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In May what will we be saying?


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My 'prediction' for the end of the season is that we will have been knocked out at the semi's of the league cup (obviously), we will have been knocked out of the FA cup after a 4th round replay, losing on penalties to Millwall at VP.

In the league, I can see us finishing 18th, losing out on goal difference to QPR, with us, Reading and Wigan going down. The Xmas period has really **** us for goal difference and I just can't see us turning it around.

Our remaining fixtures are:

Newcastle (H) - DRAW

Everton (A) - LOSE

West Ham (H) - DRAW

Arsenal (A) - LOSE

Man City (H) - LOSE

Reading (A) - WIN


Liverpool (H) - LOSE

Stoke (A) - DRAW

Fulham (H) _DRAW

Man Utd (A) - LOSE

Sunderland (H) - DRAW

Norwich (A) - LOSE

Chelsea (H) - LOSE

Wigan (A) - DRAW

In terms of everything else. In May Lerner and Faulkner will still be here, so will Lambert and there will be no new signings.

I used the premier league predictor on BBC to see where we would finish.

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Seems to be a realistic outcome, this team doesn't have the fight to rally and pull good wins out of the bag. I anticipate a pretty big effort on behalf of a number of fans to hound out Lerner and the board. Getting this club relegated is simply unforgivable.

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It's not solely about relegation. It's about the complete state of the whole club and all it's affairs come the end of the season, relegated or not. I was wondering what peoples views are. But if you want to move it to the relegation thread then it's fine.

Yes I have a gift in predictions!

Do you have any comment about the thread topic?

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I think we will be saying that the club knew before December where we were lacking, and they had an opportunity to get someone in before the Southampton game, before the two Bradford games and couldn't (wouldn't?) make it happen.

Losing the 6 pointers at home to Wigan (and how) and Southampton (cheating fekkers) cost us.

Bradford City beating Swansea in the final - that could have been us...

Anyone for a morning at the Pleasure Beach before the away match?

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That fixture list is horrible.. don't see where the next win is coming from.

Defo going down.

what? next game is along with us and Norwich the most off form team in the league. If dont beat Newcastle tehn we are in teh shit

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