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  1. ThunderPower_14

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    No need to apologise at all. We weren't really given the opportunity to speak with him normally. My number 1 rule at any sort of job is to always get both sides of the story, because every story we're told has either an emotional vested interest and might not be the whole truth. Regularly at jobs we speak to one seemingly reasonable person who will swear blind that the other party is the problem and causes all the issues, and then you'll speak to the other party and they'll seem just as reasonable and their version of events will be just as reasonable. I approached the car and said something along the lines of "Hey mate, do you have your licence on you?" so that I know who i'm talking to. He was immediately defensive and repeatedly stated that he didn't have to give us his licence, and within about 30 seconds was filming us and commentating to his phone about how overbearing we were being despite just standing there trying to get the guy's details. Over 7 minutes passed between me activating my body worn camera as I got out of the police car and actually making the arrest. 7 minutes is a long time when the discrepancy is only over him refusing to give his details, and throughout the incident I stated to him in very plain language what he needed to do and what the consequences of failing to do it would entail. Given a body worn camera is active and filming the whole incident, it's not going to look very good for me if i'm being overbearing or intimidating, so that 7 minutes is of me calmly repeating the 2 pieces of legislation to him requiring him to provide his details and warning him of the outcome of his failure to do so. In terms of it being in the best interests of those around us, it escalated far past where I initially thought it needed to go, but i'm more than satisfied that my course of action was fair and correct given his behaviour. McDonalds is staffed primarily by teenagers and they need to see that if that sort of behaviour occurs, we'll take action. Once i'm speaking with him, if I back down and leave while he's refused to follow lawful directions i've given to him, i'm sending him the wrong message about his behaviour. As I posted earlier, he had plenty of opportunity over the entire incident to be a bit contrite about the whole thing, but gave me nothing to work with.
  2. ThunderPower_14

    Ever choked on your prejudice?

    I used to be an internet-militant atheist but i'm much more live and let live now. I didn't choke on it so much as stop wasting my time arguing with people who couldn't possibly share my worldview.
  3. ThunderPower_14

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    Further to that, it's in this thread because I really enjoy my job and this was a funny story of a stubborn man who cut off his nose to spite his face. Like any profession, when something funny happens in the course of our work, we're allowed and encouraged to find it funny in an appropriate setting.
  4. ThunderPower_14

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I absolutely don't take it the wrong way, and i'm always happy to explain how i've come to a decision. This one is more about public perception. How does it look to the staff at McDonalds (who have just given my meal at half price, to answer that one), if he carries on at them, throws a tray of ice cream all over the ground and I just drive on by right behind him like I didn't see it? It's a public area and the staff and a couple of other customers have heard the commotion. There is a marked Police car directly behind him. It's literally my job to go and intervene, even for something minor. Even after that, it was my intention to write him a written caution (so effectively nothing) for littering, but his behaviour and refusal to accept any wrongdoing on his part escalated it to the point where he spent a night in the cells. You mention that he likely had some issues, but he didn't. He was of sound mind, well dressed, driving a late model car and working full time. If he hadn't been quite all there i'd have let it go without question, and we deal with intellectual disability and mental health on a daily basis. Today he received was released without further punishment except to pay court costs which will be about $400, or about double the fine i'd have given him if he'd given me his name 10 seconds before he would arrested.
  5. ThunderPower_14

    Paddy's "Things that cheer you up"

    I'm a police officer in Adelaide, and I dealt with the most ridiculous stubborn man yesterday who ended up spending a night in the cells for littering. I was in the McDonalds drive-thru getting a meal, and the driver of the car at the window being served was having some sort of argument with the staff. My partner and I were waiting behind him. Staff member hands him a tray with some soft serve ice cream cones, and he throws the tray out of his driver's window, over his own car and onto the ground in the car park, narrowly missing a few other cars. We can't really let that go right in front of us, so we follow his car away and stop him in the car park. The intention at that point is just to tell him to go and pick the tray up and stop being an idiot, basically. Probably not even worth a littering fine if he's contrite. But this man is not contrite. We hop out and ask him for his identification, and he storms past us, going back to the tray which he picks up and puts in the bin, leaving ice cream still all over the ground. He repeatedly refuses to give us his name or details, or show us his licence. He starts filming us, presumably for social media, and commenting on how we're a cult, repeatedly stating he's done nothing wrong and that we're being unreasonable with him. I can see his driver's licence in the pocket of his phone case. We repeatedly ask him to identify himself, and he hands his phone to his (almost certainly long suffering) wife who is sitting in the car looking annoyed with him and directs her to keep filming us. I advise him that he's legislatively required to give us his details because a) he's the driver of a vehicle on a road and b) we're now investigating an offence that he's the suspect for. He just will not accept that he has to give anything to us and continues to film. After about 7 minutes of this back and forth my patience runs out and we place him under arrest. Now usually in this situation, the penny drops shortly after they've been arrested and they go into apology mode, and that's what we assumed would happen. There is a process where I can release him without charge with a formal caution if he admits to the offence, and given then wildly trivial nature of this arrest that was definitely our plan. But no, he wouldn't admit to throwing the item and he wouldn't admit to failing to state his details, despite us having clear camera footage of both allegations, so no caution and he has to go to court. It gets better, we then start to organise his release on bail, and he refuses to apply, saying that if he's subject to bail conditions (which would literally only be that he was required to go to court on a certain day) then he wouldn't be a "free man", so he decided to exercise his freedom by choosing to spend a night in the cells. Staggering. We had about 8 different officers go through and try to convince him to apply, but he was having none of it. I returned to McDonalds and apparently he'd been quite abusive to the staff, and is a regular abusive customer, so they were all quite amused that he'd be spending a night in the cells because of the incident. It is comfortably the most minor incident i've ever had someone spend the night in the cells for, but he was very insistent. Good fun.
  6. ThunderPower_14

    U.S. Politics

    It absolutely blows my mind that they can just tell 800,000 workers that they won't be getting paid for an indefinite period of time, with half of those expected to work anyway. This is literally a hostage situation.
  7. ThunderPower_14

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    I think i'd absolutely be all over spotify if I were in my teens right now. But ultimately everything I care enough about to listen to a whole album of was released somewhere between 1993 and 2006, and I have all those albums on CD. I still buy the odd CD if something comes out I want to be able to play in my car, but other than that if I want to hear a specific song that I don't have i'll just use youtube.
  8. ThunderPower_14

    Chris Gaughran - AKA Villan4Life

    Get well soon mate!
  9. ThunderPower_14

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I don't think Jackman's portrayal is so iconic that it can't be touched. He's done a great job, but even after Ledger's famed Joker performance, we've had Jared Leto and soon Joaquin Phoenix take on the role. The height is the thing that got me from the comics, Jackman is like 6'2 where as Wolverine is always described as short and nuggety.
  10. ThunderPower_14

    Villa and FFP

    I'm not worried at this point, we just seem to have the right people in place. As others have said, I very much doubt Sawiris, Edens or Purslow get involved if we're teetering on the edge with no way around it.
  11. ThunderPower_14

    18/19 Race for Promotion

    I still feel like we'll more than likely make the playoffs, but the automatic spots are gone bar an insane run of form. Losing Tammy really hurts but we'll still keep scoring, we just need to stop turning leads into 2-2 draws ffs.
  12. ThunderPower_14

    Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Lionel Messi 2018/19

    On the face of it Messi is a better pure footballer but the fact that he's played his entire career for an insanely good Barcelona side built around him with two of the best forwards in the world at any given time playing next to him makes him a bit boring to me. I have more respect for Ronaldo for proving himself for a variety of leagues and despite probably being slightly shaded in footballing talent, his legacy is greater for mine.
  13. ThunderPower_14


    Nunes must have fists like cinderblocks, you could tell Cyborg was rocked from really early on and just couldn't recover. An incredibly dominant win.
  14. ThunderPower_14

    Lovre Kalinić

    He'll absolutely go straight in. If he wasn't going straight in we wouldn't have scouted a goalkeeper and bought one.
  15. ThunderPower_14

    Things that piss you off that shouldn't

    Nothing wrong with a bit of arguing and venting after a loss or rubbing it in after a win, it's what message boards are for. If we all agreed all the time this would be a really boring place. I'm not tactically astute enough with football to really get into it on here, but on the Aussie Rules forum I post on I will definitely go after people who are posting garbage.