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How many countries have you been to?


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I think we had a topic like this before, but had a quick search and looks like its been pruned.

I was discussing this with my mate last weekend who said by February he would be ticking off countries 49 and 50 when he visits Macedonia and Kosovo (is that recognised officially?). It made me think about myself and disappointingly my total stands at 31. I attribute this to going back to countries multiple times recently that I know I will like (Egypt 4 times and Thailand 4 times for example).

So what is your number, and what countries are they (if you keep a list). I know there are some very well travelled people on here, so will be interesting to see.

I'll put my list up later, as got to go out now for a few hours.

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It's about 86 counties for me at the mo.. My list i work off is on my PC at the office so cant be 100% sure

Didn't get many new ones this year as I did my main trip in the USA this year

Should hit my 100th country in 2014 all being well

The thread you are thinking about Alex was one that Paddy created where he was trying to see if between the members of VT we had been to every country in the world

Qatar at Christmas means ill have done every letter of the alphabet (apart from x of course )

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9: UK, Germany, Ghana, Spain, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Latvia, and Estonia. And I've been in airports in Italy and Nigeria (clutching at straws!).

Will be adding Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand next year.

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Greece (well Greek island)




Holland (does the airport only count?)

Switzerland (as above)

N Ireland

South Africa








Think that's all....

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