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  1. WTF. Nipped out at halftime. Just tuned back in 2-1!!!! What happened???
  2. Literally impossible to say it was a deliberate handball or even a handball at all from the angle we have i think we’ll still get something here. Only Steer, McGinn and Axel worth their pay so far
  3. Impossible to say if a penalty from the camera angle - probably but marginal. Not a yellow for me a point Would be a good escape from this
  4. I’m not aware of Grealish saying anything particularly inflammatory prior to this or other games
  5. Bluesnose in the pub says Grealish is hated because he has made derogatory comments about SHA in the past I’m unaware of this. Is it BS or any truth?
  6. Disgusting, however, fair play to the steward who bought him down - I thought he got there really quickly
  7. VillaCas

    Dean Smith

    I think that’s a little unfair and misleading. Elphick is not his player - he is a discarded existing player who Smith turned to when without other options. Hause is a loanee who has been slotted in out of position to provide cover and who may or may not become a permanent fixture We don’t know the clubs financial and strategic Position in January but given time most will expect Smith to bring in younger, quicker players than those available to him at the moment Its worth noting that the two players he has added to the defence were 1 and 2 in the MOTM rankings As an aside, I wanted Wagner when Bruce was appointed and would love to see him here now, but in fairness we must give Smith much more time to turn around what has become a long term demise - admittedly to be allowed that time Smith needs to steady the ship before the end of the season
  8. Massively frustrating but patience is needed I wonder whether we have the kind of money available that many assume? Smith wasn’t my pick but needs support and time. Big clear out needed and 6-8 younger, hungrier, players bought in
  9. Chester, Tuanzebe and Grealish Desperately required back Smith needs at least one more window before I’ll overly criticise him Think we need to realise what a big job he has on his hands
  10. VillaCas

    Dean Smith

    ....and yet seemingly happy with the dross served up by Bruce until very, very late in his reign!
  11. VillaCas

    Dean Smith

    Not worth getting into the semantics of “remarkable” but you must have dramatically different expectations of what can be achieved from where we were and in only 12 matches than me
  12. VillaCas

    Dean Smith

    Bruce was 15 pts from 11 which would equate to 63 over a full season (would have delivered 12th place last season), DS is 19 from 12 which would equate to 73 (7th last season). If you add to this the fact that Bruce had built and worked with this squad over years, that the players are not best equipped to play the style of football Smith favours, that morale was at a low and that also it could be argued that Bruce's fixtures were far easier than Smiths. For me, it all points to a step-change in performance since Smith has been onboard I wasn't one of those who was particularly pushing for Smiths appointment so I have no axe to grind. In my view DS has looked at what is available to him and has decided that we would do better by going at teams and out-scoring them rather than defending and playing on the break (and certainly this was the approach that Villa fans had overwhelmingly said they favoured). When he has had two or three windows and bought his own players in I beleive we will progress further (much further) In my opinion, dropped points have come from individual mistakes (like Elmos yesterday)or from bad luck (the Rodrequez goal) - I can't pinpoint any when the blame should fall on Smith Perhaps I too am 'narrow-minded' but I can't see much that Smith has donr wrong so far
  13. VillaCas

    Dean Smith

    I guess it depends on your expectations and on what you think can be achieved in 12 games I would argue that a return of 19 points, a complete turnaround in attitude and some of the best football I've seen us play in a number of years, achieved almost overnight and set against the mis-matched shambles that he inheirited is worthy of attention. We have a long, long way to go but to say that DS's start hasn't been unexpected, surprising and remarkably good is plain wrong in my opinion
  14. Awful lacked confidence despite brilliant start - Leeds were there for taking today. we need new faces, especially a commanding presence at the back. We lack leaders Bree and Elhamoudy we’re terrible Play-offs at best now I think

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