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Calzaghe VS Hopkins


Calzaghe or Hopkins?  

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  1. 1. Calzaghe or Hopkins?

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    • Hopkins KO
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Hopkins has never been knocked out and was only ever down when fighting at altitude. Even Jones Jr couldn't put him down so I doubt Calzaghe will - Calzaghes power isn't great at 168 and I doubt it'll get better at 175.

I voted for Hopkins on points but that's mainly due to me wanting him to win rather than thinking he will. If I were going to place a bet on this fight it'd be on it going the distance though, can't see there being a stoppage unless age has finally caught up with old man Hopkins.

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Actually Hopkins may well fight off the back foot in this fight....but I'd expect him to take the lead more often than not and I suspect this will negate a lot of the excitement, Hopkins doesn't do excitement, he does winning.

He'll land a lot of lead right hands straight down the pipe because Calzaghe is vulnerable to that punch, and he'll clinch a lot and use forearms, elbows and even his head to rough Calzaghe up. Calzaghe may well get cut in this one.

I'm not saying Hopkins will win, but I do think he'll take away Calzaghes workrate.

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Joe on points.

Also for those wondering what time it will start, build up starts at 10.30pm but I doubt very much we'll see them in the ring before 4.00am.

I'm going to stay up to watch it as it should be a decent fight. Not sure if it'll then be worth going to bed though as I have to start out for the match at 10.30am.

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I think they might be out earlier. Vegas is 8 hours behind us. 4am Here is 8pm there, and 11pm in New York. I think they might go for an earlier start given that its not a pay per view fight in the States (has it even sold out over there?), that Hopkins is an East Coast boy, which puts interest up in the part of the States that is on New York time and also that there is clearly a lot of interest in Europe. BBC radio start coverage at 3am. Possibly a 7:00-7:30 (pacific) and 10:00-10:30 (eastern) kick off?

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Calzaghe by points - he'll hit Hopkins many times, just not enough to knock him out.


concur too.

he'll dance around, hit him quite a bit, but "the executioner" is one tough nut, and will not go down.

Hopkins won't land much on Joe, IMO.

Large points win, for me.

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