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a loss, we've not got a good record against man city, and i think they've had there mid season wobble and comfortably beating fulham 3-0 will raise there confidence again, but there still without yaya toure so that means we only have to keep silva and aguero quiet.

what other team will he pick other than what started against newcastle? if collins is fit though you know cuellar will be out instead of fatty dunne.

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I predict that my son and I will walk to the ground in about 35 minutes.

On the way we will guess the size of the attendance and the result with only the faintest glimmer of hope in our predictions.

On the way home we will be very quiet. Occasionally muttering that Alex McLeish is shit and oh wouldn't it be nice, just for once, to see the Villa win at home and make the season tickets worth having.

Afterwards we have some time off before we have to start getting depressed about the next game.

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Think we could nick this one nil. We were unlucky not to get something up at Newcastle and I honestly believe we aren't much worse than last season when we won this game.
The difference this season is that our home form has been atrocious and with our defence we haven't got a hope in hell of keeping Man City out. Last season the defence did a fantastic job of shutting them out but this time around I just can't see it, especially with Warnock who will inevitably play.
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