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  1. agree, seems to be a bit of a mixed bag to me. some company does other doesnt. Going to be exiting to see how this ends
  2. Im not looking down on any league, just saying that as we dont need as many players we should, IMO, look for players in a pricebracket slightly higher. Rather see we signed one or two with a higher probability of success rather than 5 players who carry more risks. Do you think bale and walker's path is the normal one for players taking the step up from the championship? Getting a player that turns out like bale from the championship is incredibly rare, using them as an example is a bit off imo. For every bale and walker there is plenty of players who turned out to be flat out garbage or just meh.
  3. shouldnt we be past the point of looking at championship players? We dont need to rebuild the whole squad just add a couple of quality signings.
  4. the sooner the better, not like were smashing in goals at the moment
  5. Getting the feeling we are going to get stomped next season with the players were linked with. As long as we have a solid team to take us straight up afterwards i guess its fine. But the pessimist in me seriously doubts its going to be a fun season to watch
  6. my hands are slightly sweaty, been a long time since i was this nervous :D about a year actually..
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