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The club has arranged to have a fan mosaic before the game, as the players come out.


This was an idea that came to us via a couple of different members of operation noise (predominantly MOMS and Get the Holte back and we were happy to support). The mosaic will happen between blocks 130 to 137.  It would be great if you can communicate to fans that are sitting in this area that they will be part of the fun!  They simply need to hold the tile upwards with the coloured side facing the pitch as the players come out of the tunnel. To make the mosaic there are three different colours of tile. We will keep the final design a secret, but I have attached an example of a mosaic created for an England game in the area we are using and a diagram of a fan holding up the tile.  To reiterate, it is very important that the coloured side of the tile is facing the pitch. 


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If I were a betting man, I'd wager the mosaic will feature the tag line, "Fight Like Lions". Seems to be popping up all over at the moment.

Yep, an apt username at the moment. Looking forward to Sunday, hoping to get hold of some balloons. Hope those with me in the upper tier will do the same.

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