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Pre-Match Thread


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The Stoke backline can be got at if you play with a decent amount of pace on the break so I'd go with a front trio of Richardson, CNZ and Gabby even though he shouldn't be starting with a woeful pre season. Think that combination is our best chance of nicking a goal.


Keep Bent, Wiemann and Grealish as options on the bench.

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I can imagine Keane being confused as to how Bent is even a footballer watching him heave around Bodymoor. Be interesting to see if he starts.


Would take a draw.


0-0, last on MOTD.


I'd enjoy a win greatly.

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I would play 5 in the middle, maybe in a 4 2 3 1:




               Hutton       Vlaar   Senderos      Cissokho


                         Westwood       KEA


           Gardener             Delph           Richardson




I'm not sure why so many want N'Zogbia to start. He was out all of last year and has never delivered before that.


He scored a free kick in pre-season but that was against a very poorly positioned keeper.

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Hutton vlaar senderos cissokho

Westwood delph

Nzogbia Grealish Agbonlahor


Get it wide, get it in the box. Give bent chances and he will score. Our trouble is getting him chances. I know he's not the best footballer on the planet but he will have to do until the big men are back

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