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  1. They’ve only played 2 league games since she came in as Sporting Director. The teams success on the pitch has had nothing to do with her whatsoever. She’s a highly intelligent woman with a first class law degree but sadly never seems far from trouble. The newspapers might well have it in for her but she should have known better. Sounds like the story is concluded anyway, let off with a warning in Barbados so it doesn’t seem that the club need to do anything.
  2. Yes they are. The whole of Spain including the islands is currently subject to an FCO travel advisory against non-essential travel and subject to 14 day self isolation on return
  3. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/pepe-reina-details-coronavirus-battle-21789272 Reina insists he won't be upset if the top-flight doesn't finish either with the pandemic still yet to reach its peak in the UK. “Football takes a back seat. I don’t care much, really,” he added. “Everyone’s well-being goes above anything else. “I will be a supporter of playing when everything is in the best conditions, that everyone is safe. “Football cannot be a priority right now. It is not important to finish this league.
  4. Assumed you’d seen the media reports. That plus McCormack’s ex post pretty much confirms it for me. I doubt any more will come of the fact it was his apartment though, the club and Jack’s inner circle have gone into protect mode. Seems fairly obvious how this now goes. The police will question him and no further action taken (too late to breathalyse him, he left details at the scene so difficult to charge him with anything). The club have fined him. He’s apologised. People forget these things quicker than we think they do.
  5. I can’t imagine she’d have any interest in the story at all if it wasn’t. Also the reference to ‘bunch of idiots’ is a bit of a give away.
  6. Definitely McCormacks apartment. His ex-wife has tweeted this https://twitter.com/courtneystjohn/status/1244670704181796864?s=21
  7. Certain standards are expected when you pull on the captains armband each week. Jack knows this, so let’s not use the fact he’s only 24 as some kind of get out. He’s had his fair share of controversy in the media over the last 5 years. Tenerife, ‘hippy crack’ allegations, dropped by England U21 for turning up late.... At some point you have to be wise enough to not put yourself in situations where they can affect your career. Regardless of the severity of this incident he’s clearly not maturing at all off the pitch.
  8. The run he made across the CB for the goal was just superb, credit to Jota for the perfectly weighted pass but it didn’t look like anything was on in front of him at first. Big Wes came from absolutely nowhere to finish that off. He’s clearly more than a player who holds the ball up well. Hopefully the first of many and our midfielders can create the opportunities for him
  9. We haven’t had a decent player to wear the number 11 shirt for some time now
  10. I think people forget how young he is as he seems to have been around the first team set up for quite a while. Turns 21 tomorrow. I don’t know whether he has the ability or not to really make it but I think it’s still too early to completely write him off. He needs to mature and find some confidence. I hope he gets a loan move to a decent championship side who can offer him regular games. His situation is very reminiscent of Callum Robinson at the moment.
  11. He wanted to be involved in every move we had going forward. Battled to win and retain the ball. Seems to have the right attitude in preseason which is great to see.
  12. Especially the bit where he was compared to Adam Johnson
  13. No thanks, amazed there was even a trophy. Parade would be totally small fry.
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