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  1. I´ve accepted that no one is coming in, I´m leaning more towards getting as much shit out the door as possible.
  2. When we go down, which teams would you like to join us? I´d fancy Norwich and Sunderland. Wouldnt mind WBA either.
  3. I have a feeling Tom Carroll will join us on deadline day. I mean Tim cant go a transferwindow without signing a spurs player?
  4. No, dont Think Kozak is good enough. Give him a year out on loan.
  5. Still Think Adebayor will end up at Villa, but... If he doesnt which striker would you like us to go for?
  6. Love the interview he gave on Swedish Tv after the game yesterday. The reporter said "How come there has been such an upturn for Aston Villa since you arrived?" Tim replied "Because I´m inexperienced."
  7. Seen a loose link to Sako from Wolves.How much would he cost?
  8. Reports on a Bologna site that were in talks with Robert Acquafresca. Probably bullshit, but thought I'd pass it on.
  9. It´ll be nice if he gets 90 min under his belt on wednesday night against Leyton Orient.
  10. Is Junozovic someone you would like us to sign?
  11. This Kevin Kampl from Red Bull Salzburg looks rather impressive, can play RW, LW and ACM. Probably really expensive though....
  12. Agree with AVFCRAMTIN Lewis Holtby would be super signing for us. Sadly I dont think it will happen.
  13. When does the transferwindow close? Sunday 31/8 or monday 1/9?
  14. Hope this one comes off, really like the look of Sanchez.
  15. Rumours in Sweden that (my favourite) team over here in Sweden IFK Göteborg has bid for Helenius.
  16. Something new has popped up?
  17. My thoughts on transfers... I´d try to bring in Tomas Rincon (CDM) on a free transfer. Has played a couple of years for Hamburg and is a international player for Venezuela. Also would like us to sign Hiroschi Kiyotake for midfield, I hope the rumours coming out from Japan is right. Other than that I´d like a LB, maybe try for Bertrand again on loan later in the window? I guess Kiyotake and Rincon wouldnt cost the world in wages and Kiyotakes transfer sum is rumoured to be around 3,5 m euros.
  18. I think, in time, Nicklas will come good and be a decent player for us!
  19. I´ll be pretty disappointed if Delph doesnt sign a new contract, afterall we have stood by him during hard times, injuries and so on for a good number of years. That said I´d also be disappointed if Villa didnt offer him a contract on at least the terms hes on now.
  20. Lots of exciting midfielders out there for the summer, some vague links to to Vadis Odidja and Jens Toornstra over the last months. Both look exciting, good players. I guess Benteke goes after the WC, big thing will be to replace him IMO.
  21. Palace has a hard set of fixtures left, they may well go down.
  22. Clasie would be a superb signing, dont think it´ll happen though... Dont think he was at VP either. Hoolahan or nothing I guess.
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