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Brad Friedel does an AMA over on reddit


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Not sure if this should be in the Villa Talk Thread, but Brad Friedel is currently answering all question on Reddit right now: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1gnrgq/i_am_brad_friedel_professional_football_soccer/


A Villa related question answered so far:


Hey Brad, thanks a lot for doing this! Always wanted to see a footballer on here :)

As a huge Aston Villa fan, I have stood on the Holte right behind your back and sung your name, and I've got a few questions relating to Villa:

  • What was Martin O'Neill like to work with? I've heard he could be a bit dictatorial and unpopular due to playing favourites, but also that he is an inspiration.

  • What is your opinion on Brad Guzan? Initially signed as your understudy, what was he like to be around, and did you work closely with him? Did you feel guilty taking his spot in goal for the Carling Cup Final in 2010 that he had arguably earned?

  • Did you enjoy your time at Villa overall? We loved you while you were here and still hold you in high regard



[–]BradFriedel[S] 73 points

40 minutes  ago

I really enjoyed playing for Martin O'Neill. He has one of the best characteristics that is needed to be a manager, and that is thoughts are his own and no one can change his mind on them. He was a leader and he was very good to work for. You always knew where you stood.

Brad Guzan is an outstanding goalkeeper. The US and Aston Villa should be very happy to have him. When Tim Howard decides to retire, in my opinion, the US can easily count on Brad Guzan to continue with the great work that Tim has provided for the US team for the past few years. Also, I think Aston Villa will get equally as good service from Brad for as long as Brad can keep himself fit. He is an exceptional professional and a great teammate.

I really enjoyed my time at Aston Villa. Randy Lerner is an exceptional owner and he has Villa in his heart and the club is run the right way. I know the last two seasons haven't gone according to what a lot of the supporters expect, however knowing the ownership group they will get it right. And I hold Villa in high regard as well.


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