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  1. How many headers does Benteke win where there's nobody positioned to pick it up and a defender has a simple clearance? Gil sat just off him is the answer surely?
  2. I was impressed with his dribbling skills.
  3. Didn't he have a problem with his back which has finally been corrected once and for all? Some kind of cyst removal?? I'm sure I read this somewhere (yes probably twitter). Anyway if true it will be interesting to see how he does if fit for long enough and with enough game time.
  4. No he hasn't. For players like Tonev to be bombed out after a year says a lot about his ability in both the transfer market and on the training ground. I don't agree at all. Tonev was an inexpensive gamble to fill the position left by N'Zogbia. Tonev's approach play is good, he's quick, direct and skilful; only problem is his choice and final delivery i.e shooting. I agree, and his appearances towards the end of the season seemed more composed and he was unlucky not to score a couple of times due to good saves.
  5. A greedy mercenary who didn't try one bit at QPR, then ****ed off when they were relegated? No thanks. Exactly this. We need someone who'll stick around once we're relegated.....
  6. Maybe now Lambert is more 'hands on' in training he's seeing something different to what was reported at the time by his now ex-head coach.....
  7. I thought many times last season that we should go in for Ki, so I can't be anything but positive about this if it happens.
  8. I have reason to believe that this is true. Unfortunately that reason is desperation.
  9. Yes sorry Derby. Either way I think its BS after reading a bit more. The Hoolahan thing is obviously more likely, although Trent suggested otherwise so who knows.
  10. So a picture of Hoolahan and a Villa fan has been doing the rounds on twitter, and Hoolahan was quoted as saying that he hopes to be a Villa player next season. Also rumours of midfielder Craig Bryson from Notts County. Disclaimer: Probably twatter b*******
  11. I have a feeling this guy is going to be an extremely important player next season, like Vlaar, Benteke and Delph have been previously. I hope and pray his injury doesn't come back to haunt him.
  12. I think PL is playing a smart game here by getting a high profile name such as Keane involved. You can see how this could help him to be looked at more favourably by potential new owners. He may well be trying to add value to himself remaining as the manager.
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