue for a main event push. Amazing performer, the crowd always get behind him.
  8. The refereeing crisis

    This is an excellent idea. It's worked wonders in cricket and tennis and has become a normal part of those sports at the highest level. There's absolutely no reason why it couldn't be implemented in football for cards and penalties. I also hate in football that players are allowed to surround the ref and get in his face. That shouldn't be allowed. Yellow for anyone who accosts the ref in that manner, anything a player needs to say to the ref should go through the captain.
  9. Star Wars: Disney Era

    I don't find Boba Fett very interesting, but he's a certainty to get a spin off at some point. I'd probably be most keen to see some more Jedi getting around and completing missions etc prior to the clone wars. The most interesting thing for me about the prequels was Qui Gon and Obi Wan being sent out to deal with the trade federation. Surely there are plenty of stories along those lines starring Jedis we haven't heard about yet that could include cameos from Yoda and even Mace Windu.
  10. Star Wars: Disney Era

  11. Star Wars: Disney Era

    Just saw it this morning, my thoughts:
  12. Pokémon GO

    Just in case anyone was wondering, your Santa hat Pikachu will keep it's hat when you evolve it.
  13. Game of the Year 2016

    Pokemon Go or Civ 6. Special mention to Pro Evo for finally getting their shit together and making an excellent football game.
  14. "Political Correctness"

    Exactly. The right wing (especially alt-right) idea of championing free speech and free expression of ideas completely falls apart once it's turned back on them. When Milo Yiannopoulos was banned from twitter, his followers were absolutely foaming at the mouth that his right to free speech had been taken away, and refused to grasp that Twitter had every right as a business to express themselves by denying use of their service to someone who they considered bad for business. Free speech means you can say whatever you like and not be criminally prosecuted for it. Free speech does not mean that when you're being a word removed, people aren't allowed to call you a word removed.
  15. U.S. Politics

    I don't have an issue with Trump losing the popular vote, and I don't even really have an issue with the electoral college system provided it's regularly updated to be a proper representation of the people. But I do have an issue with the lack of a preference system. A preference system would almost certainly see more independant candidates run and put a lot more pressure on the major parties to be representative of the people.