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  1. I thought I’d stumbled into the Mike Dean thread for a moment.
  2. They’re a bunch of despicable, vile spunktrumpets. They hate us with a passion. I hope they drop like a stone.
  3. Watched the full 90 minutes on Sky tonight and completely agree. Whilst the partnership still hasn’t really clicked yet, the work the two of them put in was phenomenal. Must be absolutely horrible to defend against. Such intensity and work rate across the team - it’s great to see.
  4. Has your cat just walked across your keyboard?
  5. When did he develop that nasty streak? Saw flashes of it last season but he’s got real fire in his belly this season, not afraid to mix it and get in the oppositions’ faces. No idea what was going on with the Ben Godfrey incident after the Lucas Digne own goal. I’d have been fuming if I’d have been in Godfrey’s shoes!
  6. Marv is such a likeable character, I feel like I want to give him a hug after yesterday. I really hope he gets some decent game time and shows what he’s capable of this season.
  7. Lego hair for me. Was under pressure last season and, whilst Arsenal have won their last 2 against weak opposition, he can’t afford too many more bad results.
  8. Absolutely agree, and she often hears me swear when I’m driving. Although I must admit she hasn’t heard me say “b****cks you’re a ****” before.
  9. It’s his second mother, twice removed.
  10. Took my 10 year old daughter to the game, her first ever Villa match. She couldn’t believe the atmosphere and can’t wait to go again. Slightly awkward explaining to her the lyrics of My Old Man, but at least she was prepared for what was coming with Sweet Caroline at the end, as she’d heard my booze fuelled brother belting out the “**** the Blues” mix the weekend before.
  11. He’s a highly capable defensive midfielder in a midfield 3. Broke the play up well, kept it simple, never put a foot wrong. Much of the stick he gets is unjustified in my opinion.
  12. If nobody else is going to take this then I will..
  13. I knock one out every match day. And on other days too.
  14. Maya Jama? £2.3m seems like good value for those norks.
  15. Apart from Fred, we only have players that can provide cover at right back, but aren’t right backs. Konsa was decent when used there for a couple of games, but you break up the central defensive partnership with Mings if you move him there. We saw under Bruce’s reign that Tuanzebe isn’t a right back. Seems madness to be letting Fred go. He played in a season where the whole team struggled. I’d really liked to have seen what he was capable of in the current set-up, with better quality around him. I saw enough of him to suggest he’s a decent player worth sticking with. A major injury to Cash and we’re in trouble in that area.
  16. I think you’re going down a rabbit hole with a post like this.
  17. Don’t wish to piss on your chips, but he’s in my Fantasy Premier League team so by that token, it’s not likely to happen.
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