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Culverhouse and Karsa sacked


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 I am not condoning any member of Villa Park staff form abusing paying customers, but the nature of football is a such that the paying customers with their beloved passion can be equally as out of order with their retribution on the clubs staff which is also wrong.


The people doing their job are doing their best.....Might not appear so to us, but we must remain respectful.....we ain't "holier than thou"


If that is not to the satisfaction of the paying customer, then , there are other methods available to pursue our dissatisfaction.

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I'm HairyHands.


no IM HairyHands!






im glad he did, he should be wound up and angry as ****. id be more worried/angry if he put on some smiley happy persona

By taking it out on the fans who were not responsible for what happens on the pitch?
hes a person like anyone else, it doesnt matter what title or what ammount of money he gets paid, he is still human. anyone can overreact and lash out, especially in the possition they are in. if he did (which afaik hasnt been confirmed) take it out on the fans it might not have been compeletely cosher but i can understand it. in my eyes its alot better than any "we go again" "cant fault the lads for the effort" "wee bit of bad luck" delusion.
The fans input into the club pays his wages, wages that are paid to him for him to do a job. We are the primary stakeholder of Aston Villa.

If a member of staff at McDonald's came out and said people who don't like their burgers can piss off, he/she would be sacked. As a representative of the club he should act professionally, being human has nothing to do with it.

An apology at the very least is needed in my opinion.



yes we do pay his wages. But imagine the staff at mcdonalds having a broken fryer, a boss who refuses to buy fresh meat and the salad, well the salad is just shit, can you not understand how he or anyone in his possition might have a wee bit of a breakdown and shout at one of the customers when one of em complains because the burger doesnt taste like Heston blumenwhatever just cooked it for a private dinner ? emotions run high, and they should do at a moment like that.


an apology like people say should do the trick, firing him or anything in that fashion is in my eyes an overreaction. we are beeing dragged into another relegation fight, if they are not upset or on the end of their leash something isnt right. thats just my personal opinion. we just lost against crystal palace in the 93rd minute! at that point if my beloved mom would have said "well your shit, 3 points were the minimum here, why are you so shit!" i would have gone on a bit of a rage on her.. irregardles if it was right or wrong because i was so on edge/wound up. people make misstakes and say things that they shouldnt in the heat of the moment.

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Which is why I said 'apparently'. ;)

One of those claiming this was actually our very own Omariqy. So you can take it up with him...



No I was agreeing with you. I heard it too and I sit in the Lower Holte. I'm not a sarcastic bastard all of the time :D

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I am not condoning this behaviour, but we are all hurting at the moment by the results and performances. We need to stick together and show some unity on Saturday.

And Culverhouse swearing at a fan is an example of this? He needs to let his coaching do the talking.

We need to move on from this silly incident, it is irrelevant Risso.

Stop being that person. Its a big deal and deal with it accordingly.

It is not a big deal, it is stupid.

It is a big deal. Culverhouse is paid to be the assistant of our manager, he is paid a great deal more than the majority of the fans that were there today paying HIS wages. Without the fans there would be no club, no income, no anything. To abuse the fans, in my opinion, is the lowest of the low. You're not just abusing individual people, you're abusing the entire club because we ARE the club.

Sadly, that's not the case any more. The money from villa fans contributes **** all to running of the club
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I'm not sure if we should sack a member of the coaching staff based on alleged swearing, that might have been misheard etc

There were many witnesses so it won't have been possible for them all to have misheard it. Hopefully the club will launch a full investigation and we'll find out exactly what was said.

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Sounds like a moment of wildhearted fury, lashing out saying something he didn't really mean, and I'm sure he can't wait to apalogise, who wants to be seen in such a despicable light? I don't think this incident should dictate his position at the club, that should depend on whether or not he's a good enough coach.

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If he can't take 36,000 people getting on your case, then maybe he should go coach down in the conference.


Fans have the right to express their opinions, but he doesn't have the right to curse fans out (if found to be true.) An apology is in order at the very least. As people have pointed out, people get fired for less.

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