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  1. We’re being beaten in midfield and Jack is not getting enough of the ball - I’d bring a CH off and bring drinkwater on and shift to a 4-3-1-2 with Jack behind Samatta and Trez
  2. They should have a red card. Tried for AEG with his leading elbow, missed and deliberately swung round his other arm AEG complete fanny for going off mind
  3. I thought it was a penalty...just - but wouldn’t have been surprised if it was not given. That said I’m staggered that VAR gave that as clear and obvious - as I posted earlier, I can’t imagine we would have benefited if boot was on other foot I also think our shout was not a penalty Not sour grapes but VAR is ruining the game
  4. Horrible luck. We’d never be given that penalty. Never Sadly I think our chance is gone now - hoping for a draw at best Seriously lacking pace throughout the team but especially at the back On the plus side, surely we’ve got enough to stay up this season - we look good going forward and seen the have a great spirit
  5. Bring Mings and Luiz off now as ref will want to even up
  6. Early early days for Samatta but he is well off the pace so far - Davis would seem a better bet against a physical side like Bournemouth Impossible to know the why and wherefores of the transfer window but we were badly crying out for an additional creative player to help Jack - think lack of this could be our downfall. Next goal crucial but looks a massive uphill struggle now
  7. @PaddytheVillan “We haven’t looked like scoring, and have no premier league quality players to bring on. This will not happen - it will end up being damage control and we definitely won’t score, except maybe with one moment of magic from Grealish. You can quote me on this after the game“
  8. Hardly Nostradamus mate - odds are against us!
  9. It’s quite unbelievable that we have allowed 3 PL games to go by with no striker - we were clearly two players short at the start of the season, a winger and a striker. That’s on Purslow and Suso. I honestly believe we would be three or four places better off at least that have been addressed at the right time. Sadly time is running out and we are beginning to need miracles. It’s unlikely but we are desperate for the new strikers to hit the ground running
  10. Extremely important half - we really really need to see a fight back and a point minimum
  11. Unlucky - doing ok but lacking any threat up front at all Drinkwater showing signs but still long way from match pace Hause is far from PL quality and Konsa barely much better One of the new strikers needs to start firing straightaway otherwise it’s curtains
  12. This is the complete wrong attitude to have playing away, against a more established PL team who are higher than us in the table We should go into every game thinking we can win it and giving everything to win it but to go into a game expecting to win is the wrong mindset (for player and for fans)
  13. Drinkwater is on £55k a week but neither Burnley nor us are/were paying even half that - that said, even though Drinkwater is a good player it is extremely unlikely that he will ever be fit enough in time to be useful to us
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