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  1. Not sure Traore understands what’s required - just leaving men unmarked in the box!!!
  2. Whatever the game, whenever they cut away to Smith he always looks like he’s burping!! He needs to change to prenatal pickled onion routine anyone else noticed this
  3. Yes, I like many others want him to stay for the time being. A good option to help close out the last 15 mins of a game - if not him, who? Ive seen literally no one who says he should be a starter
  4. Really? Which people? Happy to see him stay but don’t want him starting ( and he won’t be!)
  5. I think Nakamba is doing OK? Lansbury can hit a 40yds cross field ball but honestly isn’t doing anything else - he doesnt look like a guy busting a gut
  6. Ramsey having a quietly effective full debut - will only get better and better. Lansbury needs to move this window. Hause, Taylor, Elmo, AEG all very pedestrian Need to up the tempo second half Glad that we’ve got 7 or 8 to bring in to this team
  7. I think he’s rubbish - wouldn’t take him on a free. One trick pony
  8. So which one of those would you drop to play, say, Isaac Hayden (your previous example of the type of player compatible club utilise)?
  9. I doubt anyone here wouldn’t want a Patrick Veira or a Yaya Toure in the middle of the park but you can’t just go out a pick one up. At the moment we have Luis with Nakamba as cover - you might think that they are not strong enough and you may be right, but they are probably the best a mid-table to relegation zone team can expect Its pointless comparing us the Man City or citing Kante, Mackele or Essien as examples of what we need - that sort of player is out of our realm currently. You mentioned Allan as a player we should aspire to - I would argue that in Luis we have got an e
  10. Hang on - you said we need someone to extinguish “aerial threats” - Allan is 5’9”!!!
  11. Your point was that other clubs had powerful DCM and we should get one of our own (I agree this would be great). My point was that they are not at all easy to come by and decent ones are extremely expensive. You were going to give me examples of these mid-table clubs who have commanding, imposing DCMs. Its easy to cite Veira, Yaya Toure or Pogba but they’re few and far between and carry a massive premium Ndidi would be ideal but he does not fit the category of a mid-table club - he is being chased by CL clubs and would be £50m plus, Allan is less than 5’9” so no taller than Lu
  12. Absolutely no one would argue that a tall powerful skilful midfielder would not be an asset but of course it’s just not that simple You say other clubs do it? Which comparable PL clubs (say mid-table or below) have a powerful midfielder who would get in our side? We can’t do everything at once - We could do with an additional CB and another MF option but they may have to wait until next time You only win games if you outscore the opponent’s but as we showed a few weeks ago against Arsenal that can be 1-0 and doesn’t mean a gung ho approach All we are looking for is three
  13. It would be excellent to have a powerful, commanding CM but they are few and far between. CMs who can play and are also physically imposing demand a premium - look at someone like Eric Dier, as a player I would argue that he is not better than what we’ve got but (if available) he would cost I would guess around £50m+. If you look at players more in our price range like Billing for example, he would be £20-£25m and is no way better than Luis, SJM or Jack (who I think will move to MF this season). I’d guess that Dean would love a midfielder who is also a unit (And perhaps cover at CB -
  14. A few things from Sky Transfer Talk - Rob Dorsett intimating that it’s either Traore or Rashica, not both. I hope that’s wrong. - He also said that we may be in for another CF? Didn’t name anyone though - The panel we’re talking about a front three of Grealish, Watkins and Traore. All pretty generic, They don’t seem to know much. I’m hoping for Rashica, Watkins and Traore, with Grealish and McGinn just behind and Luis deeper I hope we’ve done our homework on Traore, I’ve got some doubts
  15. We need to be patient - it looks like we could finish with five quality signings that make us better and stronger than last year. In addition to these people are asking for CB, more depth in CM (and some wanting another LB) - it cant all happen in this window! It’s too soon to compare ourselves against the top sides. They’ve been established in the PL for some time and so will of course have more depth and quality. Our aim should be an improvement on last season and mid table safety. If DS can steer us to around 12th-14th this season, we can invest again and start looking toward
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