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  1. I think he definitely should play, even if it's just off the bench for the first game. He was good in the cup game and we want to keep that momentum up IMO.
  2. What a great ball in and such a finessed finish! Love another scorer on debut!
  3. While I generally agree that loans aren't ideal when you're in the top league, an experienced professional with 200 games of Premier League football under his belt will put us in a better position to buy someone of his quality at the end of the season instead of having to loan. If relegation wasn't still a potential threat I'd prefer we develop our own players, but for now it's important to establish ourselves in the league and he might be worth a position or two on the table.
  4. Given how poor we were from set pieces and our generally smaller attacking line, it's a dream to have a CB who pops up for corners like that. Hopefully it's a skill he can build.
  5. Saving a penalty in a clean sheet has to be the keeper equivalent of a hat trick on debut. What an assured performance!
  6. Genuine pace completely changes how teams defend you. Gabby was ultimately a limited player, but in his prime teams were absolutely terrified of his pace and he burned teams time after time with it. We offered nothing on the counter last year. If Traore can open up space for Watkins and Grealish by pulling defenders out of position, we're a much more dangerous attacking team than we were last year.
  7. I absolutely love Gabby on twitter. Happy to get stuck in and speak his mind, and he's got a more astute football brain than you'd think.
  8. Love having the first team CB partnership wearing 4 and 5, and nice touch to replace the shirts.
  9. Another tap in from the 6 yard box, can't he score some real goals for once? Just a dream to have a player who can finish like this. His positioning and workrate are elite and he buries chances.
  10. Glad Watkins got 11, great result! I'm supportive of annual reshuffles. I like to think the first team should be mostly numbers in the 1-11 range. The last thing you want is some squad filler taking a key number.
  11. Having a lethal poacher with a high workrate will make everyone on the team better at carrying the ball because defenders will be pulled out of position. I hope.
  12. This is so exciting to watch! A genuine poacher type who reads the play well, positions himself well and can finish one touch from all sorts of positions. 26 goals without penalties is spectacular at Championship level. We'd have paid this much for Tammy last year if Chelsea didn't have the transfer ban, and I see this as just as good a signing. Absolutely thrilled. Most exciting signing since what, Carew?
  13. News is just coming out about these horrible stabbing attacks in Birmingham in the city centre. Not too much info yet about how many hurt, but I hope you're all safe!
  14. We're already at that point IMO. Southgate is already having to select demonstrably inferior players and lie about the positions Jack is capable of playing to justify himself. Southgate is living off of a world cup where he beat Tunisia, Panama, Colombia (on pens) and Sweden, and he's carrying on leaving nailed on players out like he's peak Sir Alex Ferguson.
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