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  1. Ratings & Reactions: Cardiff v Villa

    I feel like such an idiot for feeling positive and supporting Bruce all preseason. What a **** dreadful performance.
  2. Pokémon GO

    In South Australia there is a really good community group based on the Discord chat app. It's always pretty easy to get a group going, and I found we could take down a Zapdos with 6 of us. I imagine there would be similar facebook groups in most major cities, but the Discord chat is good because it has different little threads for different areas so it's easy to coordinate. When I caught my Zapdos I was able to get on the Discord group and had 5 people meet me at the nearest shopping centre within about 30 minutes. We did 3 raids together and I caught him on my 3rd one. I have several workmates that play but we hadn't managed to go out and raid in the time that Zapdos had been available so it was cool to be able to get people mobile so quickly.
  3. Worthy GIFs 2017

    Clearly had no beef with the first rider
  4. Obsession with a colour - opinion

    How much does the content of your websites clash? Nobody owns orange, but I guess if you're in direct competition then it's probably iffy from a marketing perspective. Even then it's really all about how it's used, so i'd need to see the websites for context.
  5. Pokémon GO

    Caught Lugia and Moltres in back to back legendary raids yesterday. It was my first catch in 9 Lugia raids but I am 1/1 for Moltres Now just need the Unown to have every Pokemon I can catch in Australia
  6. Pokémon GO

    Oh I also have a shiny magicarp! But it's 10cp, so a lot of levelling to go. I'm using it as my buddy because it's best value for walking distance and I can use rare candies to level up my Tyranitar and Dragonite. I'm hoping to do some more raiding to get a few more Tyranitars in the coming weeks.
  7. Pokémon GO

    If you do raids you win rare candies that can be used for any pokemon. If you do legendary raids you get a lot of rare candies. I did that to finally get my Amphoros, but i've since hatched 2 and i'm back up to 100 Mareep candies. I've had mixed luck with legendary raiding. 3 Articunos, but no luck on Lugia. I've probably done 15-18 legendary raids, so it's quite hard to get the catch, even with a golden razz and an excellent curve throw. It's flat out at the moment, with groups of players getting around to all the legendary raids. It's never too hard to find the 10-12 players you need if you're in a CBD, and chat apps like Discord are a great way to organise with people to meet up. Despite no Lugia, i've gained approximately 500,000XP over the past 2 days with the double XP and legendary raiding.
  8. Pokémon GO

    Anyone still going? I did 5 legendary raids this morning but didn't catch any of them! I feel like i'll need to strike while the iron is hot with these legendaries, while heaps of people are still after them and it's not hard to find a group to go around and raid. It's a totally different game now at the endgame, i'm really enjoying raiding. I have every Pokemon I can catch in Australia now apart from Amphoros, Unown and the 2 legendaries.
  9. Football Kits 2017/8

    Huddersfield away kit there is based on one of their kits from the 90s
  10. Villa and FFP

    Yep. I can't believe that clubs agreed to this hogwash. An absolutely horrible thing to happen to the game. Gone is the ability for a club to rise up the divisions and actually become a big club through hard work. Even when winning the Premier League, Leicester would have been unable to capitalise on it for sustained success even if they'd had Scrooge McDuck money. You simply can't invest in your own future. I'd love us to challenge it through the courts, but unfortunately we're a big enough club for them to use to make a statement without being too big for a serious punishment.
  11. WWE: General Chat

    I hope Rhea Ripley from the Mae Young Classic comes good, she's from Adelaide and I used to go and watch her as Demi Bennett in a small local promotion here all the time. She's definitely got some skills.
  12. If Only For a Week

    Celebrity - The Rock, just because he is probably the most popular person on the planet at the moment. Footballer - Pick any Villa footballer. Probably Kodjia at the moment. Member of a band on tour - Queen, probably Brian May so I could play guitar while Freddie did his thing VT'er - NurembergVillain, mainly for the sports design knowledge. I'm a big sports design nerd. Citizen of a country - The US. I'm a policeman in Adelaide and i'd love to spend a week experiencing the insanity of having to draw your firearm at every 2nd job. "Other half" - As in, who would I pick as my other half for a week? Kate Beckinsale circa 2005 Car to drive - Lamborghini Countach from the mid 80s Anything else, for a week - Steve Smith on for an Ashes test at Lords
  13. Tennis: General Chat

    Did everyone see the fat guy get on court to face a serve from Clijsters in the Ladies doubles exhibition tournament? They dressed him in a white skirt and everything. Hilarious! He even got the first serve back, although it was a blocked short lob.
  14. The "Witton Lane" Boxing Chat Thread

    They should really have scripted these trash talking events. It's cringeworthy.
  15. WWE: General Chat

    Corbin really bores me. If he came along 20 years ago he'd have worn a mask and barely spoke.