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If you were the manager, which team would you manage?


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Had a debate over the following teams yesterday, a mix of past and present players, no changes you can only pick 1, 2 or 3.

Team One 


F.Nelson Southgate Laursen Bouma 

Downing Cowans I.Taylor B.Carbone 

JP.Angel Carew

Team Two 


Mellberg McGrath S.Teale JL.Samuel 

El Ghazi McGinn Merson A.Young 

Saunders S.Milosevic 

Team Three


E.Barrett U.Ehiogu Mings A.Wright 

T.Daley Grealish Milner D.Ginola

D.Atkinson Yorke

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keeper is 3 as much as i like bosnich and schmeichel is an all time great just not for us

defence is 1 based on mellberg being RB and not CB, bouma is the best LB there, laursen probably 2nd best CB, southgate is a dick but he was a good player

midfield is 3 based on jack and milner

attack is 3 mainly because i dont think carew and angel would ever work together but if you put young in team 1 and that makes it a lot harder

so 3 it is

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