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Turning Ryanair Blue...


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The boss of budget airline Ryanair wants to launch a pay-per-view pornography service for passengers to watch during flights, it has been claimed.

Ryanair chief Michael O'Leary said he hopes to launch an app for the airline where travellers can watch sex scenes on their iPads or smartphones while in the air.

The planned service would also allow Ryanair passengers to gamble and play games, as well as watch erotic movies.

Mr O'Leary told the paper: 'I'm not talking about having it on screens on the back of seats for everyone to see. It would be on handheld devices.

'Hotels around the world have it, so why wouldn't we?'

But the move raises the prospect of passengers watching porn films with children sitting barely feet away.

Ryanair said the pornography plans would take at least a year to introduce on their flights, as establishing a cost-effective way of having a solid broadband connection on their planes would be a major obstacle.

Link to Daily Mail article

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it's another obvious hoax story released by their press team.

it's not a private room like a hotel so you couldn't exactly watch some lovely looking lady getting caved in every orrifice whilst fapping away.

1. unless you have no social awareness you wouldn't do it

2. you'd be actually performing a criminal act

3. it would be waaaay too expensive

4. they wouldn't have the good porn either

5. you'd have to pay extra for tissues

6. a lot of ryanair attendants aren't hot enough and woul put you off the fapping anyway

7. the screens wouldn't work properly

8. you'd have an advert interupting your viewing every few seconds

9. you'd be interrupted for drinks, food, scratchcards all the time.

10. no air conditioning for a lot of the flight would mean you have stale fap air all the time.

11. you'd have no leg/arm space to actually fap anyway.

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it really annoys me how people actually publish articles like that?

it's ridiculous

Ryanair might as well release a story saying how on their planes they are going to have a woman lying in a box with holes cut out so passengers can smash away whilst the seatbelt signs are off.


Ryanair announce plans to charge people per minute when oxygen masks are released when in an emergency. "pure oxygen costs a lot to fly around in tanks on board and isn't a necessity when flying the majority of the time, therefore it's an extra service provded".


Ryanair plan to clone O'leary and have him stationed on board every flight dancing like a leprocaun saying "DERPY DERP DEE DERP"

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to be fair to him though what other advertising do they do? pretty much none, flybe have the weather sponsor and easyjet are on billboards everywhere, waste of money

stupid stories in the press that stupid people believe, is it much worse than nintendo or apple to name 2 companies that hold back stock to get pics of huge lines of people in the papers to create demand rather than advertise?

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some more brilliant PR from Ryanair. They say something ridiculous and an idiotic journalist picks it up and prints. Its a business version of trolling but people still fall for it.

Im sure if you look back on their "ideas" from last 5 years i dont think any of them has been brought in. IM sure that paying for toilets idea is about 4 years old by now

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