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  1. Money talks. All well past their prime. Not one single chance that the MLS is a more competitive and quality league than the Championship https://englishsoccerguide.com/how-do-mls-teams-compare-to-english-teams/ This well researched article suggests about league 1 standard
  2. Jota is fine running forward but not so much tracking back - Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to have him I just don’t see him as a starter, and don’t see him as a “massive improvement” especially in the PL where we will not be dominating teams
  3. Very pleased with transfer activity to date but I have to disagree with this. In the Championship Jota might have been a slight upgrade, but in the PL his known lack of workrate could be a problem - we are not going to be dominating the ball and so an effective shield in front of an inexperienced full back (if Guibert starts) will be crucial It’s a moot point as Once transfer activity has been completed I’d be very surprised if Jota will have a regular first team role - I think he was bought as cover for Grealish
  4. Haha - What negativity? That i’d happily settle for 17th? I actually think we will be a bit better than that but if you think we won’t be looking over our shoulders all season you’re sadly deluded Im very pleased with the level of ambition and can’t fault the investment but at the moment we are buying works in progress from the championship, from lesser leagues and players who can’t quite make PL squads. I trust Smith to work his magic and turn them into more than the sum of the parts. If you want to call that negative that’s your prerogative but for me it’s just being realistic - for me we will need another couple of seasons steady building before my ambitions will be much more than survival
  5. Not wanting to be argumentative but not tracking back is a huge weakness for me and we can’t afford to have a player like that. I’m sure he is a better “footballer” than Green and Adomah but I also want someone who’ll put a shift in All this said I think we will bring two or three more in yet and so not such a worry
  6. I hope you’re right about Jota I really do - I’d got him earmarked as a squad player at best On your other point, My original response was to someone who felt that our midfield was “immense” and the we could be challenging nearer the top than the bottom like you I’ll be happy with 17th this time round
  7. Anyone has the “potential” to do anything but I expect Guibert and Targett to be better than Elmo and Taylor, although it can be difficult hitting the ground running at a new club and in a new country In my previous posts I also said that Wesley May come in a rip up the league - hardly negative BUT again as we stand here today if you were to ask me would I prefer Abraham, I would because of his familiarity with Villa and experience in English football Im not negative at all and have stated numerous times that I’m delighted with Smith and delighted with our transfer activity but I’m realistic enough to realise that even with two or three further signings we will be in a battle from the off next season
  8. It seems my point is by-passing some here. Firstly I'm delighted by the window so far but I was responding to some who felt (our midfield) is immense and that we can look to challenge nearer the top than the bottom of the table I hope they all turn out to be world beaters but if you asked me today I would rate Tuanzebe and Abraham as better than Konsa and Wesley, given what we know atm The only area I think we look stronger is at FBs. In the rest of the First XI I don’t feel we are better as we look at it today You May be right that Jota represents a vast improvement on Adomah/Green but I’m not seeing it as he struggled to hold down a place in a very average SHA team Where I am pleased is that we are building a little more depth but we will need to confirm Luiz (probable), and a couple from Maupay, Beharama, Trezugaut before I’ll join in with the annual “This time we’re going to rip up the league” talk

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