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The Late Heartbreaks


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After yesterday we all got that all too familiar feeling of despair, anger and "if only".. Its happenened time and time again with our young, inexperienced defence but its been going on at the Villa for a very long time. List all the painful ones you remember most. Some off top of my head;

This season alone

Everton 3-3 Villa (93rd min equaliser, 3-1 up)

West Brom 2-2 Villa (84th min equaliser, 2-0 up)

Swansea 2-2 (95th min equaliser)

Villa 2-3 Man Utd (87th min winner, 2-0 up)

Others off top off head,

Last season:

QPR 1-1 Villa (Dunne 93rd min OG and we had 11 vs. 10)

Sunderland 2-2 Villa (went 2-1 up in 85th, still couldnt see it out)

Before that:

Villa 0-1 Liverpool (Snow game boxing day, Torres last kick)

Arsenal 1-1 Villa (Bendtner last kick of fame)

Stoke 3-2 Villa (long throw)

Man Utd 3-2 Villa (Macheda)

Villa 2-2 Blosers (Stern John, made me sick)

Man Utd 1-1 Villa (Mellberg for us, held out til 90th, Forlan equalised I think)

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How many comebacks have we made over the years? very little right?


Something is very wrong with this club as a whole.

Yeah. What is even more worrying is that this pathetic fragile mentality seems to stay regardless of which players come in and out of the club.

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Stoke 2-2

Birmingham 2-2

Spurs 4-4

the multiple United comebacks but Macheda was the worst 

Arsenal 3-2 (enckelman was in goal)



though on flipside we did relegate Coventry with a late comeback and Young winner at Everton are standout moments. Also remember a few hitlzsperger late winners vs Bolton and WBA

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The capitulations to Manchester United are particularly hard to take. The Macheda game comes to mind. And before that, the Van Nistelrooy game. 


Late game collapses are a Villa specialty, I've come to accept it.

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the FA CUp game vs United in 2002 was the worst for me. we were 2 up and then  after about 70 minutes they put on Van Nistelrooy, Scholes and Keane(i think) and our experienced enough team became terrified

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There seems to be this mentality of holding on to a small margin of victory, which is why we sit back and invite pressure upon ourselves time and time again. Teams like United go and attack and try to score more...I wish we would do that. 


Attack is the best form of defence

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The Spurs 4-4 at WHL was a killer personally and the one against Leicester many many years ago when Draper ripped us to pieces.

I was at that Leicester game, a Wednesday night if I recall, **** freezing. We were 4-1 up I believe.


Yep likewise and that is how I recall it as well. The performance from Draper that night was simply brilliant, sadly he never really reached that standard when he joined us although he did have a good first season.

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