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  1. Lets face it, we all knew it was going to happen.
  2. Judging by previous signings it doesn't seem the route their taking.
  3. I agree for players like Coutinho but anyone under 26 you perhaps have a chance of recouping or even making a profit. Players like Tammy if you can get for around £40m and 100-150k wages is what we should be looking for.
  4. He has been in since the start of the season so no.
  5. Actually forgot he was on the pitch until the camera zoomed in on him.
  6. What club is going to spend more + his wages?
  7. His team selection for poor for this game.
  8. So **** poor tonight.....
  9. Also if you "let" a team have the ball does that define them as dominating.
  10. Not sure about rubbish, had a decent first half made some good runs, got his goal in the second half then faded.
  11. He only misses Chelsea i thought?
  12. I agree he made mistakes today, but don't judge to quickly. The guy has been solid for us and helped us to where we are today.
  13. jasoncb

    Ezri Konsa

    Yeah they didn't want to sell him and he didn't want to come. Time to forget.
  14. Can someone explain to me why its ok to play Mount further back when hes never really played there before but Grealish can only be played upfront?
  15. Yeah if he actually made a run he might have occupied one of the defenders that smothered Grealish at the end.
  16. Don't worry we'll knock it out of him.
  17. Also it means we have a much better chance of getting 6 points off palace if hes playing for them rather than us.
  18. If anything Corona has given the team hope of staying up.
  19. Spot on. Its obvious what they are doing and people are eating it up. Say for instance all xbox's were sold out and will be for a long time but your sons birthday is soon and he wants one. All you say is if they come back in stock soon you will buy him one. You look like a good person whatever happens, but its really an empty gesture.
  20. Some of the older Norwich teams were related in some way or another.
  21. Ravel Morrison younger than Ronaldo too, where we going with this?
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