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  1. Yep, agree with this. I certainly don't expect the PL to bend over backwards to fit us back in at a time that suits us, it'll be when it fits for the league.
  2. Such a weird set if circumstances but I'm so, so proud and absolutely chuffed for the lads. Called upon with basically no warning and then fed to the best team in the world, to perform like that is amazing. 4-0 would have been great as well but what a fantastic Villa moment for us to score that goal. Absolutely terrific ball through and a finish that Kane or Vardy would be pleased with. Buzzing.
  3. There's no humiliation here, not even if they lose 20 nil. Just keep running all day and enjoy the experience.
  4. Liverpool fielding half their starters. lol. Good luck lads, enjoy it out there today!
  5. The Premier League have set a standard as to what happens, it would be manifestly unfair to make us play a premier league fixture when other clubs haven't had to when COVID affected, including games that would have been against us. I think the FA Cup is a different kettle of fish because the competition can't advance if certain games aren't played. The Premier League can absolutely reschedule.
  6. Given Klopp wants the rest anyway, can we just play our under 10s vs their under 10s?
  7. Not good news, especially with potential long term health effects. Fingers crossed everyone is okay. I expect we'll be expected to field a team or forfeit given the fixture congestion.
  8. I find the worst fans usually aren't fans from the absolute top teams, but from teams from the rung below who have previously been successful but have fallen off their perch. Australia is a bit different obviously but for most of my life, Liverpool fans were absolutely unbearable. Everywhere, and just whiny and entitled. Since they've won the league I find they've calmed down a lot because they haven't had to shout from the rooftops about how good they are every 5 seconds, the football speaks for itself. Arsenal fans are probably the ones that shit me the most at the moment.
  9. My experience on Twitter is that a lot of the Manure fan narrative has shifted from "He's not worth that much, we should offer £20mil and Lingard?" To "Just pay the £90mil or whatever they want." I wouldn't sell him for any amount that is likely to be offered. He trusted the manager and owners and he's getting rewarded at the moment. Starting for England and right amongst it in the league, with nobody to fear.
  10. Just get rid of the stupid measurement lines. 90% of VAR complaints stem from those stupid lines and how they're used. If the ref can't pick it definitively on a freezeframe of the replay, it's not offside.
  11. Man Utd winning the title this year is the worst possible scenario. Their fans need to taste it and then have it snatched away from them for a few years at least, hopefully forever. I still think Man City and Liverpool will be better over the journey. Liverpool fans are pretty bad in Australia but it's not like another Liverpool title will make them any worse. They are also a pretty likeable side overall with players and a coach you don't mind doing well.
  12. I have the most uninformed nonsense answer for this because i've never been to Birmingham, but a few years ago Greene King IPA was our beer sponsor, and it was also on tap at my local English pub which was staggering home distance away from my sharehouse, so i've probably drunk more Greene King IPA than anything else while watching us.
  13. I think he's an great impact sub with that left foot if we're throwing the kitchen sink at a late winner or equaliser. I don't really see a regular role for him though going forward. He's been great for us over the last few seasons but I think we've left him behind a little bit. If he asked to leave I'd let him go with our best wishes. He'd be a fantastic pickup for a Championship side and might even get a gig at a newly promoted side or something similar.
  14. No doubt we'll have that part of the arm measured as being offside in the 2nd half.
  15. Ref has been absolutely shocking. Great to see VAR is here to pick up clear and obvious errors like a defender elbowing the ball in the box. Love VAR. What a great system well designed and executed.
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