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  1. Right, off to take the nipper to school and then we're set for the day.
  2. Thought he was just a clogger, but looks to have a bit of ability. He does'nt seem to just put his foot through it.
  3. Loan striker, plus the two already 'over the line'. Then we need two more; a decent left sided midfielder with a cross on him and a playmaker.
  4. Its the same moral issue as that Evans bloke, do we want to see Aston Villa associated with players who are deemed pretty much 'untouchable' by a lot of people? Must admit, I would have a hard time seeing either in our particular claret and blue.............. Burnley not so much.
  5. Already, Bruce is a lot more hands on during the game. More animated, more involved. I think, if anything, this is what he brings to the table, whereas Garde and RDM were almost invisible with their low key styles.
  6. Could have been a worse start. A win might just settle the nerves and allow him time to develop a half-decent side.
  7. If he really can get this lot believing in themselves, stand back and watch the fireworks. By his own admission, this is potentially the best squad he's had at his disposal and a chairman who is no skinflint. Its not a 'Bruce' thing, any manager who could convince our players they were invincible would have one hell of a side. Its just whether he can do it and be 'allowed' to do it.
  8. How dare you talk common sense on here!
  9. If he walks in and hands Gabby a broom he will certainly go up in a few peoples estimation.
  10. He will always be Potato Head, whether he fails miserably or wins us the bloody Champions League. If he can take that as its intended and roll with it, then he'll do ok. I'll never like him, but then I don't have to, but if he does good things for Aston Villa then he'll have earned my respect. Above all, we need to buck the recent trend and give him a fair enough crack of the whip.
  11. WHAT! You mean its not started yet? Anyone got a tissue?
  12. Is it tickets only, or can we just turn up at the door?
  13. We say Gabby, you say...............!
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