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  1. Only from scsnning these forums, nothing credible i think
  2. I know the links to cantwell, asm, jwp. I'm just convinced that NSWE are going to make one absolutely stellar, break our transfer record, shock the world type signing this summer
  3. Transfersaga is literally run by a 14 year old kid
  4. Maybe what i was told wasn't bullshit...
  5. Fair play, i literally got told something and thought it would add to discussion. Presumed it would be rubbish
  6. I presumed it was BS. Just passing on what i was told
  7. If you are calling me a troll then i'm not sure you have read my post correctly.
  8. I am not ITK. I understand i'll get pelters for this but thought i'd share. A colleague of mine is friends with someone, who has another friend, who allegedly knows the grealish family well. According to them, his family are distraught that jack is going and have apparently been in contact all day with jack trying to get him to reconsider. That's why the deal hasn't been finalised today. Personally think its all bollocks but just passing on info.
  9. We've spent 90mill on 4 players. We've spent roughly 90 mill each season we've been up. I make that, after ings, 100 mill left to spend without touching ffp. Axel loan - 5m Cm & am/lw comined - 95 mill
  10. No announcement from villa about jack yet for accepting the bid....?
  11. Why has it not been done yet? Been out all day whats the hold up?
  12. We need to absolutely nail the next couple of signings, no panic buys
  13. When does it end? Bailey, Buendia, Martinez, Konsa, watkins all outstanding players. Are we going to sell one off every summer?
  14. I know he's gone....but didnt we get to this point with spurs a few years ago and right at the last second nswe just pulled the plug?
  15. https://twitter.com/AVFCFaithful_/status/1422710267478216709?s=19
  16. Any mention of jack, in terms of whether its s consideration for him?
  17. I must admit, in other threads i havent always agreed with your opinion, but throughout this you have been a beacon of positivity. Fantastic work. I hope to god you're right.
  18. https://twitter.com/avfcbuendia/status/1422688877417050118?s=19
  19. Deleted it now but said we've rejected bid and jack will sign a 5 yr deal
  20. https://twitter.com/sporx/status/1422684236847460360?s=19 770k followers?
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