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  1. I agree it not an ugly shirt but it just lacks a bit of character. Maybe they think they can sell more this way
  2. 2017. 3 years.. Chelsea won't sell cheap even if they have too many players. That's disappointing to hear. I'd imagine he may be willing to move on for guaranteed football but it may not be with us then
  3. Anyone know how long is left on his Chelsea contract? With azpilecuta (sp) seeming to have stepped up a level and Coles future unclear hopefully Bertrand fancies being our first choice next year
  4. That USA one is so boring, I was hoping for something more like their 94 effort
  5. A few months ago it was painful watching him be so unsure of when to overlap and looking lost. Game by game he has got better at the role, fair play to him putting the effort in. Now just to make sure he always closes down the crosser when defending and he could possibly have found a set position.
  6. Short term the Government will be shut out of capital markets, leave the euro and revert to the Cyprus £ - which was stronger than GBP before they joined the euro. The value of Cyprus Pounds would be significantly lower than the current euro (reflecting the country's economic weakness) and imports would be more expensive. The flip side of that is Cyprus instantly becoming the cheapest holiday destination in Europe and if Iceland's experience is anything to go by they would soon be on the road to a real economic recovery. They would control their own currency which would float at a level suitab
  7. Sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm missing something here. What is the down side for Cypriots if They default and declare themselves bankrupt? It surely must be better than this awful EU offer?
  8. something competitive but fun always results ina good laugh for our team, weve had darts competitions, footy quiz nights and card games, drink while we do it then head out
  9. Not born a brummie but the work done by Joseph Chamberlin whilst major along with his work improving the local economy and petitioning for more local decision making surely means he deserves a mention http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Chamberlain
  10. Last night I watched "turn me on god dammit". A Norweigan movie about a sex obsessed 15 year old. weird quirky and funny. worth a watch
  11. Im going to go all billy big bollocks I am Tom creator of the original Bindunne image Former villatalk 5 a side player of the season rarely post.....i just like watching
  12. Budae Jiggae. Its a really spicy Korean stew that comes from the civil war era, while people and Korean soldiers were starving they would hang around US army bases and get whatever scrap meats or food they could and to make it bearable cover it in spice. Bloody delicious, you get ham and beef in here, with bits of pasta and noodles pus random veg. Can ruin your gut sometimes and go straight through you but I love it
  13. not a chance of samba, hes on mega bucks out in russia so there is no way he would come for lower wages. Marin MIGHT be convincied on laon but again wages mean he wouldnt join us for good. Milner is a pipe dream
  14. yeah they have cameras there that show the game and record the highlights, just they cant show it in Spain as the other game is on and I think theres an agreement that sky just show what that channel shows or something
  15. randomly I know why this happens. It comes from a balls up in the spanish tv broadcasting rules. Basically they were arranging schedules to show as many games as possible in Spain but they forgot to factor in the 15 minutes for half time. Sky and ESPN just buy the feed of the spanish channel rather than having their own cameras etc so they end up picking up the broadcast of some games 15 minutes late....ridiculius ......easta muy loco
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