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  1. Binged Don't F**k with Cats and Aaron Hernandez story in last couple of weeks. Enjoyed both but DFWC was just a crazy story.
  2. Graziano Pelle? Although I'm sure I read he was one of the highest paid players in world football.
  3. I'd much prefer Wanyama tbh and after their new signing yesterday I think he will be on the move but he will probably have teams higher up the scale looking at him.
  4. Just found these quotes from Conor Hourihane in an interview he did about the difference between club football and international football under MON. Hourihane also admitted that the level of preparation under Martin O’Neill was unlike what he’s accustomed to at club level. Ireland team-mate Matt Doherty had been critical of O’Neill’s “old school” approach in an interview yesterday. “Dean Smith [Aston Villa manager], the detail he goes into for every single game is second to none. We have a very attractive style of play,” Hourihane explained.
  5. I went to the zoo last week but wasn't very impressed as all they had was one dog. It was a shitzu.
  6. Congrats! My 3rd baby is also due in April 19, Easter weekend. We have 2 boys so would be delighted if it is a girl but as long as it is healthy we don't mind. The law of averages say it might be a girl as there hasnt been a girl born on my side of the family for over 100 years weirdly. 13 boys in a row or something like that. No fear of the family name dying out!
  7. At least Steve Bruce isn't chasing him up the motorway on his way to Boro. Might still happen.
  8. Portugese media linking us to American Keaton Parks who plays for Benfica https://www.record.pt/futebol/futebol-nacional/liga-nos/benfica/detalhe/aston-villa-atento-a-keaton.html
  9. Head on a swivel all the time. Like the way he positions his body when receiving a pass, good to see in a young player. Hope he continues to develop at the rate he has, be that on loan or getting game time with us.
  10. Think I might celebrate today's news by ordering the new kit. Size wise are we talking same as Under Armour?
  11. Not liking this training gear at all. Looks like a shellsuit from Primark in the 80s. The sponsor just adds to the shitness.
  12. The Young Offenders is good. Some really funny moments in it and uses the Cork humour very well. Had me giggling throughout.
  13. Phew Apple's Jade just saved the day for me. Awful day up to that.
  14. Never put in contact lenses if you have chopped chillis earlier that same day. That's a mistake you only make once.
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