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  1. They'd check for a handball, a foul, or an offside AFAIK. And as the ball had been dead between the error and the goal they wouldn't go back anyway, just like if there was a foul that wasn't given and the ball goes out for a throw in and then a goal is scored it wouldn't go back.
  2. That should be a red card all **** day for Targett. Shocking.
  3. It's not part of the PL VAR directive. They check goals, penalties, red cards, and mistaken identity. Stops every decisions n going to review as the main complaint fro other leagues seemed to be constant delays. Obviously still isn't quite right.
  4. Why do they think it matters if they think Takam could have won? He could have got a KO and the ref doesn't score the fight so could be up on points. Is this a rule I'm unaware of?
  5. Commentary is so condescending; acting as if Takam is an 8th tier side playing Man' United.
  6. Joshua sent in like 3 punches after the bell then and not a single member of the SKY team mentioned it.
  7. I quite enjoy watching Joshua's fights but the ring walk is so choreographed it really annoys me...
  8. Carl Froch constantly saying "Spencer" went a long way to ruining my enjoyment of that fight.
  9. Joshua sounds like he needs a lie down.
  10. Is Bellew talking shite or do I just not like him?
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