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  1. Indeed, Gil opens up spaces for other players by dribbling past one or two every time he gets on the ball! Getting past Matic, who to be honest has been awful this season, is pretty hard and there is only three players in our squad capable of doing that. Traore, Grealish and Gil. Maybe even Gana. I want Sanchez and Gana as holding midfielders and Grealish on the left, Traore on the right with Gil playing behind Gestede or Ayew. Who am I kidding tho, never gonna happen. Gil will end up on the bench with N'Zogbia starting.
  2. I want to see Gil playing the number 10 role against Chelsea, please Tim do something good ffs
  3. Are you talking about FUT or career mode? FUT mate
  4. Carles Gil is OP in game, want to build a squad around him on UT with him being the CAM (even though he only get 4 chemistry). Suggestions? Bought Okore and Richards as my centerbacks. Guzan in goal. Need help with what formation to use and which players to get!
  5. I want him in the starting XI against Stoke, was he injured against Liverpool?
  6. MILO, MILO MILO, MILO MILO, MILO MILOSEVIC!! (to the tune of Kolo Toure song)
  7. I don't know if this count as off topic but I managed to send out Benteke, Delph and every player we've sold so far in FM 15 and bought in Amavi, Gueye, Bunn, Richards and Adebayor! Played the 4-2-3-1 formation with Grealish and Sinclair on either flank and Gil just behind Ade. We did fantastically well and ended on the 5th place in the PL and won the FA cup! Hoping for the same in reality but a better striker or at least one more instead of Ade wouldn't hurt! How about the Monaco attacker Marthial on loan? I would personally go for Kevin Volland from Hoffenheim! Great player who is pretty
  8. I love Delph and will follow his career in City, thank you for everything and thank you for accepting new contract then leave rather then going for free. Thank you Delph!
  9. John Guidetti working hard against England in the U21:s. Hasen't managed to show a lot of his potential due to his injuries but been playing great for Sweden U21:s. Would be nice to see him in Villa!
  10. Rumors regarding Delph leaving is utter BS. The man loves Villa and I'm 100 % sure he'll stay. Our new captain is here for staying!
  11. I want to see you play again
  12. Keep it up Delph, improving and finding back to his old form!!
  13. Played like a true leader today, great stuff! Keep it up captain Delph.
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