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  1. Hourihanne and Adomah please....and RHM Or Hutton.
  2. Grealish and Amavi are luxuries we can't afford for next season.
  3. Knew it..fffffin knew it. There goes yer 20 goals you knob!
  4. Grealish is crap! Sloppy, half-arsed and up his own rectum....
  5. Just want to see Danger do the business, if l'm honest. The run-in may be more beneficial to Bruce in reaffirming those areas we need building on during close season. There is only one game that matters now!
  6. Does'nt give enough, needs to be moved on the summer
  7. Time to get down the crossroads and do that deal
  8. That is unreal......wtf have done to deserve this?
  9. So many games we should have seen teams off in the first 30mins. I sometimes wonder if we have too many players going for the spectacular, instead of doing the simple things like passing
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