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Awesome club crests


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During my years designing football kits I worked with loads of different clubs and associations and was always fascinated with the level of thought (or not) that had gone into their crest.  Stuttgart was a particular favourite -




Just recently, though, I've found myself becoming fascinated with some of the more obscure club crests (or badges if you will) that adorn the shirts of teams across the globe - often teams I've never heard of.  In the FM15 thread I read about a player called Pavel Savitskiy so Googled him and found he played for FC Neman Grodno who have this amazing crest -




I'm finding Eastern European crests in general to be great, but I think I'm biased because I like the Cyrillic text on them.  Torpedo Moscow are another winner -




And Arsenal Tula too (and worth seeing their kits this season too, here -




Jagiellonia from Poland is a good one -




Do you have any favourite non-Villa crests?  When I see how amazing crests can look, whether elaborate or simple, it makes me sad that we ended up with one designed on PowerPoint.

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I particularly like Benfica's Portuguese coloured shield topped with the famous Eagle.

Kashima Antlers is a good one, though slightly spoiled by the typeface used.


Worst had to be Leigh RMI (who had the text "LEIGH RMI" as their crest) and Columbus Crew, who seemed to have been inspired by the Village People.

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