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  1. Had a debate over the following teams yesterday, a mix of past and present players, no changes you can only pick 1, 2 or 3. Team One P.Schemical F.Nelson Southgate Laursen Bouma Downing Cowans I.Taylor B.Carbone JP.Angel Carew Team Two Bosnich Mellberg McGrath S.Teale JL.Samuel El Ghazi McGinn Merson A.Young Saunders S.Milosevic Team Three E.Martinez E.Barrett U.Ehiogu Mings A.Wright T.Daley Grealish Milner D.Ginola D.Atkinson Yorke
  2. So do you blame him or the five/six managers who have stuck by him over his career?
  3. Should’ve kept Nathan Baker another season!
  4. I would have played him left-back, but oops I forgot we have world class right footed player in that position! :-)
  5. I have this feeling we will reach the playoff final and he’ll hit winner... Heard it here first!
  6. GavChahal


    Lifelong supporter. So here’s my welcome piece. I don’t think we’ll be easy on the eye this season, but still reckon we’ll sneak automatic promotion. UTV
  7. Wouldn't mind Tom Cleverley on loan for a season, but dont think united would let him.
  8. We have always been possessed with great centre halves - McGrath, Southgate, Ehiogu, Mellberg, Laursen - have good feeling about Vlaar!
  9. Ulysses De la Cruz (Useless) - The Ecuadorian Roberto Carlos!
  10. What was the half, I'm curious? :winkold:
  11. I'd say Caroll is far more limited than Gabby, Caroll is just hyped up player, with the exception of his goal in the Euro's, his first touch and control were shocking! Gabby will do well under Lambert!
  12. I was last season Row A in the Upper, it was decent!
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