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  1. I tend to think that Roy is one of those that just can't give it up rather than being broke (unlike for example Holyfield who is broke). It's sad to see, he wants a shot at a Cruiserweight title and become the first to win titles from middle to heavyweight. Roy is one of the most outstanding athletes to ever box, the problem of course is that as he approached his mid 30s his reflexes slowed slightly and his legs weren't what they were. Getting KO'd twice in a row by Tarver and The Road Warrior finished him, I just wish he retired after that. Seeing the likes of Danny Green and Lebedev (box
  2. Just wondered what some people's thoughts are? Does anyone here watch it or did you see any of UFC 79 on Sunday or Pride from last night?
  3. Considering there's a general chat for Cricket, and the Aviva Premiership kicks off on Friday night, I thought I'd make a topic to discuss all things Rugby, rather than having ones pop up every 6 months or so for the internationals/six nations. I'll get the ball rolling: I expect Bath to give Newcastle a battering on Friday. Newcastle have got some good players in their squad, but I think Bath's backs will be too much for them. Should be a good game to start the season though Don't know who to tip for the title though, I'm hoping Tigers can win it again, but we were lucky we avo
  4. Couldn’t see a snooker thread so will just note in here that Ronnie O’Sullivan has reached 1000 career century breaks. To give that some context, Stephen Hendry has the second highest with 775. I know snooker isn’t a particularly hotly discussed subject on here and Ronnie is an acquired taste at the best of times, but just thought the achievement was worth acknowledging.
  5. Well as the footie season draws to a nerve-jangling finale, some of us will be turning our attention to cricket. So.... was anyone else at the Warwickshire bomb site this afternoon to see Chris Woakes hit his maiden century (I think it was his first anyway)? I gave up a days bike training to go an see the Bears with missus and it was a good afternoon for Warks. Any thoughts on Englands' Test Matches etc or is the football World Cup going to dominate ?
  6. Anyone getting involved and if so what are you backing in the big race.
  7. Anyone watching the US? Rose is looking a good bet, and it's heartbreaking for those Yanks seeing Mickelson slip away
  8. Is anyone having a nibble at the nags tomorrow or throughout the week? Why don't you jot down your picks and tips and we can all be losers together? First away at 13:20 and SkyBet are doing their risk free £10 bet, so if you lose you get your tenner back as cash in your account. I'm on Metier with Sky Paddy Power are also doing a 'free' £5 bet on the 13:20 for those with an account. I've taken Soaring Glory with them. Appreciate It looks the one to beat but at even money it's way too short to take. Who ya'll backing?
  9. We've got a running thread, and as I can't find a cycling thread I thought I'd start one. Are there many on here that are active participants? I've been getting quite keen on my cycling over the last few months and I'm considering picking up a new bike soon. I've done the Devon and Cornwall coast-to-coast routes in the last three weeks and I'm considering cycling Barnstaple to Glastonbury when it stops raining for long enough. Any recommendations for bikes (hybrids) or anyone got any good routes or stories to share?
  10. With 4 days until the first official team launch of the season at Ferrari, it's high time we created this season's Formula 1 thread - to enormous cheers around the Off Topic arena. Don't mention it guys, really, it was my pleasure Firstly we'll start with the launch dates 1. Ferrari 11th Feb 2. Renault 12th Feb 3. Red Bull 12th Feb 4. McLaren 13th Feb 5. Mercedes 14th Feb 6. Alpha Tauri 14th Feb 7. Racing Point 17th Feb 8. Williams 17th Feb 9. Haas 19th Feb 10. Alfa Romeo 19th Feb TEAM CHANGES The first thing you'
  11. I think this is a topic that will be definitely more common in the coming months. I think its something Football will need to take more seriously as more research is done. A lot of the 1966 World Cup team have suffered dementia and more modern players like Alan Shearer has said he is quite worried about this from the amount of headers and aeriel duels he faced. Its also not football, Thompson from the 2003 rugby team has been dignosed at 43 and filing a lawsuit along with 10 other players of a similar age. Ice Hockey, American football have had issues in the past so you have to wonder
  12. Really happy this is being held right now. A sense of normalcy. Tough luck for Perez today, would have had his first Jersey tonight. Where is Nairo Quintana? Alaphilipe is my pick.
  13. So, the world Championships in Doha Qatar. Non competing women not allowed to wear shorts of tank tops in or around the stadiums. Russian athletes not allowed to compete under Russian flag due to doping. Only about 30 in total allowed to compete but under neutral flag. Kenya who are already under extra surveillance have been exposed by German ZDF handing out EPO to runners on a massive scale clicky And the US of A is once again sending a host of stars who have been banned for doping or been cleared by the USADA as they fear civil court. Justin Gatlin and Chri
  14. What sporting records do you think are great or have such longevity it's hard to imagine they will be broken. I used to think Bob Beaman's long jump in the 1970 Olympics would take some beating, I think it took about 30 years to be beaten. I recently read about Joe DiMaggio and his 56 game hitting streak. Didn't know what it was but the hitter must get to first base without getting out. I know it doesn't sound much but the most home runs in a season is 73, In cricket you have players scoring 1000 runs a season so getting to first base is important. You only get three strikes and the base
  15. I think has been mentioned in another thread but maybe an open discussion about it. Think its hard to look past Roger Federer he is such an immense athlete and still going at 37. For example he is 8 months older than John Terry and Tennis is a more physically demanding sport than Football. Just incredible Other names to be included could be Gretzky, Serena Williams and if they keep it up consistently for another 6 or 7 years Ronaldo and Messi
  16. Power balance wristbands - worn by cricketers, that had a hologram in them, to "enhance performance blah blah blah" Snoods Kinesio tape for injured muscles that you'd see plastered on quad muscles, lower backs etc. In my opinion they are no more effect than a placebo one. Anyone else think of other such gimmicky or fashionable sporting "aids" past or present ?
  17. That time of year sports fans. Wetherby kicks off the jumps season this weekend, Cue Card, Coneygree, Our Duke, Lil Rockerfella, Ptit Zig out to name a few. See Willie Mullins "Melon" is also out for a spin in Ireland tomorrow.
  18. Commentator described Jelle Klaseen as the Cristiano Ronaldo of darts. Surely he meant Adam Johnson, right ?
  19. May aswell start this one off. Channel 4 will only have 1 live race this season. The British GP. Sky will be showing all races. Rookie drivers for 2019 George Russell - Williams Lando Norris - McLaren Alex Albon - Toro Rosso Antonio Giovinazzi - Alfa Romeo OK, technically Antonio stood in for all of 2 races midway through 2017, but he's still effectively a rookie. Two and a half of the other 3 are Brits, with British-born Albon driving under the flag of Thailand. I have very high hopes for George Russell. He seems to be coming into F1 extremely well prepared.
  20. So we enter the last month before the final squads are announced. England have gone early though and named their squad this week. A couple of new names in squad and strangely Willie Heinz is the second of two scrum half’s, come from nowhere to get in. Still can’t believe Jones won’t even consider Cipriani considering he’s been on fire this season. Taking Heinz, you’d think would work for Cipriani as they play at club level but alas no. Its a lot more open than previous years. New Zealand are close to losing the number one spot for the first time in a decade and certainly aren’t the impene
  21. Fairly self explanatory. Been a few for me... - Leicester winning the Premier League the other year was one. What an amazing achievement and I was genuinely delighted for them and their supporters. - England's Rugby Union World Cup win 2003 as well was great. - Lions tours of South Africa in 97. I was off work all summer and watched every single minute of every single game. Properly got into it! - Italia 90 - my favourite football World Cup - Euro 96 - what a time to be alive! Cool Britannia, summer of football and being 16 at the start of the summer, I had my
  22. It's that time of year sports fans with The Lincoln just over a week away to start off the British/Irish flat season. First things first with the Dubai World Cup this weekend and some of the worlds finest Group One horses on show that will no doubt be making there way to Ascot in a few months. Selections For Saturdays Dubai Word Cup NRNB!.. (Gold Cup) Varazibad 9/4... (Al Quoz Sprint) Limato 5/2... (Sheema Classic) Postponed 2/1...
  23. Sunday 24th September 2017 Anyone doing it? Anyone affected by it? Here's the road closures:
  24. With the new season just over a month away (25/03) I figure it's high time we take a look at what's changed from last year to this. We'll start with the hilarious news that Liberty Media, in their attempts to be all modern and progressive, have fired over 400 women and brought in grid kids instead. This clear step forward for womens' rights - which I mistakenly thought meant they had the right to work wherever and wear whatever they wanted - means that F1 will be using children now, who you would presume are too young to be paid (cha-ching!). Some of the countries F1 visits positively e
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