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  1. Positives have been Luiz and McGinn in the middle. Can’t grumble at a 0-0 score line, but we don’t carry much threat.
  2. Trez certainly has pace and I would say only Guilbert matches him. Anyway, think he should start this one.
  3. I basically agree with this, but for this to work we need pace and therefore need to start Trez. When Wolves won up there, they used Adama to great affect on the break. Trez is probably our fastest player and could link up well with Jack and Wesley. Tin hat time, but I also wonder if this is a game for Gilbert and Targett? We can’t have them bombing forward leaving us exposed. Should Elmo and Taylor/ Hause start, giving us a very defensive, but solid back 4? Tough one to predict this. Either we’ll have our pants pulled down and lose by 5 goals or we could do a Wolves. He’s hoping for the latter. UTV
  4. Just had a Yorkie for the first time in years! Not sure if they have reduced in size, but it was satisfying. * still not for girls obviously
  5. Think this ship has sailed and not sure if we really need him? Also, Leeds and Albion will get promoted this season barring disaster, as the Championship is quite poor. No way Leeds will sell at the end of the season if promoted either.
  6. ferguson1

    Keinan Davis

    Agreed, only Marco Van Targett can manage goals from those angles!
  7. Piece of p#£*. If Wolves can, we can. 0-2.
  8. Glad they removed the idiot. Zero tolerance. Hopefully acts as a deterrent for future home games and further idiot behaviour.
  9. Wish you’d have told us that you also star as ‘Alf’ in the show mate!
  10. It’s performances like today that make the “captain” decision the right one. At times he just carries the team to a result.
  11. Looking at the table this evening, that stolen point at Palace still bothers me! We could be in the top half right now if it wasn’t for an inept referee.
  12. Not because of any Aston Villa related decisions, but I‘ve now come to the conclusion that VAR is taking any enjoyment out of the game. It’s simply ruining it now.
  13. Sorry to burst the bubble here, but just heard that VAR have ruled out our second goal. Oh well. I’ll get my coat.
  14. He’s ready for the International scene isn’t he.
  15. Just leaving the ground now and don’t care if I annoy a seagull:
  16. Stephens? Thought he was tied up in Julie B’s basement?
  17. I wouldn’t be against this, but I do have a couple of concerns. Firstly, his discipline is very questionable and didn’t he get sent off 3 times or more last season? Secondly, the Scottish league is a difficult one to judge a goalscorer. If you blindfolded Defoe and turned him around 3 times, he’d still score in every game. Like i said, I wouldn’t be against it though. Age and ability is there.
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