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    I realize that managers have their favourite formations but I always felt that initially the formation should be based on the players you possess. Then bring in the right players to play the formation you favour. Too many managers stubbornly force a system onto a team that don't have the capability of playing it.
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  4. It does annoy me a bit when the inherent "wrongness" of Boris, the Tories, right wing politics, capitalism, money, property, etc. is just taken for granted in a political conversation. Personally, I don't like Boris Johnson. I think he's an intellectual lightweight and a fraud, with no moral compass. I suspect he will go down as one of our all-time worst prime ministers. I've never voted Tory in my life. But I liked @tonyh29's post because you need honest perspectives like this in any political debate, and also because he likes Big Country.
  5. OutByEaster?

    Keinan Davis

    Saunders was a 4-4-2 man wasn't he? Withe and Shaw up top.
  6. That's all fair enough, with that little group of four (Lansbury, Jota, Taylor and Elmo) I was thinking more of the club wanting to move them on than them wanting to leave. The first three are dead weight and I think Elmo might retire if we go down - that might be a bit unfair on him.
  7. sorry for the late reply , I wanted to respond earlier but alas I've been a bit busy and there was also some shenanigans after your post which kinda made it difficult to reply , but with much mirth in mind I'll give it a go ... so , cue the laughter , but he doesn't get my support in as much as I've never voted for Johnson and I don't go about supporting him. I genuinely don't recall me having praised him (usual rules apply about the search button and I'm happy to be corrected on this ). I do respond to posts about him with a different opinion to that of the VT rabble , but that isn't the same thing as support , that me expressing my frustration with the hypocrisy of the forum. VT is shamelessly ABT , I'm not ABT ..…. whereas everyone else is an impartial person mistaken for a labour supporter , who in a lot of instances just happened to have voted labour but only cause there was no choice or was protest voting , I am just more against Labour than I am against the Tory party , though I think that's kinda obvious to all I'm not that political , I don't do it on social media , don't discuss it with friends , don't go on protest marches ,write to my MP on frivolous grounds .... I'm actually rather apathetic to everything tbh . Thankfully none of my circle of friends seem that politically inclined either , I get the impression that they like some of your friends didn't like Corbyn and voted Tory last time out , but lets face it my friends are too old to be going to Glastonbury so they were never really likely to vote for him anyway. So , if I'm not political , why am I here ? well its where the action is and it isn't with friends where an argument could have lasting repercussions so I venture in ….What I see is a very one sided topic where people pile in to anything Tory with venom ( see anyone calling labour voters Scum questioning their morals and social conscience ? ) yeah yeah I know its because Torys are scum stealing from the poor whilst cheering pay cuts for nurses and blah blah … All I did in the recent example that seemed to prompt your post , was to pose the question if Boris is such a vile , racist , hideous excuse of a human being, incompetent buffoon ..how come he keeps winning ? That isn't an endorsement of Boris to my mind , its a question ,trying to open the other eye on the forums rather myopic view. At present if I was forced to vote (which I haven't done for some time) , then I guess it would be Tory as there is no choice , but if Starmer is the new new messiah and comes up with decent policies that outweigh the ones I dislike and isn't a terrorist , then its not impossible that I could vote Labour , long as Starmer promises not to put Jess Phillips anywhere near a position of power . Why they won ? probably for another time as I'm already getting into the tldr territory , but I think it was covered before by others in the election thread at the time tbf all that said , I do like the stance Johnson has taken with Cummings , this trial by social media braying mob demanding resignations I'm not a fan of , I know others on here disagree but that conversation has been done and doesn't really need to be done again …. if nothing else it means those that haven't previously supplied evidence of me praising Johnson when asked , can now bookmark this sentence and say "See , I told you he was a Boris supporter " I hope that answers you question ?
  8. So, apparently the way we change the law enforcement part of this is by not having Joe Biden continue to not do anything.
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  10. I have to disagree, yes Reina, Baston and Drinkwater will all go (I'll drive them if they want!) I don't think any of those you listed will go other than Jack, none are in a position to force a move with expiring contracts or on big big money. Some may want to go but it will be a very strange transfer window this time around. As for Taylor, Elmohamady, Lansbury and Jota could they do a job in the Championship? Probably IMO. Henri will not force a move with the wage he is currently on he'll never earn that sort of money again in his career. If we go down I think the squad will look very similar to what it does now maybe 2 or 3 non first team out with the same in. If we stay up that's the only time I could see wholesale changes. I think player power has changed with recent events, other than top top players they most won't be forcing issues for the foreseeable.
  11. TRO

    Keinan Davis

    I really don't know.
  12. I see Sky sports have said that, the PL will look at the curtailment "method" if a scenario exists where they'll have to. Does that mean they could see they couldn't get 14 votes now, so they'll try again, when the rest of the clubs in the bottom half may be willing to vote to send down the bottom three, whoever they might be when/if the season is stopped again? Where would the so called "integrity" be in those clubs being prepared to vote for a system that would relegate clubs with the season not completed, as long as their vote couldn't disadvantage them? In the same place as Spurs taking out a low repayment rate, £175m covid corporate facility loan, just because they can?
  13. Trump syntax: from a transcript written by Daniel Dale, long-time Trump watcher and fact-checker: https://twitter.com/ddale8/status/1268622750463062017
  14. Finally sold on Ty being our captain. As much as I love Jack, being the best Villa player I've ever seen, Ty is just a natural leader. Great ambassador for the club.
  15. Disappointing. I think he could have stayed for another year, and letting go with no transfer fee is equally disappointing. I think he has more potential than Green. He has some ability but maybe not PL quality. It seeems a bit random on how long we keep our youth players. Gary Gardner was on the books until his mid 20s without pulling up any trees.
  16. So they are borrowing this cash as they are expecting a 200mil loss , so by borrowing is this a way around FFP I notice United have also taken a loan out Is it the case that an owner can't put in money due to FFP but loaning from a bank is allowed ..
  17. Going to ask for my money back. If we knew that we were allowed to watch sports live by a specific date I would just let it roll over, but they have no idea. It is not completely impossible to think that all of 20-21 will be BCD as well. I hope not but who knows.
  18. I obviously knew he was local, as I remember his particular ideology being named 'Erdington Conservatism', but I notice from his Twitter profile that Nick Timothy is a Villan
  19. I didn't read it like that, I'm far from happy with the PL too. My earlier reference was intended only to suggest that we give it a go despite them, rather than give up, because of them. They lack the "integrity" that they so often give as a reason for doing something, that in itself lacks any "integrity". I was looking to use "integrity" like they do, to illustrate their lack of it.
  20. Beeb: England 'kick off'? Kick off? What **** game are we playing here, fellas? (!2th man reference)
  21. Well up for Davis coming into the team to smash stuff. He could punch some great holes for McGinn scuttling or Grealish gliding through. Also well up for 3412 shape with McGinn deeper alongside Luiz/Nakamba, but my concern with Grealish as a 10 that they can put 5 men round him and crowd him out. To my eye, we've only ever played 4231 once under Smith and it was the first half of Swansea away last season. It was very noticeable how little McGinn was getting forward and we switched it at half time back to the usual shape with Grealish and McGinn as 8s. It's Smith's biggest weakness by a mile for me. He wants to only play the Liverpool/Man City/2011 Barcelona 433 formation and until Samatta arrived none of our forwards were good enough for it. They couldn't guard the ball well enough and the two advanced midfielders played so far forward it left the holding player, usually poor Marvellous, to try and mark seven players. With Grealish being moved out left and McGinn being injured, it's horribly exposed how bad the rest of our players are. It's possible they might fall into a 4231 I suppose, but I'm certain that's not the setup they're meant to be in. I always think Marvellous tries to hold position and do what he's "supposed" to do even when he's not quite good enough. But at times with Luiz and every minute of every game with Hourihane, they hide away and move to where they can't receive the ball so they don't have to deal with playing in a match.
  22. Strange, the only time I saw them was when they supported Deep Purple a few years back!
  23. I'd agree with you on that because it shows we arnt fighting to keep our talent or we wont pay whatever it is to upgrade on what we have already, we need to start showing signs of that next window.
  24. Suliman has just come on as sub in stoppage time, he didn’t touch the ball
  25. Which is interesting, because I'm not sure we do play 4-3-3. I think we're more a 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-4-1, depending on the central midfield pairings for the most part. I like your 5-3-2/3-5-2 line up, but I think I'd drop El Ghazi out of it for either for Davis as a second striker or Luiz as another midfielder in the middle of the park - probably the latter.
  26. Hes 16 now, hes real good at fifa, he does beat me at fifa occasionally, if I'm honest I'd say I win 90% of our matches, but puts a proper good match on. We mostly will do a Villa v Villa or an ultimate team. At one point when he was playing with his Villa squad he built on ultimate team he was beating online 90+ rated squads who are the spenders of the game, and we all know Villa squad itself isnt that highly rated yet.. Me kid doesnt like my team online, its built for different play types.
  27. Steer Konsa Engels Mings Fred Nakamba Targett McGinn Grealish El Ghazi Samatta 4231 or 352. I think we would really suit a 352 bearing in mind none of our full backs can defend and everything revolves around getting Grealish the ball. It's hard one to pick up though, we've needed an alternative setup for over a year. I don't think that 343 was something Smith was ever comfortable with. I'll be stunned if we don't play 433.
  28. Spurs had record pre-tax profits too. Many clubs are hard hit but this bailout scheme is being exploited by Spurs again, like the furloughed staff fiasco. Shameful ownership from very rich men.
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