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The last time we thought we had a banker V the barcodes, we probably put in our worst performance in the league this season and lost. So who knows? Though Hull have started well, I thought West Ham could have easily got at least a draw last week in Prescottland. If we can win this it would be a real momentum builder. We haven't drawn yet and it wouldn't be the worst result on Saturday. 1-1.

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I'll be watching this in the (not so) local.


Yes we thought we'd beat the barcodes but we seemed to forget we're crap at home and that we can't counter-attack shit teams who come away and park the bus (except for that one player who loves playing against us.  God I Hatem).


We're away from home.  Hull will come at us.  We'll counter-attack and we'll win.  Not only that but Hull have started well so they'll be full of confidence.  Maybe even over-confident which plays further into our hands.  And they're now without their best player too.  So they'll be an over-confident weakened promoted side playing at home against the best counter-attacking side in the league.  Good luck with that Hull :thumb:


What could possibly go wrong?


I say 0-2. (yes, that's one of them there sheets what's clean :))

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Luna Baker Vlaar Bacuna


Delph Sylla El Ahmadi

Weimann Kozak


same again for me we need battlers in this game not passers, not the game to bring Westwood back in, and not the game to switch to 4-3-2-1 as i dont think that formation has anywhere near the same effect without Benteke at the Forefront. All i would do is push Clark forward which in turn means that our midfield can retain the ball and hassle higher up the pitch, give us a better chance of controlling the game. Bacuna should be full of confidence and attacking this team down the flanks as well as defending without brady in their team should show us just what he's capable of, same goes for Luna

Having players like Gabby and Westwood on the bench wouldnt be bad either, Gabby coming on to terrify Hull for the last 25-30 minutes if we arent winning would be awesome

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Anyone know where to watch the game in San Francisco? It will be on at 7:00 am? It's on Direct TV but my hotel doesn't have it. Not sure if bars will be open so early

Sorted - Maggie McGarrys on Grant and Green.

3-1 the Villa

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We've never lost to hull. Over to you Paul


We beat the mighty Arsenal away from home. The only game they have lost since March I think. Surely we can beat a newly promoted side.



football doesnt work like that though

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