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  2. I'm sat just behind the dugout. Yes he was definitely there.
  3. The Blades signed ten players in the summer.
  4. Just to add a further example; it would be hard to drop Fred Guilbert after that performance. So he had a chance and he took it really well.
  5. When we talk about our options, I wonder if this will be the main difference between us and the other promoted clubs. Whereas they might have stuck largely with their Championship teams and then spent modestly on new options, we seem to have £10m+ players in all positions. If one of the wingers seems out of form, we have an alternative. If Douglas/McGinn gets a ban, we bring in Nakamba/Hourihane. If any of our back 4 have a bad game, there are options waiting to pounce and take their chance. This could be the difference between 2-3 places in the league, as some of the other teams may feel that their alternative options are much weaker than their first choice. As shown by El Ghazi’s cameo on Friday, competition for places is great, as long as the players are prepared for non-selection, as I’m sure Smith will ensure. Note: I say all the above about the other promoted teams without actually looking at their squads, just their expenditure.
  6. Agree with this % wouldn't swap our midfield for there's, don't think ole is going to last that long tbh
  7. Initial shock followed by a dose of reality and not being that surprised by it Don't think the statement is the best though
  8. That's a but rubbish for you to be fair. I think about it like this (which is a bit odd I know), I might only see my family / Brother 30 or 40 more times in my life if I am lucky, due to age and location primarily but also that's how life goes. You don't know how many times there are so. Get her on her own and tell her what you think, you only get one chance so she might as well tell you whats what.
  9. Don't think we need to be making whosale changes let's try and keep some momentum going, think we can be a bit more offensive though so Targett in for Taylor, a start for Davis with big Wes on the bench. And mings rested so a start for either Hause or Konsa. As much as I want to see Marvelous don't think this is one for him to start, maybe come on for DL if we have the game won. Probably worth give Steer a place in the cup games too.
  10. You're very fortunate. admittedly we're both busy, have a lot going on and live 200 miles apart so only see each other maybe 2-3 times a year. there's just no engaging her in conversation at all during our family get togethers. It's fine with my niece and brother in law but brick wall from her. I've been living/working away from my own family since May on a difficult job, but not one utterance of how we were doing etc.
  11. Palace had awful home record last season but 6th in the league away
  12. They definitely showed him during the live coverage on TV, maybe he wasn't a highlight
  13. When this happens, it HAS worked. Some browsers seem to struggle with immediately displaying the tweet, but it’s likely to have succeeded.
  14. Watching MOTD last night, I stand by this. Not many can match us in this respect.
  15. I'm not going to pretend I was supremely confident but only 1 PL team than Everton had less shots on target from 2 games going into this
  16. ‘Man United are in absolute meltdown?’ Is that in poor taste? Ah, probably. I’m going back to bed
  17. Today
  18. It was a truly horrific moment for Engels that.
  19. Me and my brother are in our 40's but when we see each other it's like we are 12 again. We just take the mick constantly. Proper funny. Any slight mistake or pause or drop something, anything really i will get something like "look at him the dementia riddled t**t". My mom and dad love it as well, my mom's good for the "one of them was adopted and we found the other one lines as well". Like old times. I don't think we will ever grow up when we are together, It would have happened by now. I only see my family once or twice a year so I suppose we need it too count.
  20. A 0-0 draw would perfect I guess. I'm not sure who they have next week but I assume if we beat Crystal Palace we could overtake the two of them. You also would like them to struggle finding their first win. As the only three teams that haven't found a win yet are Wolves, Newcastle and Watford.
  21. Yeah I thought that at the time too, I also thought Wesley hesitated a little before pulling the trigger. Maybe he was in 2 minds
  22. He's trash, rivaling Bebe for worst signing up there. City signed Rodri for that much. We got Douglas Luiz for £15m ffs. The TV money looks like it's mostly benefiting the smaller clubs right now. The big clubs are overspending on garbage.
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