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VT PMs You Knew & Loved


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Going to miss some of the correspondence I've enjoyed with other VTers over the years on the old site.

There's just too many to save unfortunately.

I do hope the sender wouldn't mind me printing this sterling and erudite example. :)

We'd been discussing historic British music, popular and classical.

Hello. Long one here. You could reply by ticking one of the three boxes:




As for Rubbra #1/Hickox/Chandos, Classical.Net's review begins "Edmund Rubbra's symphonic cycle has long been admired as one of the finest of the century. So tell me why his first symphony, completed in 1937, received its first recording in 1995." MDT Mail Order lists no other recordings, but maybe Naxos will get round to the Rubbra symphonies at some point. Nowt wrong with the Hickox anyway, and a very nice coupling, the Sinfonia Concertante.

Radio hams? Radio buffs? Sorry, can't help.

By the way. I'm curious. Wikipedia lists:

"Close Your Eyes" is a popular song. It was written by D. Carter and H. M. Tennent.

It was recorded by Jack Hylton and his orchestra, with a vocal by Pat O'Malley in 1931. It was also recorded by Ray Noble and his orchestra.


"Close Your Eyes" is a popular song written by Bernice Petkere. The song was published in 1933.

[edit] Recorded versions

Tony Bennett (1954)

Betty Carter (1996)

Vic Damone (1962)

Doris Day (1962)

Ella Fitzgerald (1957)

Queen Latifah (2004)

Peggy Lee (1963)

Nancy Wilson (1964)

Don Tiki (1997)

Perhaps the one you mentioned is the 1931 one. Maybe one of the two recorded versions mentioned? Jack Hylton? Ray Noble? No doubt a typical pre-1950 recording by an orchestra with some bod who stepped up to the mike, sang a few verses and sat down again and let the orchestra build to a final climax (oops, more tea vicar?) without any more of that vocal refrain nonsense. "Jack Hylton and his Orchestra" in huge capital letters and "featuring Pat O'Malley" in tiny lower-case ones and in brackets. Until the time when Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra (featuring Frank Sinatra) became Frank Sinatra (with Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra). Or so I'm told.

Then there's something by Peaches and Herb.

I do know a "Close Your Eyes" but all I know of the lyrics are those 3 words and a whiff of tune. My old mum used to sing it and knew more words but I can't ask her cos she died in 1987! The one I know a bit of is in a minor key and if it were in C minor would go:

G (down to) D F (a very long F)

G (down to) D F G F D F D B

(up to) E flat (down to) B C (a very long C)

Now tell me you can't read music! Never mind, I can't write it, at least not on an ordinary word-processor, and even if I could the PMing facilities would screw it up.

What happened anyway? I have visions of someone called Xann minding his own business and upsetting nobody when suddenly some deaf old dear totters up and BELLOWS:

"Young man! I. Am. Looking. For. A. Song. It. Goes. Like. This. Tum ti tum ti tum ti tum ti tum."

No but in those cases I expect you just play her a bit of or indeed the whole of Webern's 4 Pieces for cello & piano and say, "Dis da one den?"

To which pausing only to say "I CAN lip-read you know and that is quite the loveliest thing a young man has said to me for at least 60 years" and give you a flash of her gnarled veiny legs delicately encased in smelly surgical stockings, she climbs aboard the CD racks and says

"And the Final Climax goes like THIS."

Just to bring this cack to its eagerly-awaited conclusion, hey, I may live in a bit of a ramshackle outer suburb populated by impecunious immigrants from Ecuador, the Ukraine and erm Birmingham, but I swear to God that on a cloudy rainy morning I have just seen from my window Santi Cañizares the Goalkeeper walk briskly round the block. How odd! Probably preparing for a quick run from da rozzers - someone has accused him of ghastly acts against minors apparently.

Hope you're well!

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Yeeeeaaaaaaars ago, I asked Richard for some advice on becoming an accountant.

I followed his advice, took the course he suggested and now I'm a qualified accountant. That was a pretty handy PM conversation.

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Those with short attention spans, just read the last paragraph. :rolleyes:

Though part of the fun was the meander that got there.

I think I recognise that type of meander :lol:

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Was it a sorely missed poster partly resident in Spain, who may have come up with the word bolitics and almost certainly was the leader of the BIAD movement?

Whatever happened to the Lord of the Grings?

Has he left to fulfil his dream of BIAD?

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