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Bit of a tricky one, aren't they? When you look back at men's attire from the early 60's back to the 1800's, men didn't leave the house without a hat on. Nowadays, usually all you see is the ubiquitous baseball cap, which is kind of a shame. 


Do you ever wear hats that aren't baseball caps? If so, what kind? I have a nice old scally cap, but almost never wear it. Be it a scally cap, a fedora, it's a tough look to pull off. 


But I think we're overdue for a new hat age, who's with me?

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I have several trucker hats, a brown one with a fox on the front, a green one which says cat fish fear me and a drive by truckers one, I have got a Steve Earle baseball cap and a villa one knocking about somewhere, oh and I have a flat cap and two bucket hats (one stone roses one and one ocean colour scene one)

And for the winter I have a big standard wooly hat and two of them hats with the ears (a quick google tells me they are called trapper hats)

I can't think of any others I have at the moment but I often have a hat on just when I'm at home even if I'm strutting about naked I will have a hat on but I don't often go out with one on (unless I'm at risk of burning my bald head) which is a bit strange I recon

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Hats should never be worn unless you are walking to the North Pole and its minus 20 then possibly you are allowed some form of seal based product on your head for warmth

This trend of wearing beanies or baseball caps everywhere pisses me off ..

Needless to say I spent my time in America being rather pissed off :)

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On a side note,  I always felt there was loads wrong with that scene.  The arm obviously should have fallen off,  the hat would never have landed on the ground in front of the statue etc

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My hat wearing habits in order of frequency:


1) No hat

2) Woolly beanie for use on very cold winter days

3) Fedora-style panama for use on hot summer days

4) Lightweight baseball-style cap for use when running on hot summer days


I used to have a flat cap, but have lost it. I think Mrs M may have thrown it away, as she hated it.

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