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  1. Had a debate over the following teams yesterday, a mix of past and present players, no changes you can only pick 1, 2 or 3. Team One P.Schemical F.Nelson Southgate Laursen Bouma Downing Cowans I.Taylor B.Carbone JP.Angel Carew Team Two Bosnich Mellberg McGrath S.Teale JL.Samuel El Ghazi McGinn Merson A.Young Saunders S.Milosevic Team Three E.Martinez E.Barrett U.Ehiogu Mings A.Wright T.Daley Grealish Milner D.Ginola D.Atkinson Yorke
  2. So do you blame him or the five/six managers who have stuck by him over his career?
  3. Should’ve kept Nathan Baker another season!
  4. I would have played him left-back, but oops I forgot we have world class right footed player in that position! :-)
  5. I have this feeling we will reach the playoff final and he’ll hit winner... Heard it here first!
  6. GavChahal


    Lifelong supporter. So here’s my welcome piece. I don’t think we’ll be easy on the eye this season, but still reckon we’ll sneak automatic promotion. UTV
  7. Wouldn't mind Tom Cleverley on loan for a season, but dont think united would let him.
  8. We have always been possessed with great centre halves - McGrath, Southgate, Ehiogu, Mellberg, Laursen - have good feeling about Vlaar!
  9. Ulysses De la Cruz (Useless) - The Ecuadorian Roberto Carlos!
  10. What was the half, I'm curious? :winkold:
  11. I'd say Caroll is far more limited than Gabby, Caroll is just hyped up player, with the exception of his goal in the Euro's, his first touch and control were shocking! Gabby will do well under Lambert!
  12. I was last season Row A in the Upper, it was decent!
  13. Evening, my first post VT. I think it's the steep prices to sit in the Holte nowadays, that has resulted in the opposite end taking over as noisy end. Your just paying for the privilege and name to sit up there, last season the Holte was equivalent to the prawn sandwich brigade. With the North Stand, you have a season ticket costing around reasonable £300 odd quid, coupled with banter with the away end. Agree footballs been dross for two seasons now, but I don't that's the main contributor!
  14. Hi General, Hope you are well. What an exciting few weeks! Don't you think? Can you explain where this 43 million pound debt the club has, come from? And I will tell you the high profile mole inside our club? Come on General you guys can only keep it secret for so long? If the board came clean the supporters would understand and lower their expectations, because this could ultimately be Mr. Lerners downfall. I can clearly understand now why Mr. Faulkener hasn't responded to any of his messages left by reputable agents, however our supporters need to understand. Best R
  15. Dutch Legend played with the greats, De Boer Brothers, Gullit, Rijkaard, Van Basten!
  16. My point is it's not what I think about Ireland, it's that a fan, any fan, whether a CEO, Chairman, or a Holte End season ticket holder like myself shouldn't be deciding who comes in, the manager should. If Kevin MacDonald has said "Yes" then OK, but even then, he's the caretaker and there's no guarantee he'll stay as manager. I hope he is a massive success, I hope if Ireland comes, that he is too. But we don't know that Kev Mac will stay as manager, and then there could be problems with Ireland. I hope not, of course. No Disrespect Blandy! But whats the difference between a Holte End
  17. I would go for Villa finishing forth, like most I spend £500 quid plus a year to follow Villa and it would give me a bit more satisfaction......
  18. If you had a choice of England winning the WC now or Villa finishing 4th and having a successful season next year, which with you go for? I thought it would nice to ask people about their loyalties between club and country!
  19. Hi General, Will you be meeting with Nicky Keye at the end of season, to discuss what went wrong in the CCF ticketing fiasco following supporter complaints?
  20. Hello General, Hope your well. Don't listen to these moaners about Wembley tickecting issues, Villa have some of the most pathetic and embarrasing supporters around! Demanding the club come out and announce how tickets are distributed for final is pathetic, when we have a SF to play against very difficult team. Announcing plans for a final prior to getting there, would make us a laughing stock. Also General, a few people have mentioned the club using cup games next year to our vantage point by ensuring that we have full houses for undesirable games like scunthorpes, brightons etc!
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