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  1. Come on kiddo. Make me feel like a genius
  2. I wonder. If all 3 attacking signings would have been made this week. Would it be a good window?
  3. I suppose he could develop into the role. he has the energy and reading to do so. I still see him a little further forward though. He reminds me a little of Dembele of Fulham/Spurs fame. An aggressive ‘pressurer’ and ball carrier.
  4. Could his inclusion at LW, at Watford, also help deal with their best outlet Sarr?
  5. I thought Iroegbunam was more defensive.
  6. Make it so. Haven’t Eintracht just signed Jens Petter Hauge too. He’s left sided though.
  7. We managed him terribly. By the time he had ‘come of age’ he was woefully undercooked. I reckon the current regime would have developed him a little better. Not to say he’d be a starter in the PL but to say that he could have got us a fee.
  8. Are you going to take a dump in every thread? Why so negative this evening?
  9. Love the way he is always putting the club over. No ego with this guy.
  10. I have to agree. If I was them I would also want to assess a JG-free Smith too. I think this a big season for Smith. I have faith in him but he needs to produce without JG now. The current squad is more than capable of holding it's own in the PL. I think this a project. There seems to be a big emphasis on youth development also. With that means the need to have pathways for prospects. I am pretty patient and relaxed. I think ownership will pull the trigger if the target is right but will not go out and purchase a 'magnifient-7'.
  11. Can really take a pen too.
  12. I know many will not agree, but his development if one of the reasons I am not too concerned with our centre midfield.
  13. I like him. He is smart, skilled and has potential. But he is a project. I do not want us to act as a finishing school for Man Utd, for him to gain fitness, consistency and development. They seem to view this loan as such. I just hope we're adequately protected.
  14. Got to agree to a point. Seemed like they were taking it in turns in rotating as 'no 10's'.Don't think it worked. However, they've only played 45 mins together. We are developing squad options to be able to play in numerous ways.
  15. I know people are clamouring for the signing of a defensive minded midfielder, but I think this season will be Naka's breakthrough. His biggest deficiency was his ball retention. But since his first season, he's improved that tremendously. I want him to get the first 5-10 games to prove his worth to this team.
  16. I'm not too worried. Looked like he felt his quad on shooting, asked for sub straight away in a precautionary manner. As it should be.
  17. I am not pleased with this reading this from the Utd end. Link
  18. Yes, just seen that he signed an extension to 2023 as he would have been out of contract. They are protecting their asset. This is what annoys me. I really hope there is a prearranged fee in our loan if we choose to execute. No doubt we're paying a loan fee too. I remember Purslow talking about not wanting to develop talent for other teams. They will have our pants down if not and he makes an impression.
  19. Yes. I would not want the same to happen again. Say he ends up playing 15-20 games, showing his quality. Returns to Utd to offer him new contract and they try to sell him for 20-25 million or have him for their squad. His fitness is the major major thing. He has the ability and potential.
  20. I am glad of this. Quality at promotion season. Hope he can remain injury free and develop with us. I would have preferred perm move. Pi$$ed me off when he went back to Utd back then.
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