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  1. We’ll win for sure! No VAR tonight!!
  2. Picking a Smith side is just so easy!
  3. For what it’s worth, I actually think Mitrovic would be a fantastic addition to the squad and I championed us signing him in the summer. However, i must say that from the games and highlights I’ve seen this season, I’m really struck on Watkins at Brentford. Could be the real deal and Smith would obviously know if he can be that player. Wouldn’t be good value though, as the usual £20m plus would get quoted at us I suppose. Alternatively, we look abroad again and a possible loan to buy option.
  4. Let’s see if the lion can tame the wolf? I think it can and can see a nervy 2-1 or 3-1 Villa win here.
  5. Konza for Mings, as Smith is not going to play two left footed centre half’s together. Lansbury for McGinn, as SJM needs a rest. Otherwise, it’s the team i’d go with.
  6. This is where our second string is better than Wolves’ second string: Steer Elmo Konza Hause Taylor Douglas Hourihane Lansbury Trez Davis El G Subs: Nyland, Chester, Targett, McGinn, Nakamba, Kodj, Archer
  7. ferguson1

    Dean Smith

    I thought his game plan yesterday was the right one. The team he picked from the start, I would have picked. Set up to frustrate and counter. First half wasn’t bad at all. Yes we were fortunate at times, but we could have had a penalty. Second half, some of the players let themselves down straight from the kick off. Mings obviously for the first, but Engels and Guilbert’s positioning also seemed all wrong? Can’t blame Smith for that. Then goals 2 and 3 weren’t scored from any brilliant play, they were messy and could have been avoided. My only criticism of Smith yesterday and this season in fact, is he seems reluctant to make use of his subs early or even at all. Grealish perhaps should have come off earlier. Wesley earlier? I love McGinn and even in the last minute he nearly scores, but he appears knackered after 60/70 minutes. Am I disappointed with the result yesterday, well yes of course. However, we are a new team, still learning from each other. City on the other hand are well established and can destroy anyone. Just look at the two benches, we bring on Davis, they bring on Aguero. Frightening quality in depth. This game and next week are a free hit in this league. If you get anything, it’s a bonus. It’s how we do against the rest and I’ve seen nothing else that scares me.
  8. Just read that Boly of Wolves may have broken his ankle this week. If he has, we’ll be a big miss for them for a while. Be like us losing Tyrone.
  9. ferguson1


    Boly could be out for a while now with a suspected broken ankle. Big miss for them if correct. Playing in Europe and getting injuries could keep them in the bottom half this season. Big game against Newcastle today and not sure what the best result would be for us? Draw I suppose or a Wolves win?
  10. At least my prediction of a 2-3 Villa win is still on!
  11. Mings out jumped and Engels looked slow on the turn! Poor goal to concede.
  12. Positives have been Luiz and McGinn in the middle. Can’t grumble at a 0-0 score line, but we don’t carry much threat.
  13. Trez certainly has pace and I would say only Guilbert matches him. Anyway, think he should start this one.
  14. I basically agree with this, but for this to work we need pace and therefore need to start Trez. When Wolves won up there, they used Adama to great affect on the break. Trez is probably our fastest player and could link up well with Jack and Wesley. Tin hat time, but I also wonder if this is a game for Gilbert and Targett? We can’t have them bombing forward leaving us exposed. Should Elmo and Taylor/ Hause start, giving us a very defensive, but solid back 4? Tough one to predict this. Either we’ll have our pants pulled down and lose by 5 goals or we could do a Wolves. He’s hoping for the latter. UTV
  15. Just had a Yorkie for the first time in years! Not sure if they have reduced in size, but it was satisfying. * still not for girls obviously
  16. Think this ship has sailed and not sure if we really need him? Also, Leeds and Albion will get promoted this season barring disaster, as the Championship is quite poor. No way Leeds will sell at the end of the season if promoted either.
  17. ferguson1

    Keinan Davis

    Agreed, only Marco Van Targett can manage goals from those angles!
  18. Piece of p#£*. If Wolves can, we can. 0-2.
  19. Glad they removed the idiot. Zero tolerance. Hopefully acts as a deterrent for future home games and further idiot behaviour.
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